Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 020

Hungry Saint

020 Fully Automatic -Melty And Fluffy Beef Tongue Stew-

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Sleep well in a fluffy bed.
Eat a lot of delicious food.

Those two were the main events of life at Abigail’s house.

“Wow, the omelet is delicious! It’s yellow like a dandelion flower! The minced meat and carrots are stir-fried and put inside… It goes well with the eggs…!”

“It’s good to put this on cooked rice and eat it. It’s nutritious.”


“Hmm … the wind that blows through the forest flows into the room and it’s cool … it’s nice to take a nap …”

“I prepared a freshly washed blanket. It’s a good idea to put it on.”

“Wow … it feels good … suyaa…”


There was a reason to be able to repeat such days.

At Abigail’s house, all household chores were “automated”.

Linen washing, floor polishing, weeding around the hut, washing dishes and watering the fields are all done by Abigail’s “magic tool”.

A fully automatic wood splitter breaks the wood picked up by the fully automatic cutting machine, and the fully automatic kamado burns the wood to boil water. The fully automatic bath fills the bathtub with the hot water, and the fully automatic dishwasher washes the dishes and the fully automatic washing machine washes the clothes with the remaining hot water.

While chilling in bed and enjoying the wind blown from the window, the fully automatic floor polisher passed through Emilia’s feet with a groan.

Really awesome.
In the monastery, all the labor that took hours a day is done automatically!
Abigail, who is devoted to research in the study, does only to make delicious meals to eat with Emilia every day.

By the way, Emilia thinks that Abigail’s cooking skill is at the [God] level.

The fragrant green onion porridge, sweet peach pie, and juicy sausage baguette that she ate during the trip were all delicious. However, Abigail’s food is as good as they are, no, it’s more than that!

“Meals are the number one foundation for building a body. It can’t be fully automated.”

“Oh… so just boiling potatoes isn’t cooking at all…! I thought it was a feast.”

“The monastery you lived in is really black the more I hear it … well, the boiled potatoes are sometimes the best feast… like the freshly dug potatoes in harvest season.”

By the way, today’s lunch is Abigail’s special tongue stew.
Beef tongue that has been simmered for hours and hours and turned into a savory tongue …

Emilia, who is helping to learn cooking from now on, cried a little at the rich taste of tongue, which crumbled just by pinching it with her lips at the tasting stage. It’s too delicious. The thick carrot in the stew is a gem with a strong flavor freshly picked in the field.

The crispy baguettes to eat together were purchased from the grandmother of the sausage baguette shop. Apply garlic and butter with an appetizing aroma and bake it crispy in the oven, and you’ll have a garlic toast that goes well with the tongue stew.

Pray before meals quickly, and take a bite.
Emilia was comfortably ascending to heaven.

“Wow … the stew is thick and the meat crumbles … and the baguette with freshly baked garlic butter is so delicious, only the king should eat it. Isn’t it okay !? ”

Melty. Crispy.

Mogumogu, gokun.

Today’s lunch is also very delicious!

Hungry Saint

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