Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 068

Hungry Saint

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068 Overgrown Leaves and The Power of The Saint

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“…Are you stupid!!”

Shouted out. Cocona Rochester shouted dirty.

She was angry. What … What was “Let’s eat rice together”.

Emilia Mercurio is such a guy. It looks like a person who is pure and nice. Make a calm face even if she were fooled by the surroundings. Still, she has a talent loved from heaven — a very special child.

As a saint apprentice, she can understand it because Emilia was a companion who spent time in the monastery. Emilia is different from herself. It is completely different from a weak aristocratic child who is blessed with a family character and is trying to take the title of “Saint Woman” just to put a foil on her family.

……That’s why Cocona hates her. She hated Emilia.

“Stupid, stupid stuupid!”
“I feel the death of your vocabulary”
“You’re a big idiot, Emilia … I don’t think there’s anything important to you, it’s easy… Follow me silently! Then Canariera will recognize me!”
“The Great Saint …?”
“Yeah! If I knew you were Canariela’s favorite, I wouldn’t even think of kicking you out!”

“… Hmm, in other words, this great search is a payment for the great saint of Tenka religion.”

Abigail groans “Hmm”.

Indeed, it is possible that the Great Saint Canariera Haruto was aware of Emilia’s hidden magical power. Serenade Convent is the closest monastery to the royal capital. Perhaps she was thinking of making a petition as a saint and at the same time keeping it at hand. Well, that’s it.

――The defeat of the Great Saint is probably because she didn’t realize the stupidity peculiar to adolescent boys and girls.  Abigail struck her tongue with a cold feeling.

“… Cocona-chan. Well, I understand. When I get angry or sad, I just get sleepy or hungry.”

Emilia speaks quietly. Unmistakably true. When she was in the monastery, she was kind of sad. When she thought about it now, she was just sick, sleepy, and tired.

She wanted to go somewhere other than here soon.
She wanted to become a saint and travel far from the monastery.
――She will postpone myself.
She’ll do my best to others, She’ll do my best … but that’s not healthy.
Abigail always gets angry instead of Emilia.
She was surprised that she was stupid.
She understands now.
A person can be kinder if her stomach is full, sleeps well, and filled with warm feelings.
It’s not like giving all the food to the poor sisters and falling down, but you can drink glitter cider with the jewel girl together.

“What did you even know …!”

Cocona raises her hand to order the soldiers behind her to sortie.

“No, Cocona-chan!”

In Emilia’s hand, [Holy Maiden’s staff “Holy Mace”] shines. A sacred magic tool for controlling the magical power of God Dragon and World Tree. The jewels handed over from the diamond shine brilliantly.

“Now, do you really want to attack the “choir” of Tenka religion!?”

Glitter, glitter. gleam.

“Please, have a nice dish for everyone here!”

Emilia’s prayer is fulfilled using the large amount of magical power she has stored in her body. She’s not sleepy, not hungry. her power is functioning properly as a part of her body!

Beyond the light, the buds blew.

“Wow, what !?”
“What is this leaf !?”

In response to Emilia’s prayer, the buds grow steadily. Soon, lush leaves grow thick. The ground below it is plump and swelling. It’s like a well-cultivated field. A large leaf with dripping dew. Emilia turns around and smiles at Abigail.

“Abigail-san, please!”
“Please make delicious food that everyone here can eat!”
“Here…? is there a private soldier or choir too?”
“And … Emilia too?”
“Yes, I also want to eat until full.”
“… Emilia is full, huh?”

Is that a bit of a high hurdle? Abigail shrugged.

Cocona tried to catch her mouth again in the exchange between the two, which looked like the weather in her brain.

“Kyowa !!! ??”

John rushes into Cocona happily. He flirted with his big body and put Cocona on Mofumofu’s back. During that time, about 5 seconds. It was a momentary event.

“What is this dog ~ !?”
“Wan! you said you are Cocona, right? Thanks to you, I can eat Abigail’s food!”
“She talked !?”

Cocona has a pale face and clings to John’s bouncing fur. Private soldiers and choirs backtracked to that situation.

This is bad. She heard that it was an easy job.

“Speaking monster …? It’s too dangerous”
“I mean, you’re using that … far from being a saint apprentice, it’s a witch.”
“Are you a witch or a demon king?”
“I’ve heard that [universal witch] … Abigail with a brim hat was studying only [evil way] in the court magic division.”

By the way, the development of magical and magical weapons that are useful for war and national defense [royal road]. It is the practice of the Court Mage Division to call other studies [evil ways]. Abigail, who was spending her deep knowledge and talent on the development of magical tools for daily life, was that it was an “evil way”.

“I’ll run away!”

It took almost no time for the formation to collapse.


“Wan wan!”

Joyful John’s voice. With just one squeal — a pillar of ice fell from heaven.

“Wow ah !?”

The authority of the ice wolf Fenrir. John’s power, which was just manipulating the cold air, was clearly increasing. The seal of Fenrir, a genus of the world tree, was released when Emilia touched the memories of the past. Because of his carefree master Emilia… No, John has a cheerful personality due to his gentle temperament, but he is a spirit beast.

“Wow. Where are you going? Emilia said, ‘Everyone eats’?”

He had no intention of letting even one of the soldiers escape.

Hungry Saint

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