Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 11

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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Chapter 11
Idle Story: The Goddess Wants to See Yuri Harem


This story will answer why Nagi was brought to different world.

This story is from The Goddess’ point of view.

Hm~ hm~ hm~

I hummed a song while watching a certain picture.

In that picture there is a figure of beautiful girl with black hair.

The name of that beautiful girl is Ichijou Unagi ーーー the girl who I brought to this world from another world.

“Lirus-sama, are you looking at that girl’s situation again? Are you not getting tired doing that?”

The one who asked me is an angel with pure white wings.

“There is no way I could getting tired doing this fun thing. More importantly, how about your work as receptionist? Nadia.”
“Now is break time, so it’s fine… I was surprised when I saw that girl’s skill. Why did you gave that girl such skill?”

Such skill that she mentioned is <Harem Queen> ーーー skill that make you stronger when your relationship with other girls increase.

Only for the sake of Ichijou Unagi I create unique skill.

Oh yeah, I must answer Nadia’s question right?

“Isn’t that obvious? Of course it’s for her sake to make yuri harem”

ーーーBack to few days before

I was extremely bored.

Since all of my works is done by my subordinate angel, basically I have nothing to do.

My sole amusement is to read Japanese yuri manga which I made with <Creation> skill.

I like to see cute girls doing cute things and flirting each other.

But I already finished reading all of it.

It can’t be helped. When I gazed at Japan to kill time, I found her.

I won’t forget the shock that I have at that moment for the rest of my life.

Even though during class, a black haired girls sleeping on high school roof.

A poor girl who abandoned by her parents, and bullied by her classmate because of her beauty.

A girl that doesn’t realize that she is homosexual.

There is no doubt that she is an ideal girl to realize my dream to see yuri harem.

In order to make you won’t die when attacked by monster, in order not to be envied by other girl like in your former world, and in order to make yuri harem, I gave her <Harem Queen>.

It was miscalculation that she met intermediate level monster Great Wolf before she get closer to any girl (I made mistake in the coordinate since it was an impulsive transfer. If nothing wrong, she should be transferred to safe bed as planned). But because of that, her fate to have encounter with Ruina is fulfilled.”

After that ーーー it was more than what I have expected.

I told her that she is actually homosexual without realizing it ーーー and then surprisingly she and Ruina crossed the line on first day of their encounter.

I was secretly watching that night’s scene while grinning and drooling nonstop from start till the end.

The story is, only with their intense exchange (moderate expression), could make me who is the Goddess blushing.

I’ll tell you no more for their privacy.

The thing that more than what I expected is not only that.

One particular thing is her behavior.

Since she realized that herself is homosexual, she is no longer hid her feeling for liking girls.

In addition, she received duel for the girl she love and then entered the best magic school.

Flag with the girl named Linde is also raised. It’s so fun just by imagining what she will do after this.

Then, i wonder what kind of yuri harem she will create.

I’m expecting you, Nagi.

The identity of the receptionist, Nadia is revealed.

She has been given job to monitor ground world by the Goddess Rilus.

Will Nagi know her true identity?

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Next chapter is about Nagi’s destruction power.

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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  1. Thanks for the new chapter! Not to be a cynic, but if Nagi’s harem spreads too far, then the Goddess’ world will be in danger because no children are being born. Later the Goddess should give Nagi the ability to procreate. XD

  2. Goddess pov
    You’re sleeping peacefully, when suddenly you wake with a dream.
    “Harem full of yuri girls.”
    But accomplishing this dream will require you to find a beautiful, lonely, closeted lesbian girl and create a unique skill to encourage her to get intimate with other girls.
    But that is a small price to pay for your dream!

    Helltaker reference btw

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