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Hungry Saint

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069 Warm and Soft Imoni Soup

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

―― “Abigail-san. Please make delicious food with this!”

The sprouted plant continued to grow in response to Emilia’s words. And the growth of the lush leaves that cover the thick soil of the field stops.

“Emilia, this is …”

Abigail opened her eyes when she saw the plants that had grown completely. She has seen it in the field. Or rather, She’s looking at it unpleasantly. A large leaf that looks like a heart. A long and splendid stem. Emilia overgrown with the holy magic of the world tree–.

“Yes, Abigail-san, It’s a potato!”
“Oh, after all !?”
“By the way, it’s sweet potato!”
“…sweet potato… with holy magic”

It was soggy, round and delicious. A cute sweet potato.

“Yes, sweet potato! I grew up in a monastery and loved it!”
“…Waste too much sacred ”

Abigail sank too much. Hold your stomach and crouch down. No, sweet potato? The reincarnated person of the soul of the world tree is creating sweet potatoes.

“What are you laughing at? Abigail-san!”
“No, nothing …”

The potato field as far as the eye can see. The mercenaries, who may have heard Emilia’s conversation, are looking at each other.

“What are they talkin about?”
“Ku … this dog’s mofumofu … I want to resist.”

The soldiers who couldn’t escape because of John’s play had completely lost their fighting spirit. Emilia remembered her previous life as the spirit of the world tree, and by releasing her true power, her contracted beast, Fenrir-John’s mofumofu fur raised the level of luster, fluffiness, and the scent of the sun. It is mofumofu that exceeds the level that humans can resist.

Now. Abigail stood in front of the leaves swaying in the field. Beyond that line of sight. A lot of sweet potatoes.

“… Hmm, if you think about it. How long do you have to wait from harvesting to cooking!”

Cocona spit it out… but.

“Wan… it’s a noisy little girl. Wan!”
“Wow, are you okay?”

Emilia rushed to Cocona, who jumped up to John’s yawning and sat down.

“How friendly are you !?”

Abigail holds her head in Emilia and puts her hand on the pochette on her shoulder.

“… Well, do you want to get rid of it all at once?”

It looks like a small pochette, it is the latest magic tool developed by Abigail. A combination of space compression and teleportation, the interior has a storage space that is about the size of a warehouse. That’s why it’s in the pochette. Various convenient magic tools. For example, a prototype version of the latest fully automatic harvester. A help golem or something. And Fenrir-marked refrigerator.

“Now, it’s a fun harvest time!”

The magic tools that Abigail took out of the pochette started to move.

“What is that!”
“Magical tool …? But I’ve never seen it.”
“Is it the magical tool of the ‘universal witch’?”
“But … isn’t it cute?”

Helping golems with a round shape run around the potato fields of Emilia with a fully automatic harvester. Of course, it’s not just running around. The potatoes are being harvested with great momentum.

–That is not all.

“The ‘Universal Witch’ hasn’t moved a step!”
“Wow, a little golem separates the leaves and potatoes neatly.”
“In the monastery where I grew up, I was eating that leaf.”
“It’s surprisingly delicious”
“But the potatoes look good too.”
“It’s whole …”

While the Tenka religion army “choir” and the private mercenaries of the Rochester family watched over, all the taro fields were harvested in no time.

“Yeah. The technique of driving with Emilia’s magical power is pretty good … because the quality of the magical power has improved?”

Abigail nods satisfactorily and takes out the next magic tool from the pochette. While the surroundings were paying attention to what kind of magic tool would pop out, it was an artificial fairy who specializes in cooking.

“Okay, the help golems have a hard time. The cooking fairy “Yummy Fairy” peels the potatoes and throws them into this!”
“Wow, it’s amazing! A big pot!”

It was a very big pot.
Furthermore, Abigail takes out the magic tool.

“Hey John. I’ll borrow the icicle I just put out!”

Install the icicles carried by the golems on the magic tool. It is a magic tool with a faucet that is engraved with a magical formula that emits heat.

“Okay, if you melt the ice with this-as you expected, you can use water anywhere!”
“It’s cold!”
“Let’s add a temperature control function this time, but now you can wash vegetables as much as you want.”

Cooking fairies “Yummy Fairy” wash away the mud of taro and peel it off with a tremendous force. The mercenaries cheered at the cooking fairies “Yummy Fairy” who handled the slimy taro dexterously.

“Wow, that… I’d like to buy that for my wife.”
“But no magic tool store sells something like that.”
“It’s true that magic tools only like lamps or small fire starters … even though new weapons are developed every year.”

In the meantime, the pot is full of taro.

A large amount of meat taken out of the Fenrir-marked refrigerator taken out by Abigail was also carefully cut and already in the pot.

“Hmmmm, carrots are just right for radish.”
“Wow, is it curry … is it stew … looks delicious!”

Emilia screamed as she looked into the large pot.

It is an innocence that cannot be thought of as a literal saint who caused the “miracle” of creating a taro field all over the area. Abigail checks the ingredients in the pot and touches the pochette. It was a compass that she took out. An excellent one that automatically writes the transfer magic circle in the dungeon. Set the memory in the “heating magic circle”.

“Okay, range surveying started. Ignition-type drawing tool excitation. Thermal insulation-type calculation is perfect … Ignition!”

The magic circle blows up the fire with a noise. Keeping a constant heat, keep warming the bottom of the pot.

“Wow, I don’t have a kamado or charcoal!”
“What is it that young people on duty get up early every morning to raise charcoal?”
“If you have that, your mother can enjoy it too.”

Cocona silently shuts down in the voices of the enviable mercenaries.

“I wouldn’t be in trouble even now without using such a thing, a magic tool …”

It was an opinion like a greenhouse-raised lady who pushed most of the miscellaneous things to Emilia even in the monastery.

“Wow, it’s boiled! With this, everyone can eat it.”
“Oh, it’s a little weird … It’s an eastern seasoning that the old man at the takoyaki ball stall taught me.”
“Wow, what …?”
“It seems to be miso and soy sauce. Melt this …

Immediately, an unspeakable scent rises from the pot. The inside of the pot is boiled, and the steam rises.

“What a dish this is!”

Emilia grabs the hem of Abigail’s clothes and asks. Probably an Eastern dish. A dish that she has never seen in a pot. It looks delicious, very much. She can’t wait anymore.

“Oh, this is–”

Emilia is not the only one waiting for Abigail’s words. The surrounding mercenaries are also waiting with a sigh. Already, the good smell of simmering potatoes, meat and vegetables is full.

“This is Imoni soup!”
“Oh, Imoni soup !!”

Emilia couldn’t resist the yellow cheers for the dishes she had never heard of.

“I heard that this is soup for everyone to eat outdoors. Whether to use pork or beef, miso or soy sauce … I’ve heard that it’s a religious diet with a fairly strict denomination … Well, it doesn’t matter here. If you don’t care about Tenka.”

Abigail looks towards the choir, a battle group. Everyone shook their heads.

“By the way, we haven’t eaten anything since yesterday.”
“That’s right … You can’t just use the biscuits you carry with you.”
“Imoni soup? I want to eat it soon.”

Everyone was completely fascinated by the Imoni soup.

“Now, it’s done!”
“Wow! It smells good.”
“Everyone line up with a bowl! A help golem will come to you.”
“Everyone made it, so it’s a good turn!”

Wow, the “choir” of the Tenka cult cheered. Uo, and the Rochester family’s private mercenary corps give a stake. With each bowl in hand, line up in a line to distribute Imoni soup. Everyone was smiling. It is Cocona who is impatient.

“Lie … lie, lie. You guys, catch them quickly!”

Look around the soldiers with an expression that she can’t believe it. There were a lot of people out there, and she thought she could definitely take Emilia Mercurio home. The plan was ruined by such an unheard-of dish such as Eastern Imoni soup. Potatoes and a little meat are simple and boring foods.

“If you bring Emilia Mercurio home, you’ll get enough rewards to eat as many treats as you want! So come back!”

Cocona’s words did not reach. Rather than any luxurious future meal, here now-a hot meal to enjoy with someone next door is more attractive. Warm imoni soup makes strong warriors smile.


There was a person who called out to Cocona who was overwhelmed.

“Emilia …”
“Here, Cocona-chan”

Cocona noticed that she didn’t need it. But behind Emilia. Giant dog-no, the wolf is looking at you with a terrifying face.

“What’s wrong, don’t you eat?”
“I’ll eat, I’ll eat!”

The bowl I received in a hurry was warm with the heat of the imoni soup. The cold hands warmed up slowly. If you breathe in, the steam that rises will dance swayingly. The scent of miso and the sweet scent of meat fat. And the sign of taro with a nostalgic earthy scent. Cocona slurping the soup.


The mysterious flavor of the seasoning, which is a gentle and salty miso, and the sweetness of the fat of the meat are blended in. When she chewed the sweet potato, she enjoyed the sticky and chewy texture.

“Yeah, it’s delicious!”

Emilia, who was sitting next to her, smiled at Cocona before she knew it. Why-Cocona wonders. She noticed that Emilia had excellent magical power and kicked her out. Before that, she took advantage of her friendliness, used as much as she could, and even picked up a few monastery meals from her. Even so, why is she so kind?

“Why are you serving food to us who came to hurt you? Are you stupid?”
“It’s delicious when we eat together”
“… Why am I in those guys?”

If the mercenary corps and the choir were taken up, Cocona would be powerless. If you were kicked out of this place, you would never be a saint of Tenka religion, and on the contrary, you would be kicked out of your parents’ house and never returned.

“Why, that’s because I wanted to eat with Cocona-chan.”

While answering, Emilia remembers. Cocona who came to the Serenade Convent-always seemed lonely. There were many apprentice saints around, and she was in the center of it. Still, Cocona looked lonely.

“What’s that? I don’t know what it means.”
“But Cocona-chan”
“You are crying”

As Emilia said, Cocona was crying.

Pokupoku, sticky and delicious sweet potato. Eastern seasoning that she has never eaten. Imoni soup is simple, very simple, and far from gorgeous. Yet Cocona was crying for the taste.

“… Why am I?”
“Kokona-chan, It’s okay. Don’t be lonely anymore.”

That’s right. Cocona was lonely all the time. The gorgeous meals of the Rochester family, who are aristocrats with tremendous power in the kingdom and receive the title of Margrave, were prepared by first-class chefs using first-class ingredients.

However, the table was always cold. A table with no conversation between the mother and her. The father is full of thoughts about the kingdom and career advancement. Because of the security in the territory and the work in the royal capital, she rarely came to the villa where Cocona and her mother lived.

If they ate together once in a while, they unilaterally communicated the decisions to Cocona. It was Cocona’s fifteenth birthday that her father said, “Go to the Serenade Monastery. Get the rank of a saint from the Tenka Church and raise your family”. By default, the next day she left the mansion and was handed over to a religious order.

Surrounding a warm dining table with someone. That was never the case. That’s why. The meal you eat with someone is so delicious.

“I didn’t know.”

Tears were flowing and she couldn’t stop it.


Cocona muttered to squeeze out. She didn’t want to think that she was miserable. So, seeing Emilia, who is much poorer than herself, spending her days happily, and not even realizing her talent. She  was frustrated. She wanted her to disappear from my eyes.

“Really sorry……””

She doesn’t think what she did to Emilia is forgiven.

“Yep, it’s fine”

Emilia Mercurio easily forgives in this way. Every time she witnessed it, she realized that she was a boring person. A saint is — probably a human like Emilia.

“It’s delicious, Imoni soup!”
“Yes, really … delicious”

Around, the choir and the mercenary corps are laughing with their shoulders crossed. With warm rice made by Emilia and the all-purpose witch Abigail.

“Hey Emilia!”

Emilia looks back on Abigail’s voice.

“Yes, what is it? Abigail-san!”

“The pot is empty. I’m going to change the type of meat and make it taste like soy sauce… Can I make it again in the field?”

“Of course!”

When she raises the Holy Mace, the staff of the Holy Maiden, Emilia’s clean magical power fills the surroundings. New leaves sprout, and the soil swells. Everyone on the spot screamed, “Wow!”

The Imoni soup party was a great success. Cocona disbanded the soldiers who were warm and full of stomach on the spot.

“… Emilia Mercurio”
“……Thank you”

Cocona Rochester has left. And she didn’t return to the Tenka Church or the Rochester family.

Hungry Saint

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