Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 23

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

Chapter 23.
Swimsuit Department is a Paradise Right!?

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


— A certain day off

I and student council members (+Ruina) were headed to cloth shop together.

It was to buy swimsuit for summer camp.

“Hey, Ruina. What kind of swimsuit this world have?”

“Well, there are alot of kind. Like one piece… which is connected all over or bikini. Ah, I remember there is also extreme swimsuit that only made from string.”

What the hell!? That was outrageous!

Let’s make Ruina wear it tonight.

“Nagi-chan, are you thinking about something weird again?”
Of course not

Let’s put that aside for now.

I turned my head behind and observing student council members who are having friendly conversation.

Since Elenoa have nice body bikini type will suit her.

Miyu (glasses) and Sari (puppy) also have nice figure so bikini will be perfect for them.

Linde and Run-chan (loli) are… hn, school swimsuit will be good for them.

Well, I also had flat chest, I won’t say that to anyone though.

“Nagi, can’t you stop staring to me like that in public road?! You can stare at me as you like when we are in student council room.”

That was what Elenoa said when she realized my gaze. She said that while hiding her rich body in embarrassment.

Please stop saying such thing.

Everyone else’s gazes are hurt so much.

Ah, but it is fine in the student council room huh, then let’s do that later….

“Na-gi-chan? If you do that thing… you understand right!?”

Scary!! It’s been a while since Black Ruina descent.

The eyes of three student council girls also became scary.

Let’s not going any further from this.




“Welcome to Alistel. Cute little girls, what are you looking for?”

Alistel, a female specialist cloth shop.

The one who greet us was a beautiful woman who will be look good if she dressed as man.

“Yo, Alistel. We come to buy swimsuit for summer camp this time.”
“Oh, I thought who, but it was Elenoa. Somehow there are new girls there. Are your harem member increase?”
“Unfortunately, they are not mine yet. But someday, I’ll show you that they’ll be mine.”

No, I don’t have any plan to become yours Elenoa.

My plan is to make you all enter my harem.

“Is it your first time to come here Nagi? Then I’ll introduce to you. This person is Alistel. She is owner of this shop, and also my harem master.”
“Nice to meet you everyone.”

Harem master?

“Nagi, you will be surprised when you hear this. Everyone who work in Alistel are her harem member.”
“Everyone is too much, just about 80% of them.”
“What are you saying!? Everyone are attached to you.”

When heard the conversation of those two, everyone in the shop were blushing.

Everyone who work in the shop… Alistel-san amazing.

Should I become her pupil after finishing shopping?




— Swimsuit department

There was heaven.

There were cute girls wearing colorful swimsuit lined up in front of me.

“How about it Nagi? There is no word can describe my beauty right?”

Elenoa’s silver hair look very attractive when she wear black bikini.

Yeah, it was nothing but too magnificent.


“Somehow I can’t calm myself when wearing swimsuit.”
“Why I can’t wear anything but this childish swimsuit!? Please bring me more adult one!”

Yeah, yeah. The three girls of student council are perfectly fit.

“Nagi, how about this? Is this suit me?”
“Yup, It’s very suit you. To the point I want to hug you spontaneously.”

By the way, Linde was betrayed my expectation she actually had some breast.

Since she wear one piece type somehow it looked like indecent, but let’s keep quiet.

And then Ruina was…

“Nagi-chan, how about me…?”
“You are the best! There is nothing can suit you better than that. You like a descended Goddess.”
“Ah, that’s too much, I’m happy but can I take that seriously…?”

Well, I wasn’t lie though.

There was shining halo at the moment.

Ruina who shyly looked down was cute.

Ah, I wanted to bury my face in those huge tits.

“Somehow, Isn’t your reaction towards Ruina is to different compared to us? I’m jealous you know… and then, why Nagi haven’t change yet?”

Right, I haven’t change to swimsuit yet.


“Ah, I stopped her. If Nagi-chan change to swimsuit this store will become sea of blood. I myself don’t know what I’m talking about but but my instinct tell me that.”

Alistel came to us while said that.

Is my appearance in swimsuit biological weapon or something?

“Alistel, isn’t that way too much?”
“Since Elenoa-san already accustomed to Nagi-chan’s beauty  so you may be won’t feel it. Look, everyone around you. Not only customer but also my employee — my harem member were acting weirdly because charmed by Nagi-chan. There was nothing like this before.”

So that’s why I felt intense gaze from a while ago.

“That, actually, since I saw Nagi my crotch itching all the time, and it’s won’t stop. How about it Nagi-chan? Let’s have some tea after this…”

Alistel-san who blown up with magic by Ruina and Linde rotate her body and landed in empty place.

The damage of store is zero.

And then like there was nothing she come back to us.

“Fufufu, the more obstacle in love, the more fired up I will be. My desired to have Nagi-chan is getting more and more. Someday, I will make you enter my harem! Absolutely!”

She said that while licking her lips there was no mistake, she was hunter.

— in the end, my swimsuit appearance became something to look forward in summer camp.



Bonus: String swimsuit

Ru : “Hey, Nagi-chan. Should I really wear this?”
Na : “If it’s Ruina, then it will be perfectly fit! It’s my lifetime wish.”
Ru : “Don’t use your lifetime wish for something like this! It can’t be helped. Only today I’ll do it.”
Na : “Yatta! I love you Ruina!”

Ruina change into string swimsuit

Ru : “Ho-how is it…?”
Na : “….”
Ru : “Nagi-chan…?”
Na : “There is no more regret in my life…! (falling)”
Ru : “Nagi-chan, Nagi-chan! Comeback heeeere~~~~~!!”
No : “You two what are you doing!? (shocked)”

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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