Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 011

Hungry Saint

011 Real age -Cold Fruit Milk After the Bath-

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Oh, it’s delicious! Is it fruit milk !?”

“Ah, fruit milk after taking a bath it’s the best combination. The old man at the store made it with amber peaches.”

“Woooo … open-air bath … fruit milk … it’s the best!”

Sweet cold milk permeates the burning body.

Wrap a clean and fluffy bath towel around your body, and while being blown by the small whirlwind that Abigail magically caused, put your hand on your waist and drink up the fruit milk.

Oh, this is bliss! It ’s really delicious!

Then, she noticed that Abigail was staring at her. By the way, Abigail is also doing the same. Her style is good and enviable.

“What is it, Abigail-san?”

“Emilia, you… You really have a beautiful look?”


Beautiful look. In the monastery, she was called “drop out” or “slacker”, but there was never a compliment. Abigail suddenly praised her straight, so her body, which had been chilled with fruit milk, became hot.

“What is it, suddenly!”

“No, I’ve just told you the facts. The nutrition and sleep habits have improved, and your complexion also has improved… it’s like someone else after refreshing and taking bath”

“Wow …”

“You have an interesting magical vessel and look beautiful. Don’t worry about the word” that person” said by the spirit. Besides, the silver hair, which is rare in the world, is also intriguing! Umm! I’m more and more interested in you, Emilia!”

“I’m having trouble reacting!”

The eyes are shining tremendously. Abigail may be quite strange. …… Rather, it’s close. The face was close, and the boobs were close.

“… Huh. What? Don’t worry Emilia is about to grow from now on.”

“What was that?! I’m going to eat a lot and sleep a lot, so I’ll grow up. In various places!”

“Well, don’t rush. Apparently you’re only 12 or 3 years old right?”

“I’m 18 years old”


“I told you, I’m 18 years old this year, I’m an adult!”


Abigail’s scream echoed.

“18 years old … isn’t it almost the same as me?”

“Well, Mr. Abigail”

“I’m 19 years old”


This was a surprising turn. 19 years old! Honestly, Emilia thought she was much older.

“…Oh, do I look older?”


“Emilia! What an honest child you are!”

No, it’s not like that. It was very mature and cool.

“Well, of course. I try to have the highest quality in my diet, exercise and sleep.”

“Stoic, isn’t it …!”

“My motto is ‘Good magic research starts from a good life’!”

Abigail said that with a pose. After all, the style is very good.

Hungry Saint

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