Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 012

Hungry Saint

012 Exiled witch

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Check out the inn. Saying thank you to the shop owner who insists that there’s no need to pay.  They even got a peach pie as a souvenir to eat along the way. Emilia was really grateful for its deliciousness.

“From now, let’s aim for the Adventurer’s Guild in Merrill City first.”


“It’s an adventurer’s union. Originally it’s just a” trade organization “, but nowadays more and more places are offering quest placement services.”

“Why is Merrill City?”

“There are two reasons. The first is on the way to my house. The second is that there is a large magic measuring tool I made a long time ago.”

“Magic measuring tool!”

I’m sorry I broke it every time I measured it.

It feels guilty to destroy a person’s things.

“That’s a gem that I made with the best materials and technology and can measure large volumes.”


“In there, we could accurately measure Emilia’s magical power.”

“Ah, can I ask you some questions?”

While following Abigail walking, Emilia asks a simple question.

“Abigail-san is doing magic research, right?”

“Um, that’s right. It’s my life’s work.”

“Um… I actually asked the inn’s uncle.”

The owner of “Flying Frog” said.

Abigail is now a traveling person, but was once a genius girl who was appointed to the Court Mage Division at a young age.

“…jeez… saying something unnecessary.”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine. It’s amazing that you didn’t know the rumors of ‘Abigail’.”


“Oh, I was banished from the Court Mage Division. I was sick of their laziness and corruption so I exposed them all repeatedly, so they threw me out. A cheeky, unadorable woman. ”

“No way!”

Even though Abigail did a good thing? Abigail would rub Emilia’s cheeks with munimunimuni, probably because Emilia had a very surprised face.

“Someday I’ll let them eat an iron mallet. And one day, with this hand, I’ll know and unravel all the magic of this world-I’ll climb to the top of “Those who see through the heavens”! ”

Abigail holding a fist. It must have been very, very lonely to be kicked out of where she was.  The positive and powerful words made Emilia feel better.


“That’s why Emilia. Please cooperate with me as a research subject!”

“Eeee! Research subject!?”

I thought it was a good story!

“Haha, when you get angry, your cute face is ruined!”

Mou, Abigail-san!”

“It’s true to help you stand alone. If you have that huge magical power, you can become a wonderful saint if you have a good lifestyle. When you arrive in Merrill, I will teach you various things about the world.”

“Oh, thank you”

“That’s why. Thank you for a while, Emilia.”

“Yes, Abigail-san!”

A witch wearing a pointed hat with a large brim and an apprentice saint with small silver hair. The aim is Merrill City. Walk and walk.

Hungry Saint

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