Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 019

Hungry Saint

019 The House of The Great Witch

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“But I was surprised … 12 sausage baguettes, 10 smoked turkeys and a box of milk ice cream, and then back to the sausage baguettes to eat an additional 20 …!”

“It was very very delicious …!”

Emilia walks after Abigail.

Satisfied, very satisfied.

“When I cheered up my grandmother, I was so hungry again … why?”

“Maybe it has something to do with using healing magic. It seems that Emilia’s “body” and “magic vessel” are more intertwined than a normal mage.”

“Magic … vessel …?”

“There has been a long-standing hypothesis that physical health and the amount of magical power are related to each other, but it is an error level for a general mage. However, Emilia is out of the standard… If you have the magical power of god dragon class and have lived a miserable life for many years, it is possible that “what you ate” and “sleeping time” are greatly related to the output of magical power. ”

“Fah … I’m getting sleepy …”

“Mu? Isn’t it strange that you aren’t using any magical power?”

“No… the discussion is too difficult.”

“Because of that!?”

Walk and walk. The scent of trees is stuffy in the forest.

At a small hill in the depths of the forest, at the clearance of the banks of the spring.

They arrived at a small hut.

“Is this Abigail’s house?”

“Ah. It’s a good idea to stay here for a while. It takes less than half a day to reach Merrill City, and it’s hidden from the surroundings.”

“I see! It’s a very nice house !!”

“…You may have misunderstood it, but you will understand if you enter.”

Abigail inserts a big key into the keyhole, turns the lock and turns the doorknob. Behind the door was a vast space that looked like a castle.

“Wow! What is this !?”

“It’s a house I made as an experiment when I developed the magic circle of space compression and transfer. The outside is a poor mountain hut, but the inside is a comfortable space.”

“Wow !! Wide !! Beautiful !!”

A fluffy carpet and chandelier on a shiny floor.

It was a tremendous mansion that could not be imagined from the outside appearance which was like a shack built in the forest.

“You should use this room. Bathroom is over there. On top of the spiral staircase is my study and laboratory, so knock when you enter. There are fields and herb gardens in the backyard, so just say it if you want to use it.”

“Well! What should I do with cleaning, washing, and peeling potatoes?”

“Isn’t the potatoes too specific?”

Abigail shrugged as if stunned,

“You don’t have to do anything. I’ll show you why I’m called by the big name [Universal Witch].”

“Eh! Is it okay to not chop wood?”

“That’s okay. ‘Good magic research starts from a good life.’… Emilia just thinks about spending time leisurely.”

“Wow, I understand …!”

The fanfare celebrating the dawn of a comfortable slow life touched Emilia’s heart. It was the first day at the house of the universal witch Abigail.

Hungry Saint

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