Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 12

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

Chapter 12
Let’s Bring Linde Back to School Part 1

-Akade Academy-


“Hey, have you heard? There is rumor about that girl is transferred to our class!”
“I’ve heard it~. The one who beat up that Linde right~? And a beautiful girl.”

On that day, class 2-A is full of transfer student topic.

Beautiful girl with black hair who win against Linde who is a top student.

Her magic could be described with only one word, amazing.

Just with fireball but with such power…

She is not ordinary person.

Such rumor about black haired girl is spreaded through the school in a blink of eye.

“You all, stop talking and quickly sit down on your seat!” (TN: The teacher use omae here)

A frank woman with short hair entered classroom while saying that.

She is Myurei, homeroom teacher of class 2-A.

A wizard who excellent at body strengthening magic.

…It’s somehow hard to say she is wizard because her specialty is hand-to-hand combat.

The students is quietly seated.

“I think you have already knew, starting today, your friend in this class is increased. Well, only for 3 month though. Yosh, you can enter.”
“Excuse me.”

With Myurei call, rumored black haired girl entered.

She immediately stole students’ view with her beautifulness.

“I’m Nagi, I joined this class in order to studying magic for three month starting from today. It’s short, but I will be glad if I could be friend with you all. Everyone, it’s nice to meet you.”

Black haired girls is quickly bowing and lowering her head.

And when she raised her face with a sweet simile ーーー the students were falling with over flowed nosebleed.

“Geh… no way, charm (fascination magic)!? Even I can not defend against it… You are good, Nagi”

With that word, finally the homeroom teacher, Myurei is also fell.


Etto… Why it became like this?

I was dumbfounded seeing my classmate and homeroom teacher falling one by one.

It’s weird? On the first day of transferring, impression is important so I give a polite greeting and wearing my best smile.

This strategy (I don’t know if I could call this a strategy) should be not a mistake.

But I can’t believe it become like this…

What now? Inside classroom become sea of blood.

It can’t be helped.

“Clean (Purification magic)”

Yeah, with this, it became clean.

Next is wake everyone up huh?

“Wake up (wake up magic)”
“Eh? Just now, was that dream…?”
“Somehow it feels like I just saw the goddess…”

The students are slowly wake up.

And I was patiently waiting for everyone to completely wake up.


“Ahahaha. So such thing was happened. Destruction power of Nagi-chan’s smile is overwhelming so don’t recklessly use it.”
“It’s not a laughing matter. I wasn’t did that for laugh.”
“Well, that’s mean Nagi-chan is attractive.”

After that day class is over I and Ruina came back to “House of Cat Ears” and having dinner.

“Then, how about magic lesson?”
“Yeah, it was difficult at first, but somehow I could understand in the middle. It’s something new since there is no magic in my former world.”

I told Ruina that I came from different world on the day when we are became one.

At first I was worried whether she will believe me or not, but Ruina is honestly believed.

As expected of my wife, she is broad-minded.

“ Ah, that’s right, listen to this, Ruina. Today there is practical lesson but…”

Today’s practical lesson subject at 3rd period is match simulation.

It’s where students is divided into pairs and having mock battle with magic.

Of course special barrier (the same one which used for duel) is used.

But, since I couldn’t control my magical power yet I was told to become observer.

Only to observing girls fighting and getting along to each other.

Even though it was a sight for sore eye, but I really want to joined them.

Ah~ I want to quickly learn to control my power and mock battle spar with cute girls.

“…Nagi-chan, If you really want to fight with cute girl that much, I will be your partner.”
“…I have to refuse that, even though Ruina’s cuteness is unquestionable.”

It’s very attractive to have mock battle with Ruina, but unfortunately, our level difference is too huge.

One day when I trained before duel and have mock battle with Ruina but, I can’t be her opponent at all.

That time, even though Ruina is seemed to be went easy on me, I still couldn’t do anything.

It’s foolish thing to want to protect the girl you like when you can’t reach her.

That regret is immeasurable.

That’s why I need to reach her level before I have mock battle with Ruina.

…Nevertheless, it’s been awhile since I saw Ruina’s darkened aura.

Jealousy Ruina is cute.

When I have such thought there is someone with short hair who waving her hand and came to me.

“Finally found you, Nagi. Hoh, the one with you, is that Ruina? It’s been a while.”

2-A Homeroom teacher, Myurei.

“Good evening Myurei-sensei. Do you have something with me?”
“Ah, I have something that I want to discuss with you. It’s perfect since Ruina is also here.”

Myurei’s discussion content, it’s about Linde.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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