Yuri Empire – 013

Yuri Empire

13 Even Become A Sadist Person

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/13/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Currently, the base of “Yuri Empire” is using the building of Nildea previous lord,but there is a room in the building that Yuri has exclusively used. It is a room with a sufficient size of about 8 tatami mats. Everyone in the Yuri Empire advised Yuri to use the larger room in the lord’s palace, but she thought it would be uncomfortable if it was too large, so she used this room. There is only one small round table, four chairs, and one sleeper in the room. In the first place, Yuri doesn’t stay in her room very much except when she sleeps, so she wasn’t particularly dissatisfied with the current equipment.

Normally, someone would want at least furniture to store clothes such as a wardrobe and closet. Yuri, the player character of the game, has a storage area called <Inventory>, and a certain amount of items can be stored there. In addition, Yuri, who has a profession (class) of <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)>, is good at “space” magic, so if there is something that won’t fit in the <Inventory> she will put it in the space created by magic. You can also store a lot of items. Although it is not as convenient as the large-capacity storage skill of “Warrior’s bag” possessed by the children of “Nadeshiko”, the storage capacity is quite good.

“For the time being, this time is this”

Yuri takes out a set of shoes from the magical storage space.

This shoe with black feathers has the name “Kurobane (black wing) shoes”. It is one of the magical tools that Yuri possesses, and while wearing these shoes, she can use the magic of [Free Flight] and fly freely.

Yuri was sitting on a chair and changing to “Kurobane shoes”. Suddenly, the sound of knocking on the door twice echoed into the room.

“—Come in?”

While tying the shoelaces, she called out to the outside of the door with a slightly louder voice. In response to Yuri’s words, a girl entered the room.

A small and pretty black-haired girl dressed in gothic lolita-like clothes with a lot of frills came in. On the back, she has black twin wings that show that the race is a blood-sucking species (Carmila),  the clothes which match with the black wings give a complete mysterious charm.

Although she doesn’t have any weapons now, in battle she fights with a scythe that far exceeds her height and creates undead with the soul of the slaughtered opponent. She is a girl of “Kuroyuri (Nostia)” who has <Necromancy (Helion)> occupation (class) and has the highest annihilation ability in the game of “Atros Online”.

“Oh,  Teres. Is there anything you need?”

The children of Kuroyuri are all dressed in the same way, but of course it is easy to distinguish them from Yuri who loves each girl individually. The girl who was called by Yuri turned away while making a face that seemed to be awkward.


Only the children of “Kuroyuri” call Yuri, the lord of “Yuri Empire” by only the name. Ah, no — now Ladra Gruff too.

“Yeah, what is it?”

“As a result of drawing the lottery, I became the first…. That’s it.”

“Is that so.”

Yuri gently touched Teres’s head, and gently stroked it.

Teres’ face has become fluffy. However, she just let Yuri stroke her head without any resistance.

“… Yuri. Embarrassed.”

“It’s fine. I’m the only one watching it anyway.”

“that’s right, but……”

“Hey, Teres. Whenever I ask a question, ‘Be sure to answer honestly.'”


“Do you hate doing it with me?”

Without looking at Teres’s eyes, Yuri asks with a serious voice.

Yuri is the master of the “Yuri Empire”, and there is no doubt that she is superior to Teres in terms of position. It seemed to Yuri that it wasn’t a good thing for her to force her subordinates for a relationship.

So Yuri asked that with a clear word.

The “subordinate NPC” is always faithful to the character operated by the player, and if you “command” with your will, they cannot go against it. If Yuri asked, “Please answer honestly,” Teres wouldn’t be able to hide her real voice.

“— Of course I’m not hate it. Are you stupid?”

As expected, Teres’s “honest” reaction to Yuri’s question was a negative word that was told with the expression that she was deeply disappointed.

“How many years do you think we’ve been together? At least understand that much.”

“U… I’m sorry, Teres”

“I won’t forgive you. I won’t forgive you, absolutely…. unless you bully me tonight.”

“… After all, do you like that?”


All of the children of “Kuroyuri” have a kind of abusive desire (masochism).

They are the only ones in the “subordinate NPCs” who call Yuri just by name, and sometimes even take disrespectful words and provocative actions against Yuri. The motive for such words and deeds is that they have a desire to be scolded by their master, Yuri. No, it would be more accurate to say that they have a more desire to be “bullied.” This is not because Yuri set them to that kind of personality when they first created the characters for “Kuroyuri”.

“Atros Online” has some very unreasonable specifications that cannot be accepted by a sane mind, one of which is that if the race of the subordinate NPC is  blood-sucking species (Carmila) character, the character will automatically become a masochist.

By the way, this automatically and forcibly happens regardless of the gender of the NPC.

Without knowing this, “Let’s make a good looking male vampire character a subordinate!” is a regular story that the players who set all the subordinate NPCs as blood-sucking species (Kalmira) were surrounded by the finished handsome male vampire (* masochist) and fell into a hellish picture of annoying screaming. It was also one of the laughter stories posted on the bulletin board.

As usual, Yuri didn’t know those specifications when she started the game, so she created the children of “Kuroyuri” with the blood-sucking species (Carmila)…

Well, I thought that there would be no problem because it would be kind of cute and charming to the extent that a cute girl has a desire to be abusive. ――― Until now.


“If Teres wants me to do that, I’ll even become sadistic.”

“Fufu … I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait for the night. Can I have a whip?”

“I’m sorry, it’s difficult for me …”

There is no preference for Yuri to whip her favorite child and immerse herself in pleasure. Rather, it’s probably painful to hurt your favorite partner with your own hands.

“By the way, night is still far… I mean, it’s still past noon. Isn’t it pretty quick to come to me?”


To Yuri’s question, Teres simply answered so.

When I listened to the details, it seems that the person who became the next “love duty” due to the “fortune-telling”, it would be okay to stay together for a day as Yuri’s “escort” away from the unit mission. It seems that it has been decided at the time. Of course, Yuri did not participate in this discussion and was not called in the first place. She’s supposed to be the number one party though…

“Because it’s an escort, if Yuri goes somewhere, I’ll follow. By the way … It seems that you were changing to “Kurobane shoes”, are you going out?”

“Yes. I want to see this city from the sky a little.”

“From the sky? Haven’t you already seen a lot when you took over the city?”

“That’s right.”

Yuri was unintentionally made to laugh at the words of Teres, who was too light-hearted. Certainly, she looked down from Ladra Gruff’s back more than enough.

“Have you heard of the story of Kikyo children building a new city?”

“Hmm. I heard from Cassia.”

Cassia is the name of the child who is the captain of “Kuroyuri”. Apparently, the communication of the top-down is done firmly within the unit.

“I can’t overlook the problem of bad odors and unsanitary conditions, so I’m planning to create a new city and relocate all the current inhabitants.

“……I wonder.”

“Of course there may be a lot of bad things, but I want to look at the city again from the sky and see what’s good and what’s bad. As long as I tell what I noticed, the Kikyo children will inherit the good points and improve the bad points and further refine the new city. ”


Teres leaked that word, seemingly not very interested. The children of Kuroyuri are not involved in the city management, so they may not be interested in it.

“If I can have a date with Yuri, anything else is fine.”

“Fufu. Let’s go together to a fashionable sky date.”


Gently receive the hand that Teres has offered to escort. Teres, a blood-sucking species (Carmila), has black wings on her back and can fly freely with her own power without having to prepare “black feather shoes” like Yuri. For Teres who accustomed to flying in the sky, surely she would be happy when her hand was pulled.

Yuri Empire

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