The Adventure of Miko 54 – Towards Tomorrow

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 54. Towards Tomorrow

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Miko and her three slaves were walking in the town after they left the clan branch.

“Even so, we earned a lot huh. And today we just passively exploring. If we can easily defeat monsters tomorrow, let’s try to capture first layers lord.”

Miko said that while looking at show glass at a clothing shop. The clothes inside the show glass weren’t clothes for fighting but dress up clothes.

“That’s right. Honestly the monster in current layers aren’t enough. It would be a bit hard for Shulyn-san and Alisa-san to fight by them self, but because we will fight as party from now on, their ability is high. ”

Yuuna affirmed Miko’s word with her comment. Certainly, even though it was gruesome, but killing 3 monsters in an instant will made her felt unsatisfied.

“For me I’m bit scared. Today’s fight with kobold was at my limit. I don’t feel so good to challenge the layer’s lord.”

“Me too. Isn’t that little bit too hurry? I understand what master aiming for, but I think it’s too fast.”

On the other hand, Alisa and Shulyn expressed their disapproval. Looking at today’s result of course the two of them will be discouraged. But a smile floating on Miko’s face.

“Don’t worry, we won’t act solo for tomorrow. Basically, we will moving as party from now on. I understand everyone’s strong point, so let’s capture it for real. Alisa-chan will support the party with bow and shulin with recovery magic.”

Miko embraced their shoulder with smile. That made two of them blushed.

Return to the inn, they put their luggage back into their room. And after had a meal in nearby dining room, they take a bath. It was rare that Miko didn’t go rampage when they took bath.

“Master, you’re unusually quiet today, what’s wrong?”

“Hn… because I want to have serious conversation, you can’t get the feeling of seriousness if I’m too excited right?”

After her three slaves sit on the bed, Miko started to talk.

“Listen everyone, tomorrow we will continue our progress, if possible, I want to try to challenge the layer’s lord. Of course after we take a look at Layer’s lord’s and our condition. If it possible, we will challenge it.”

“I think it’s fine. I think if we don’t do the impossible, then its fine.”

“I’m good. I don’t want to fight alone, but if it in a group, then I may be do something”

“Me too. I respect master’s opinion. If it in a group, I may can become some help.”

Yuuna, Alisa and Shulyn affirmed Miko’s word.

“Bu, absolutely don’t do any impossible. I’m not see you as my slaves. You are my party members, I will treat you like my family. That’s why, absolutely don’t do anything impossible. Do you understand?”

To the Miko’s word, the three slave were looking at one each other’s face.

“““Yes! Master!”””

They gave answer together.

“Yosh, let’s get sleep for tomorrow. Tomorrow, unlike today, we will really capture the tower. Because we will annihilate the monsters, let’s get rest to restore our spirit.”

Miko was the first one who dive into the bed after said that, followed by the three. The four of them slept while forming the river (川) character. (TN: Don’t ask how can 4 people make three lines character.)

The Adventure of Miko

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  1. “The four of them slept while forming the river (川) character. (TN: Don’t ask how can 4 people make three lines character.)” . -clearly it’s because Miko and Yuuna are hugging in the middle.

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