Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 19

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

We have 3 chapters of Ruina’s past here…
and somehow, lately, this series getting harder to translate… idk why…
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Chapter 19
Ruina’s Past part 1

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


After Ruina left student council roomーーー

“Fiuh, that was scared me~”

“As expected of Ruina-sensei, honestly I thought I’ll die there.”


Three girls of student council (loli + puppy + glasses) were sat down on the ground after released from tension.

Elenoa kept thinking with a difficult face.

Maybe she was think over about what Ruina said just now.

And Linde was like…

“Nagi~. I was scared~”

She not let me go from her embrace.

Where was your usual self gone?

Well, I don’t mind it since you are cute.

Similarly, my heart was unable to calm from then.

“Hah, certainly it’s like what Ruina-sensei said. At a glance wizard is a gorgeous thing, but, actually a very dangerous occupation. I’m completely forgotten about such thing. I’m not qualified as student council president…”

Elenoa let out a sigh while mocking herself.

Inside student council room were wrapped in gloomy atmosphere.

That day was ended just like that.




After returned to “House of Cat Ears” Ruina’s physical condition collapse.

She kept murmuring something but I can’t heard the contens.

Slowly closed the door, I went to first floor and headed to dining room.

In there, there was Noire-san, “House of Cat Ears” owner having troubled face,

When she noticed me, she came to me immediately.

“Nagi, what happened to Ruina? She looked down since she came back.”

I told her what happened in Akade Academy earlier.

“So that was what happened huh. Well, there was no one stricter than Ruina when it about magic.”

“It was no longer could be called strict. Certainly, I understand how dangerous being wizard is, but…”

To be frank, the level what Ruina want, even if for top class magic school students, it was too high, that was what I thought.

When I just ordinary student, death was something that I never had thought.

“As I thought, she still dragged over about that time.”

Noire-san said that with grief face.

“About that time?”

“…I think it’s fine to tell Nagi-can. We can’t talk about that here, follow me.”




I was brought by Noire-san to a certain room on “House of Cat Ears” first floor.

In that room, there were a broken staff and tattered robe.

“Um, this place is…”

“This was a room that usually used by my best friend when she stayed. But no one used this room anymore.”

I guessed the staff and rome in this room were the things that her best friend used.

Noire-san looked at those things with melancholy look.

“It maybe become a long story, but will you hear it?”

“Of course.”

And then, Noire-san started to tell a certain accident that happened in her former days little by little.




There was an adventurer party “Cat Works”.

That party only had 4 members.

S-rank adventurer, “Red Sword Star”, big sword user, Ruth.

A-rank adventurer, “Healing Hand of The Moon”, saint, Runa.

A-rank adventurer, “Dark Night Cat”, assassin, Noire.

A-rank adventurer, “Witch of Annihilation”, wizard, Irina.

Those women adventurer formed S-rank party consisted of S-rank and A-rank.

All of them were top class talented people and recognized by the other adventurer.

The party’s name was like that because all of them were liked cat.


ーーーA certain late night 5 years ago


“I want to change my title somehow. Can’t I?”

“Don’t complain about it, Noire. Look at mine, “Witch of Annihilation”, not any cute at all.”

“Well~ basicly that’s because there is nothing left after you pass through. Even I sometimes thought that was scary.”

“Fufufu, that’s right… hn, it’s been couple hours since we walk toward Lirs town. If i’m not mistaken, today is Irina-san daughter’s graduation ceremony right?”

“That’s right! It’s not time to discussing such thing! We must hurry!”

“No need to hurry, we will arrived in minutes.”

That conversation happened on their way home from quest.

Occasionally they were attacked by monsters all the way, but ordinary monster were too easy for them.

That’s why they were leisurely walked like that, but..


They felt sudden bloodlust.

“Oh my, to think there are four high quality human who didn’t faint after hit by my bloodlust. It could be enjoyable.”

And then they heard woman voice from behind them.

They slowly turned their head.

What they saw… there was  black haired fascinating woman with two horns like sheep.

Four of them immediately prepare for fight.

“Oh my, they are being on guard. Onee-san so sad.”

“You! What are you?”

Party’s representative, red haired woman, Ruth, asked that woman.

“Fufufu, I’m just ordinary person who happen to pass by.”

“Do you think such lie could pass!? With such enormous bloodlust and magical power, anyone would know that you are not ordinary.”

“Well, that’s also true.”

That mysterious woman pondered a while.

Four of them were tried to find a chance, but it was never came.

“Right, then, I am Evil God who came to destroy humanity, how about that?”

“Don’t mess around!”

Ruth slashed the woman who gave a joked answer.

That was high speed slash that can’t be seen by ordinary person.

But that slash was easily stopped by that woman… with only her index finger.

“Oh my, what an impatient person. It’s bad manner to suddenly attack when someone is talking.”

“Ruth, get away from there!! <Prison Flame Magic>inferno!”

Simultaneously after Ruth got away from that woman, Irina released her best high class magic.

A huge pillar of fire rose  with roar from magic circles that formed under that woman’s feet.

With that power, nothing should be left if that woman only had ordinary power, but…


That woman still stood on the spot uninjured.

“Fufufu… that’s was surprising. Onee-san fired up. Ah, it’s not like I’m really on fire.”

That woman said such thing while licking her lips.

“Even Irina’s <Prison Flame Magic>inferno not working, she’s dangerous.”

“We can’t let dangerous existence like her get closer to town! Whatever happened, we must hold that woman here!”

And then the grand battle between adventurer party “Cat Works” and mysterious woman began.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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