Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 22

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

This one is short!

Chapter 22.
Eh, Summer Camp Arc is Starting?

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


— The day after I heard Ruina’s story

Ruina apologized to student council members for being too much.

“About yesterday, we are fine with it. We know that Ruina-sensei do that for our sake. I also realize my own incapability, so do the other members. I’d rather to thank you.”

Elenoa said that and the other three girls (loli, glasses, and puppy) also didn’t mind about yesterday, so it’s fine right?

Linde also scared at first, but in the end she back to her usual self when interact with Ruina.

With this, one thing was resolved.


— Two weeks later

It was already more than a month since I transferred to Acade Academy.

The passing of time surely fast.

I already get used with student council works and regarding magic, I have no problem studying it.

I was able to control my magical power which became my problem before.

My relationship with classmate and student council member was good.

Hn, maybe, this was my peak of age?

I thought that I was living a fulfillness student live to the extent.

It’s not good, it’s not good. I was in the middle of works.

I currently struggling with mountain of documents in student council room.

Like this everyday, please spare me already.

While thinking like that I continued my work processing the document.

Eh? Somehow I felt gaze on me.

I realized that the student council member’s hands were stopped and firmly stared on me with their wide opened eyes.

It’s embarrassing if you see me so intense like that. Ehehe.

I was happy to be watched by some cute girls, but it was bother me and make me couldn’t concentrate.

“Um, why is everyone watch me so intently?”

Are the student council member finally realized by charm?”

But, except for Linde, everyone else are Elenoa’s harem member right?

As representative for everyone, Elenoa opened her mouth.

“Nagi, I’ve been thinking from a while, isn’t your work speed too fast?”

Is that so? I thought it was normal.

When I look closely my mountains document was only one left -that also already half done- while the other members still have three or so.

“Clearly I can’t see the movement of Nagi’s hand. What kind of magic you use?”

Well, I absolutely not used any magic.

“Well~ Nagi senpai is too good. Are we even needed anymore?”
“Well, it will be too troublesome if I do it on my own. Furthermore I won’t be here forever.”
“That said, Nagi will leave this school in two months right? Is there any other way to make you continue doing student council works? That’s right! How about I lend Run for you as condition…”
“Elenoa! Don’t say such thing even though it was joke.”

Please stop seeing me as superwoman.

I was extremely ordinary highschool girl.

But I want you to lend Run-chan to me.

It’s not time for such thing, there was something that I have interest about.

“Elenoa, I will receive Run-chan later… what is this summer camp?”

What interesting for me was the word “summer camp” inside the document.

Even though it was late to mention, this world was identical to Japan. There were four season and now is summer.

“Ah, that’s summer custom event which held by academy every year. Every student will go to unpopulated island and will practice magic for 3 days.”

Elenoa, while answered , held down Run-chan who screamed with one hand.

“Summer camp” at “Unpopulated island”

From this two keywords, only one answer could be drawn.

So… it was swimsuit time.

Like the scene that usually seen in manga or anime. Cute girls doing cute thing with swimsuit.

Let’s confirm it, just in case.

“Hey, Elenoa. In this world, is there any swimsuit… eh, the thing that we wear when entering the sea?”
“Of course there is. Don’t say Nagi entering the sea while naked? …well, that’s maybe the best way to do it, but you better not to do it.”

Maybe Elenoa imaged my naked body since her face became red and start to drooling.

Student council memberElenoa harem member glared at her with scornful eyes.

But somehow the girls face became red.

Linde was still as her usual self.

“Fufu, If everyone really want to see my naked figure so much, then shall I show you right here now?”

“““““Nagi (senpai) stoooop!!!!”””””

When I tried to take off my uniform, somehow I was stopped with full power.

I didn’t understand.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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