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Does Assassin Girl Dreams of Mana Doll

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Author: Iwashi Dzukushi (鰯づくし)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation
Kindle edition (ja):

There was an urban legend in that town.

“When you are alone in the middle of the night, a ghost will creep up through the window. It’s the end if you are targeted, your life won’t last long, there’s no way to escape from that blade.”

Those who know about the truth of the urban legend are only her and her master.

Egret, a girl who was picked by the assassin guild even before she has awareness of the world. She had been raised and used as assassination tools. She went to harsh training because of her unique skill that very useful for assassination. Grown up as the best assassination tool, without emotion nor undulation, the girl become the one who was called the “Ghost”.

That day too, it should be just doing the job like usual.

However, the job she got was unusually different. The target was the first son of a duke family. A man from widely influential duke with power similar to the “Hero”

Accepting the request, what was waiting for her were not only an enemy with overwhelming power, but also an unexpected encounter and unexpected happening.

Mana Doll.

A humanoid weapon created by ancient magical civilization. A weapon with a girl form, created like a human, speaks like a human, thinking like a human. That encounter pulled her out from her usual “daily life”.

Encountering various incidents here and there that make their bond keep getting deeper.

This is the beginning of a story between a girl who was raised as a tool and a girl who was created as a tool walking together as a human.

Translation on the way…

Does Assassin Girl Dreams of Mana Doll

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