Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 21

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

I’ve returned from the dead…

Chapter 21
Ruina’s Past part 3

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


After listened to Ruina’s past told by Noire-san, I returned to my room.

Ruina still sitting on the floor grasping her knees in gloom.

“Ah, Nagi-chan… you came back. You late.”

It seemed she finally noticed me.

Sluggishly stood up she showed an awkward smile to me.

There was no spirit nor usual tone in her voice.

I silently came to her side and…

“Kyaa….!? Nagi-chan what are you doing suddenly…?”

I tightly hugged her with all my strength.

Ruina was surprised.

“Ruina, I’m sorry. I heard everything about 5 years ago from Noire-san.”


I heard Ruina’s gasping sound.

“…so you knew huh. I thought I’d keep it secret from Nagi-chan.”

While her voice was sunk in sorrow. Ruina continued her words.

“Nagi-chan heard it right? Because I came, my beloved mother was killed. I still regretting it until now. If only I didn’t go that time, If only I didn’t overestimate my power, then my mother shouldn’t need to die. That woman will  overlook mother and her friend. But… because of me…’

It must be more than painful…

The fact that her beloved mother was killed in front of her eyes because of her.

That burden is too hard for 13 years girl to bear.

“Hey, maybe, the reason Ruina became adventurer is to take revenge to that woman?”

“Yeah, that’s right. It’s her desire for me to become the one who will kill her. That’s why, as her wish, I will become stronger and someday, I will absolutely kill her! That’s what I’ve decided.”

Her voice was different than usual, there was unimaginable hatred in it.

“…but it’s useless. Even though I’ve became S-rank now, I still can’t see how I will win against her. The more strength I have, the more I realize the different of out power. That made me fell into despair.”

Her voice completely changed for hatred into grief.

“Also, that woman is gone since that day. I don’t know where she is. So I can’t take revenge.”

From what I heard from Noire-san, after killed Ruina’s mother, that woman left somewhere.

The country was looking for that woman’s whereabout, but haven’t found her yet.

However, the impacts that that woman left were huge.

The wounds ‘Cat Works’ received from that time forced them to retire, and the party also disbanded.

Because of that woman, pride of the country, four of top class adventurers were gone at once.

What a painful loss.

“Hey, Nagi-chan. I don’t want any other people feel sadness like me. So no matter what, I will strict about magic.”

“Like how you strict to the student council today?”

“Right. They are able to enter Arcady Academy Student Council, that’s mean they have talent. Their ability also good. But I don’t want them to overestimate their power like me that time. No matter how much they will, I hate me, I don’t care. I just don’t want they die, or losing someone important for them.”

“But, even though I intended to harden my heart, when I saw their sad face, I felt like my chest is going to burst. Since I didn’t want to see that face, I run away. Ahahaha… Education is difficult right…”


I raised the power of my hug against Ruina.

“Nagi-chan, it’s hurt..”

“Sorry, sorry.”

I loosened my hug reluctantly.

“…hey, it’s just my thought. Until when Ruina intends to keep suffering alone?”


“Because, Ruina already suffering long enough right? If Ruina suffering more than this, Ruina will break. Besides… now there are Linde and me. I don’t know that we will be useful in battle or not, but if only listening to your grumble, we can. I can’t simply say that I understand how Ruina feel, but at least I can give support. That’s why… stop bear it by yourself. Be more depends on me. I don’t want to see Ruina’s sad face anymore.”

I felt something flowed on my cheek.

Before I knew, I was shedding tears.

Why was I cried?

…that’s right, I was frustrated.

That Ruina didn’t relied on me.

That I didn’t realize that she continued to suffer.

That I couldn’t help her.

Ah, why I was so powerless?

To unable to protect the smile of the girl who I love is…

“No, there is no need for Nagi-chan to blame yourself. Nobody know since I hid my feeling. It’s my bad. Besides… Nagi-chan already saved me from long time ago.”


“Actually, the place where Nagi-chan was attacked by wolves is the place where my mother died. In the 5 years I become adventurer, what I thought was nothing but getting stronger to kill that woman. But the despair of unable to reach that woman no matter how strong I became turned into the feeling to die. I thought if in the end I will die, then the same place where my mother died would be good.”


“The one I found there was Nagi-chan. A Black haired girl with unfamiliar cloth attacked by monster. That was surprised me, because the aura is just like mother. Because of that, I spontaneously saved you.”

“After that as Nagi-chan know. After meet I getting attracted to Nagi-chan. Without I realized the feeling of wanting to die is gone. Also, the will to kill that woman for revenge is gradually fading. Of course I still despise that woman for killing my mother. But I’m not overwhelmed with hatred. I think I also regain my smile.”

Ruina cut her words there, and strongly hugged me.

“Therefore… thank you, Nagi-chan. You saved me.”

I was the one who should say thanks, Ruina.

Since I came to this different world, you always saved me Ruina.

The body… and also the soul.

Ruina saved my life and her smile also always help me.

Without Ruina, someday I will hopelessly die..

That’s why…

“Ruina, I also glad that we’ve met, if I didn’t meet you, may be I’ve dead by now.”

“Ahahaha.. That too much Nagi-chan…”

On my shoulder I felt something warm.

I could heard sobbing next to my face.

When I saw my side, Ruina was cried while buried her face on my shoulder.

This is bad… the flow of tears won’t stop.

We kept crying while hugging each other… even after Noire-san who realize there was something wrong, entered the room.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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