The Adventure of Miko 20 – Eating with Yuuna

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 20
Eating With Yuuna

Tranlated by Yuriko Aya []

Entered the room, the two of them started to take of their equipment.

“I just remembered that we didn’t buy casual clothes. Well, tomorrow should be fine. Yuuna-chan, let’s get some food.”

Yuuna who took off her wolf leather series dressed in tunic and short pants.

“Master is unexpectedly forgetful. I’m sorry, since I was apologize, please don’t pull my cheek. I also hungry. Let’s have dinner.”

“Really, since I have good mood, let’s go the the restaurant next door.”

Miko took Yuuna to the restaurant beside the inn. When they opened the door, Miko pinched her nose because of the strong smell of alcohol. Miko pulled Yuuna’s hand to the seat near the window where the smell wasn’t so strong.

“This place is cheap and close, but can something to be done with this alcohol smell?”

“It can’t be helped you know. Because a lot of explorer often gather in this place. And everyone came here because they want console their tired body right? In that case, strong smell of alcohol is inevitable right?

“Hnn, is alcohol is a good thing? Since I haven’t try to drink it, I don’t understand anything about it.”

After having conversation with Yuuna, the waitress asked the order.

“Hn~ I chose black boar steak and red cabbage salad, how about Yuuna-chan?”

“…even though normally slave can’t choose proper meal but, I also the same.”

Heard the order, the waitress returned to the kitchen.

“Master is unexpectedly eat something heavy.”

“Hn~ since I couldn’t find any other proper meal than this one. What was it? Goblin hamburger? Orc ginger pork? Just imagine it make my appetite gone.”

“Well, goblin meat is hard and taste bad. But orck meat is delicious, oily and juicy.”

“Is that so? But if you imagine it appearance, In my former place, it’s something like very fat person with pig face attached. Somehow I can’t bring myself to eat such thing.”

“Is that so? It seems not really different orc in this area,”

“Well, it just difference in sense. Look the food is arrived, let’s eat.”

Looked at their side, there was waitress about to bring their food. Hissing tick steaks were placed in front of the.

“Then, let’s eat it.”

“Yes, master.”

They ate the steak and salad in more than an hour. Sometimes they were talking about public society and the plan from now on. After that, the fun meal time came to end.

The two of them returned to the room and relaxed.

“Normally, slave didn’t treated like this.”

“Is that so? Well, because I also want you to be more natural than being weird.”

“…master, thank you very much. I thought I will never could live normally. But I was bought by master, today was very fun. From now on, I will devote my whole life, so, please treat me well.”

Yuuna eyes were became teary, but, there was great happiness reflected on her expression.

“Like that huh, I see. Please help me too from now on. And, if you have any trouble from now on, don’t be hesitate to rely on me just because you are slave.”

Miko said to Yuuna while puffing her chest. Yuna snuffled a little.

“Yes. thank you very much. …well, master, I’m sorry so sudden but… ”

“What is it? Just say it.”

Miko came closer to yuuna and asked.

“… blood, please let me suck it…”

Yuuna said it with small but clear voice.

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The Adventure of Miko

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  1. Well, you have to keep your slave well fed and cared for, right?

    The cliché would be that this blood sucking leads to something where it’s best to be alone in a small room. We’ll see how they handle it.

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