Yuri Empire – 015

Yuri Empire

015 Rostine Shokai (Front)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Translator: Lilia v3.0
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“Rostine Shokai” is a company that operates in the three nations, the Kingdom of Eldard, the Principality of Silesia, and the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, and has always advocated as “will trade everything if requested” since it was founded by the first chairman…

Because it is such a company, the items sold are quite diverse. Starting with daily necessities such as groceries and clothing, medicines and spirits, armor and travel gear, carriages and harnesses, furnishings, paints, wood and stones, slaves — a list of business industries registered in the commercial guild If you look at it, there are probably few things that “Rostine Shokai” hasn’t touched.

Because of its widespread business, “Rostine Shokai” is recognized by the world as one of the major trading companies. At least in the kingdom of Eldard, where it is based, everyone knows its name, and the Rostine family, who had been chairman for generations, was also given the status of “baron” by the king of the kingdom of Eldard.

Rubetta Rostine is the 4th chairman of “Rostine Shokai”.

Rubetta, who inherited the title of the company despite having two older brothers, was bought by her father for her judgment and bargaining power, and although she is a woman, she has completed her position as chairman.

In particular, her father highly valued Rubetta because of her “foresight”. Rubetta, who has an excellent sense of “smell” to sniff out changes in the market and the world, has a high ability to judge and “withdraw” things to minimize losses.

The war, in which the Kingdom of Eldard declared war on the Principality of Silesia and got a quarter of its territory 11 years ago is still fresh in everyone’s memory. She was praised as a kind of feat among merchants to quickly sniff out the signs of the war, promptly withdraw the traders from the Principality of Silesia, and minimize the damage caused by the war.

(No way, this would happen …)

―――― Such Rubetta Rostine is now holding her head in the chairman’s office of the company.

In the Kingdom of Eldard, the second largest city after the royal capital is “Nildea”. The headquarters of the Rostine Company is located in Nildea, and the chairman, Rubetta, basically stays at the Nildea office and often gives instructions to branch offices in each region.

The reason why the company is based in Nildea is that this city is the safest in the Kingdom of Eldard. There are many militant monsters live, and sometimes monsters above level 30 are observed in the area of Nildea, but the strong barriers that surround the entire circumference keep them all away.

Also, because there are many dangerous monsters inhabiting, there are many high-ranked sweepers who are active mainly in Nildea. Employment costs are a bit high, but high-ranked sweepers are generally loyal to their employers and have some etiquette, making them a good partner for long-term relationships.


And such Nildea which should be completely safe and trusted by Rubetta, fell into a new country called the “Yuri Empire”. Really a bolt from the blue.

If someone wants to attack a robust city like Nildea, they usually need to expect about 1 to 2 months. No matter how quickly the suppression is achieved, it should take at least a few weeks. By the time the “Yuri Empire” country killed all the soldiers guarding the city of Nildea and conquered the entire city. It doesn’t make sense because it only takes time to drink a cup of tea at most.

(What was that “declaration of war” in the first place …?)

Rubetta thinks about the day when Nildea was conquered.

Rubetta, who was working in the factory, was of course one of the parties who heard the words of the declaration of war made by the “Yuri Empire”.

“— Hello, everyone lives in the strategic location city Nildea. I’m sorry I suddenly gave you telepathy. My name is Yuri, the Lord of the Yuri Empire.”

The words of “declaration of war” at that time can still be remembered word for word.

The word from a person named “Yuri” who claims to be the landlord of the “Yuri Empire” was heard directly in the minds of all the citizens living in the city of Nildea.

“— Our targets are military-registered and those who interfere with our conquest of the city. Other than that, as a general rule, we will not attack, so please be assured if you are a civilian living in the city. If possible, it would be helpful if you could evacuate to a safe place such as inside the house with your child so that we would not accidentally attack. ”


The magic, magical arts, and magic tools to speak directly into the heads of others certainly exist. It is a so-called “memorial story”, and it is very advanced regardless of whether it is realized by magic or magical arts.

If it becomes a magic tool that can use telepathy, it is already treated as a national treasure, and in fact, the magic tools stored in the treasure house that Nimun Holy Kingdom is proud of, allow “telepathy” with a distant opponent for a short time.

However, the telepathy of the declaration of war reached all the citizens of the city.

Rubetta has never heard of any magic or magical arts of one-to-many telepathy.

Moreover, the population of Nildea should be about 20,000 in total. It was not difficult for Rubetta, an amateur of magic and magical arts, to imagine how tremendous it would be if there were magic or magical arts that could tell the story to 20,000 people at a time.

However, for “Queen Yuri” who is the landlord of “Yuri Empire”. ――― No, should I call it “Empress Yuri” because I am the landlord of the empire? Anyway, her character seems to have the ability to do that.

(In the first place, what on earth is the country called “Yuri Empire”…?)

Even Rubetta, the president of the Lostine Chamber of Commerce, which conducts business across three countries, has never heard the name of that country. …… No, now that Nildea has become the land of the “Yuri Empire”, as a result, the number of activities has increased from three to four countries.

Anyway, Rubetta never heard the “Yuri Empire” name, and of course she doesn’t know where that country is. I’ve tried collecting information in the commercial guild’s social room (salon) several times, but none of the executives of any of the companies that use the social guild ever heard the name of this country.

In the first place, the term “empire” usually refers to the “Volmicia Empire”. The reason is that there is only one country on the continent of Mekia that calls itself an “empire”. Considering the nations outside the continent, it is known that there is a nation called the “Dollion Empire”. However, she only really knows the existence of a nation that takes several months to go by boat.

As far as the continent of Mekia is concerned, Lostine Shokai is proud to be able to create a fairly accurate map. Which would be better than the map that the military of the Eldard Kingdom has in terms of accuracy.

Not only they can grasp the positional relationship of the nations on the continent, but they can also investigate which nation the villages scattered around each belong to, and the “borderline” that is virtually formed between the nations is also covered.

It can be understood from having such an accurate and informative map — in the first place, there are few lands in the continent of Mekia that are not yet occupied by existing countries  listed on the current map. Apart from that, she didn’t think there was a country with enough land to call itself an “empire.”

For the time being, there is large land that does not belong to any nation. The Great Forest of the Devil is a prime example, because that vast forest is home to many evil monsters, leaving no nation untouched.

However, although the land of “Magic Forest” is vast, the population of the land itself is small because there are only a few villages of elves and dwarves scattered around. Even if it controls the whole area, it would be a little impossible to advocate an “empire”.

“It’s useless. I don’t know anything even if I think about it. I don’t have enough information …”

Rubetta sighs while complaining to no one. Guessing is gathering multiple pieces of fragmented information that has been obtained and turning it into information that makes sense. So, no matter how much you think about someone who you have no information about, like the “Yuri Empire”, it’s only speculation in the end.

After a little hesitation, Rubetta rang the call bell that was placed on the edge of the office desk. If you want to get information, it’s probably best to go to a commercial guild. Although she’s been going all the way for the past week, she can’t expect much today when she hasn’t got any information.

“Chairman, how was it?”

“I’m heading to the commercial guild. Prepare a carriage.”

Rubetta simply ordered the maid who entered the chairman’s room in response to the call bell.

“I understand. It’s already ready so we can go anytime.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Rubetta sighs at the words of the maid who is handling the request easily.

It was too natural for the maid to speculate that if she went to the commercial guild every day for a week in a row, she would go there today too.


(The scariest part of “Yuri Empire” is the peace in the city.)

While moving to the commercial guild, Rubetta quietly thinks so while looking at the city of Nirdea from a small window attached to the carriage.

A city that was in the terrible state of war would fall into a miserable situation.

Buildings and barriers were destroyed, many people died on both the invading and defending sides, and the corpses were thrown away in that area. Naturally, security is rapidly deteriorating, and violence and looting are everywhere in the city.

The prices of food and daily necessities soared because the occupation forces charged many of them, and the streets were flooded with beggars seeking food. However, none of the citizens can afford to give their food and goods to others. As a result, the beggar ends up in the corner of the street, begging for food to the end, exposing a thin corpse that is almost unthinkable to be a human.

―――― That’s normal. At least Rubetta has always thought so.

However, the current situation of Nildea is not exactly what Rubetta thought.

First of all, the army of the “Yuri Empire” did not take any destructive action on the city.

The robust barrier that the city of Nildea proud of is still retains its perfect shape. Naturally, the threat of monsters is still held down by all the barriers, and if you are inside, safety is ensured. The same is true for buildings. The lord’s house, which is a symbol of the city, the station used by the police, the shops, and the private houses, none of them were destroyed during the invasion.

However, on the other hand, it seemed “murder” was carried out like a war. It is known from the reports of the bereaved family that all the civilian employees in Nildea were killed by the “Yuri Empire”, and it is said that the total number of deaths is about 2,000.

…Maybe the reason why the speculation is mixed is that no one has seen the essential “corpse” despite the murder. Just what kind of magic was used, “Yuri Empire” to kill all the soldiers who were defending Nildea as if they were “erasing”?.

The relics were promptly delivered to the bereaved family, but the corpse was never delivered. There are no traces of the murder in the city, and there are no places in the streets or alleys that have been stained with blood.

―――― Was the war really happening?

There is no evidence of a “war” in this Nildea, so that many citizens cannot help but doubt themselves. Of course, all the citizens were listening to the “declaration of war”, so they should know that the war actually happened. However, none of the citizens have been able to experience it at all. It even feels as if the city of Nildea was peacefully handed over to another person through negotiations.

After all, for most of the citizens, it is a trivial matter such as “who is the ruler”. Whether the person they pay the tax to is the “Kingdom of Eldard” or the “Empire of Yuri”, it doesn’t matter to them. Of course, if the tax collection rate changes or if a forced labor is added, that would be a different story.

After occupying the city of Nildea, the “Yuri Empire” did not collect any money or food from the companies and citizens in the city. Therefore, there is no change in the lives of the citizens compared to before the occupation. Food prices remain unchanged, and citizens’ pockets can afford as usual.

In such a situation, despite the invasion, many citizens do not have any bad feelings towards the “Yuri Empire”. Of course, except for the bereaved family of military personnel whose earning head was killed. For other citizens, there is no other reason to resent the “Yuri Empire.”

Rather, in the memorial of the “Declaration of War”, she spoke in polite and low-key words, and encouraged to evacuate to the house for safety. Some say that there are many people who like the “Yuri Empire”. The invaded city residents have shoulders on the invader’s side, and the meaning is no longer understood…….

Yuri Empire

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