Yuri Empire – 006

Yuri Empire

06 Supreme Dragon Ladra Gruff

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/6/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


In “Atros Online”, there are many skills called “quest skills” that can be acquired regardless of occupation by performing quests. The most famous is the skill called “Summoning a valet” that can be acquired by a quest that can be accepted at level 180. This is to summon a “servant” who literally acts as the player’s minion, and it is very convenient to use it by letting the party participate as an additional force different from the subordinate NPC, or asking for chores such as shopping.

And — The next most famous skill is the “Knight Summon” skill that can be acquired at level 150. The effect of this skill is literally that you can summon and use the “knight” who will carry the player. The player can freely choose from about 60 types of knights, but the overwhelming majority of players chose knights that could “fly in the sky” because they were convenient to move.

Since the quest skill can be acquired by the subordinate NPCs, everyone belonging to the “Yuri Empire” is basically made to select a knight that can fly in the sky, such as a flying dragon, a wyvern, or a heavenly horse.

However, this is not the case for children who can originally fly in the sky. Depending on the race, splendid “wings” may grow on the back, and the higher the level of such a character, the faster they will be able to fly on their own.

This corresponds to two units, “water lily” and “black lily”. The former consists of only children of the race “winged race (Angelio)” and the latter ” Blood-sucking species (Carmila)”. The winged species has white twin wings, and the blood-sucking species has black twin wings from the back.

By the way, Yuri, the guild master, can also fly in the sky.

However, it does not mean that there are wings on her back. Yuri is a character with occupation (class) called <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)>, but since that is a derivative higher rank of the <Summoner> class, she originally can use the “summon” ability to call the monster.

In order to use monsters, it is necessary to clear the difficult task of “defeating monsters on a one-to-one basis”. Yuri already played “Atros Online” for more than 20 years and had used many powerful monsters.

“Response to my call! Come! — [Causative Beast Summon] Supreme Dragon Ladra Gruff!”

When Yuri exercises summoning magic, a huge dragon appears from the deployed magic square. The supreme dragon Radragulf is a raid boss who controls the area called “Dragon Valley” where a large number of dragon-type monsters live in “Atros Online”, and is a monster in the position of so-called “Dragon King”.

Of course, just by the title, Dragon King, shows how powerful the monster is, and its level is very high at “1850”. Originally, high level players needed to create a raid party, in other words, need 24 players to subdue this dragon king.

Yuri has defeated this extremely powerful monster by herself using a certain method, and has made it her causative beast.

“— It’s been a long time, Yuri. Are you fighting someone strong enough that needs my strength?”

Ladra Gruff, who has lived for a long time that cannot be imagined by humans, understands human language. However, it is difficult to speak human language with the vocal organs of the dragon’s body. So Radragruff’s words are heard directly in Yuri’s head in the form of a magical “telepathy.”

“Unfortunately that’s not the case, Ladra Gruff. Rather, I need a dragon that looks good like you because I think it’s better if I don’t have to fight. I don’t have a hobby to bully the weak. ”

“What a word you said. You who played me like a baby.”

“Oh, was that so?”

When Yuri smiled with kukuku, Ladra Gruff also squinted and somehow became happy.

“It is the honor of a dragon to carry someone stronger than himself on his back. Come on, Yuri, get on me. I’ll take you with my twin wings wherever you go. ”

“Thank you Ladra Gruff. But some kids can only fly slowly, so it would be great if you didn’t speed up too much.”

The “War Dragon” that the children of Shirayuri make into a knight and the “Cockatrice” that the children of Kikyo make into a knight are knights that can only fly slowly. If Ladra Gruff flew seriously, they would be left behind in an instant.

“I understand. It would be fun to swim in the sky leisurely.”

Yuri used the magic of [Short transition] to ride on the back of Ladra Gruff who bent her whole body after telling that. Because the height of Ladra Gruff is still high even if it bends down, it is easier to ride with one shot using transfer magic rather than climbing.

“Princess, we can depart anytime.”

When Yuri straddled the back of the dragon Ladra Gruff, Hera of “Shirayuri (Estia)” who stayed beside her called out. There are 359 NPCs under her control around her waiting for Yuri’s words. After spending a few seconds to confirm the appearance of all of them, Yuri calls out to everyone in the “Yuri Empire” through guild chat.

“Then Let’s go! Are you all ready?”

“Yes, my sister. Himeyuri (Patia) can leave at any time. ”

“24 people of Shirayuri (Estia) are ready!”

“It’s okay”

“Red Rose (Enclaise) ready to leave”

“There is no problem with Yellow Roses (Nilclaise)”

“Yes, Blue Roses (Shcraze) can depart at any time.”

“24 people of Ouka, will always be with the Master!”

“Kobai will also  follow Master.”

“Suiren is also ready.”

“Nadeshiko is always on the side of Their Master”

“My sister! Kikyo is ready to go!”

“Rindo is okay”

When Yuri asked using the guild chat, the captain of each unit immediately responded through the guild chat that there was no problem. By the way, the only one who didn’t give the name of the unit was Cassia, the captain of Kuroyuri (Nostia). She is — or rather, the children who belong to Kuroyuri are like that.

“Everyone take off! Fly southwest!”

With Yuri’s voice as a mark, 360 girls — 311 knights carrying the girls, 48 girls with their own wings, and the supreme dragon with the Yuri on their backs soar into the sky.

“Shirayuri (Estia) should take the lead. However, please fly at a speed of about 70% so the children of Kikyo won’t be left behind.”

“Acknowledged! 24 members of Shirayuri (Estia) will be ahead!”

The knight summoned by White Yuri (Estia) is “War Dragon”, which has high fighting ability and is very robust, but instead has the second lowest flight speed in “Yuri Empire”.  The slowest is “Cockatrice” summoned by Kikyo, which is about 10% slower than the war dragon. If Shirayuri flies at a speed of about 70%, the children of Kikyo will not be left behind.

“Is this a world different from Leangard?”

While enjoying a scenic flight in the sky, Ladra Gruff uttered a small word in telepathy.

Yuri who heard the tweet was impressed. Unlike Yuri, who was told that Parfe’s mouth had transferred to a “different world” as soon as she woke up, Ladra Gruff should not have been told by anyone that this place was a “different world.” You wouldn’t notice it on your own in this short amount of time.

“As expected of Ladra Gruff. How did you know that?”

“Because I always have a bird’s eye view of the world. If you look only from heaven, the world is always just one painting. A dragon that has lived for a while will naturally remember the entire painting called Leangard. ”

“Yeah, I see …”

“It’s hard to say that I’m blessed with the opportunity to take a bird’s eye view of new and unknown paintings … I feel that my heart is dancing. Yuri, if this case is over — could you leave me summoned for a while? I want to freely visit various parts of the world and see this new painting in every corner. ”

“Yes, I don’t mind. The magical power consumption caused by the continuous summoning is not an unacceptable burden for me. But instead, if you see something interesting in this world, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please tell me too.”

“Okay, let’s promise”

If information on this world could be obtained, the benefits would be great for Yuri.

The higher the level of the beast used, the heavier the amount of magical power consumed during the summoning. Ladra Gruff has a level of “1850”, so of course the amount of magical power consumed is not stupid. However, the amount of natural recovery of Yuri’s magical power, which is reinforced with charged equipment, exceeds that. Even if the causative beast is killed once, it can be revived again. So, if Ladra Gruff wants to act freely, it is the master’s measure to admit.

And if she allows Ladra Gruff to move freely — some of the humans living in this world who saw that figure may think of hunting the dragon. If that really happens, it’s okay if Ladra Gruff fights back. After all, it is a monster that can not be beat by Yuri alone. The residents of this world are not enemies to the “Yuri Empire”.

If there is an opponent who can hunt Ladra Gruff, they will be able to quickly decide to raise the alert level by one. That’s not bad for Yuri.

“Yuri, I can see something that looks like a city.”

“— Oops. It’s fast.”

Even though the flight of War Dragon and Cockatrice is slow, it can be lightly put out at speeds of 200 km/h or more. If you fly in the sky, you can go in the shortest distance without obstructing your course, so it only takes a short time to fly to a city several tens of kilometers away.

As reported by all of Nadeshiko, under Yuri’s eyes, she could see a circular fortified city surrounded by high walls. The north-south river runs through the center, and it seems that there are only two castle gates in the east and west to enter the city.

“Isn’t it completely defenseless against the sky?”

Looking at the city, Ladra Gruff sighed and said so.

Certainly, this city has no choice but to “surround it with a wall”. So the flying monster in the sky can enter inside the city as much as they want unless they develop a “barrier” that prevents air raids.

“Oh — but by the way. I couldn’t see any monsters flying in the sky on the way to this point.”

“……HM. Does this happen to be an area where we don’t need to prepare for the sky?”

“Safety is enough huh…”

Yuri tells Ladra Gruff with a slightly bitter smile on her face.

The monster flying in the sky was very famous as a “beginner killer” in “Atros Online”. In a VR game, the player can only grasp within the field of view of the character to be operated, so it is difficult to deal with monsters that launch a surprise attack from the sky. Even so, the flying monsters are mercilessly placed in the area of “Levent” city where the player who has just started the game is initially placed. Yuri also had the experience of being licked with spicy acid many times when she was just starting to play the game.

“So what are you going to do? In a city of this size, it would be possible for me to turn it into a burnt field within minutes without bothering Yuri’s hands.”

“I don’t have a hobby that makes me happy when I look at a burnt down city.”

“Huh… Is that a villain who wears a “dress of sin” say?.”

“Oh? You know a lot about the clothes I’m wearing, right?”

“It will be natural. The dress was in my nest until it was robbed. ”

“… Oh. yeah, that’s right. I’m sorry for some reason.”

“You don’t have to apologize. It’s only natural that the strong take away from the weak. ”

The “Dress of Sin” that Yuri is wearing now is from the treasure chest placed in the treasure room after defeating the raid boss “Supreme Dragon Ladra Gruff” in the back of the dungeon in “Dragon Valley”. It is an armor that can be obtained with a certain probability.

It is an item that can only be equipped by a character with a propensity of “villainy”, and the equipment effect is “aside of triple the [charm] and [protection] of the ability value, the damage taken is also tripled”. There is no defense performance, and both physical defense and magic defense are “0”.

Although it is not a good item to compliment, it is a very suitable equipment for Yuri’s fighting style, so she loves it. She likes it because it looks like a “black dress worn by the empress” and has a very atmospheric outfit.

“I’ll tell you one thing, Ladra Gruff. The real bad guys don’t take the initiative to do bad things.”

“Well, is that so?”

“Yeah. A bad guy is a person who is honest with her” greed “. If she wants to do it, she will take the initiative, and she will not do what she does not want to do. That’s it. And I like women regardless of age. I don’t want to hurt or kill my favorite person as much as possible. That’s why I will never destroy the city. ”

“I see. Then, do you occupy it? ”

“… Well, I think that’s one of the options.”

The main purpose of Yuri who has moved to the city is to “get information” from the local residents of this world. Although all the information gathered by Nadeshiko was sufficient, they still need more information, let alone general knowledge, they do not even have common sense of this world. There is no need to occupy the city just to get information. Yuri hopes that by showing the appearance of the dragon Ladra Gruff, she will scare the other person a little and build a peaceful relationship with the local residents.

However, the option of occupation is not a bad thing. There is no doubt that if you occupy and become the “ruler” of this city, you will be able to collect more efficient and large amounts of information about this world.

“I’m not going to do anything from here until the other side attacks.”

“Then, what if the other party attacks?”

“If they point their sword at my wife even once, it’s definitely an ‘enemy’. I won’t forgive them.”

“Kufufu, I see. Yuri’s wives are loved aren’t they.”

“—I’ll land in front of the city gate! Everyone, get ready!”

The command was issued, and the group of Yuri quickly dropped in altitude.

Under her eyes, the guardians of the city, who had to see a lot of legendary monsters such as “Dragon”, were not aware that they were in a great depression.


Yuri Empire

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