Yuri Empire – 005

Yuri Empire

05 Action policy in a different world

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/5/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Around five days have already passed since everyone in the “Yuri Empire” moved to this different world. At this point, what all the guild members have done is to “take a sneak peek at the surrounding reconnaissance,” and nothing else. In particular, the fatal thing is that despite knowing the fact that they have “transferred to another world”, nothing has been decided yet regarding their future course of action. Although they are doing the minimum act of collecting information. It’s almost like spending five days in vain.

However, it would be terrible to blame everyone for it. The “Yuri Empire” is an organization consisting of 360 members, and in order for the organization to function, it is necessary for those in the appropriate position to take command. Of course, the “Guild Master” of “Yuri Empire” is Yuri, but the position of “Submaster” who can act for that right is vacant. This is because “Yuri Empire” was a solo guild run by one player named Horaiji Yuri, so there was no need to appoint a submaster.

Therefore, the five-day “Yuri Empire” where Yuri was sleeping was in a state of lacking a leader, and no one could decide the will of the entire guild.

―――― It is natural that even one overall action policy cannot be decided with this.

Since the intelligence activity is a proprietary patent of the maid unit “Nashiko”, it can be said that it is fortunate that only the repulsion is given to the surroundings at the discretion of Partita, the commander of Nadeshiko.


Under such circumstances, the first thing she should do when finally waking up is, of course, to decide the action policy of the “Yuri Empire” in this different world.

Of course, “Atros Online” also has the “Guild Chat” function that is standard equipment on most online RPGs. And that function could still be used without problems even after it was transferred to another world. Therefore, Yuri immediately contacts all the children of “Nashiko” who are in the rebellion by guild chat and confirms their safety.

The maid unit, Nadeshiko, is the largest group in the “Yuri Empire”, with 72 people in total. Of course, all of them were level 200, so the monsters around here did not pose any threat, and it seemed that they were able to investigate without any problems. So Yuri decided to immediately recall all of Nadeshiko.


In “Atros Online”, any player can use the skill “Summon Subordinate NPCs”. This literally calls any subordinate NPC associated thei the account to their location. The called subordinate NPC is forcibly transferred to the player. The reason why all of the Nadeshiko are not even trying to return to the camp, despite the fact that they have already been thoroughly investigated, is probably because they thought that the return trip would be quick if Yuri woke up.

“Partita, Aria, Opera, Chorale, Virelai, Canon, Minuet, Lamento, Sonatine, Novlet, Elegy, Rule —”

Yuri is going to give the names of all the members of Nadeshiko one by one.

Yuri will not mistake the names of 72 people in all. Before they were members of a unit called Nadeshiko, they were all “wive” that Yuri loved from the bottom of her heart.

“— [Summon subordinate NPCs]!”

The moment the skill name was declared at the end, 72 girls appeared in front of Yuri. The tent that Yuri used is wide enough to remind her of a glamping tent, but even so, when 72 people increased at once, the space suddenly felt too small.

It goes without saying that the “dress” worn by all of the maid unit Nadeshiko is a maid outfit. They who claimed that their race was “Cat Race (Luchus)” have cat ears behind the white brim which was as white as the apron dress.

“Everyone, thank you”

When Yuri puts a word of effort. All of them immediately bow toward Yuri, led by Partita, who is the captain of Nadeshiko.

“Master, I’m sorry to bother you to summon us.”

“Don’t worry about that. It won’t take long for all of Nadeshiko to come back on their own, but I’m sure it’s faster to summon. And — the fact that you were relying on the return by summoning meant that you believed that I would wake up safely, right? ”

“Yes, of course.”

“If so, I can’t blame you. I’m glad that everyone trusts me.”


When Yuri smiled after saying so, Partita, the captain of Nadeshiko, also smiled with a gentle smile.

“Well, I really want to enjoy talking with all of Nadeshiko. I have to decide the overall action policy of” Yuri Empire “. For that, all of Nadeshiko have come together. I need some information.”

“Understand. I have put together all the information I got so Yuri-sama  could read it when wake up. Please check here.”

“I’m ready, I’m grateful. Thank you to everyone at Nadeshiko for their dedication.”

I was sitting on a chair and reading the documents that were handed to me. Partita, who should have been standing in front of Yuri for a long time, was pouring tea from the pot into the cup for Yuri. All Nadeshiko who have the skill of “Warrior bag” can store and carry a large amount of items in the “time stopped” state. Perhaps they stored the pots of freshly brewed black tea so that they could prepare it at any time.

“Thank you”

“I’m honored.”

Yuri spent about 10 minutes reading the documents while tasting freshly brewed black tea. The contents of the documents are summarized in two ways. About the monsters that live in this area and the geography of the surrounding area.

As for monsters, most of the monsters that appear within a radius of 50km around the point where they are currently staying are only level 20 monsters, and even the highest level monsters that can be observed. It seems that there was only a level “32”.

―――― I wonder if this area happens to be an area where only weak monsters live. It’s nice not to consider the threat of monsters anyway.

As for the geography of the surrounding area, a handwritten summary map was prepared in the document, so it was easy to understand by just looking at it lightly.

North direction of their current location, there is a vast forest, in which many monsters in the shape of “deer” and “snakes” live. In addition, it is said that “goblins” and “orcs” were also scattered, so it may be their living area.

West direction from their current location, there is a fairly large river with a width of about 10m. In “Atros Online”, the river was a region where a large number of “fish” and “fish-man” monsters lived, but in the rivers of this world, many ordinary fish live. However, it seems that no monsters could be seen in the water.

The south side to the east side of the current location, the grasslands spread endlessly. On the south side, a few kilometers away, there are clearly traces of being used as a “road”, and there seems to be a road with exposed soil and many carriage ruts.

And on the intersection between the road on the south and the river on the west, in other words, on the southwest side of their current location, a “fortified city” could be confirmed.

Since it is a fortified city, the entire surrounding area is covered with high walls, and it seems that it is fully prepared for monsters. Also, the size of the city itself was as large as the major cities in the game of “Atros Online”.

“Have you tried to enter the city yet?”

“No. Just because the monsters that live in this area are weak doesn’t mean that the guards in the city are weak, so I just observed them from a distance.”


It would be a bad idea to perform a bullish reconnaissance without knowing the strength of the other party and to initiate the other party’s alertness. Partita’s judgment is correct.

(――――So, what’s now?)

Yuri, who slammed the contents of the document into her head, ponders for a while.

What they  need most now is a “base”. So Yuri was thinking of building their own base if there was a good place in the geographic information that everyone in Nadeshiko brought back.

In the guild “Yuri Empire”, there is a unit called “Kikyou”, and this unit is composed of 24 people who are literally specialized in architecture called Architect “Gardore”.

Kikyo is an architectural unit that plays an active part in “Guild War” which is the main content of “Atros Online”, and if it is a small barrier or trench, it will be built in about 20 to 30 seconds, and can built barrier with some defense power equal to a fort in ten or so minutes. If you ask them, it wouldn’t be as easy as having them build a base where everyone in the “Yuri Empire” can live without any shortages.

(If there is a city nearby where people from different worlds live …)

It wasn’t bad to “suppress” the city.

In the guild war that took place in the game of “Atros Online”, if you win the battle with other guilds and occupy the base called “Atros”, the entire area where the castle is located will be covered. Also the control of cities and villages.

The guild “Yuri Empire” is located in the “Eastern Islands” area. Since then they have been occupying the aerial castle (Atros) for more than 10 years, there are four cities in this “Eastern Islands” area. Of course, the 11 villages were also under the control of the guild “Yuri Empire” all the time.

What I want to say is that we are used to “dominating” cities and villages, and if anything, we have enough experience (know-how) in city management. If we have to accept the fact that we have come to another world. It would be a good idea to establish “our land” in this world by occupying several cities and clarifying the facts externally.

If it were a city, it would have facilities to station some troops. The “Yuri Empire” has 360 people, so if you get a city, you won’t have to worry about where to stay. And if they control the city and make the people who live there as their own people, they will be able to efficiently collect the “information on this world” that Yuri is looking for.

Of course, information is not the only thing that can be obtained. The currencies and armor used in this world, weapons and armor, various consumable items, materials, etc. will definitely be easier to obtain. The more she think about it, the more it seems that there are many merits to “control” the city.

(… No. I feel that my thoughts are too extreme)

Yuri reflects on her careless thoughts while holding down her forehead lightly. Yuri — The human being, Horaiji Yuri, must have been a small citizen, for better or for worse, with the goodness and weakness of a Japanese person. Why such thoughts, a radical idea of “occupying” the city came out, which should not be possible in the first place?

(Maybe … my thoughts are leaning towards the tendency of Yuri)

Suddenly, Yuri thinks about that in her head. In “Atros Online”, there is a character status called “propensity”, but Yuri was a character that was set to “villainy”. This is because many of the items that Yuri wants to equip have the condition that they cannot be equipped unless they have a terrible propensity, so using them consumes a large amount of chargeable items and makes the propensity to be “evil”.

The individual “Horaiji Yuri” is a “good” small citizen, but on the other hand, “Yuri” in the game is a “villainous” character. Because She was a reincarnated person in “Yuri” now, it may have been natural in a sense that her thoughts were pulled by the tendency of “villainy”.

(Well, isn’t it fine? Even if I’m a “villainous” person from the bottom of my heart —)

At least everyone in the “Yuri Empire” should love Yuri knowing that her propensity is “villainy”.

Then — if I’m not hated by everyone I love. It may not have been necessary from the beginning to reject myself, who is “villainous”.

Yuri Empire

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  1. I genuinely love the way this character thinks and am really glad you picked this up thanks for the hard work

  2. Thanks for the Chapter!

    Thank goodness she’s not dumb. I might have to drop this series if she decides to act nice like a mainstream protagonist.

    I’m glad it didn’t turn out that way.

    The mindset of “It’s okay to be hated by the whole world as long as you are still loved by the people you love” is very lovely.

  3. wait what? This feels like the author got really inspired by overlord but just watched the first episode of the anime. The train of thought of the MC has some really weird leaps of logic.

  4. That’s jumping so far ahead that it’s hard to put into words.

    NORMALLY you’d set up camp stealthily and send only a few people for investigation to actually enter the city. It’s already established that yuri can summon everyone anyway if necessary.

    Then you’d try to figure out the state of the world, common sense, and the political and diplomatic situation, and see if you can figure out where you can make a base of operations without making enemies.

    Who knows, maybe wholesaling a bunch of high quality consumables would have been enough to buy up a block in the city and rework it into a proper estate which would still allow using the city as a base of operations. If staying in the city isn’t an option, see what you can do about building a fort and eventually a proper fortress outside.

    But under no circumstances would the first thought be to perform an act of war with no prior diplomatic contact against a state with unknown scale and war potential.

    It’s okay for the character to not be loved by everyone, but that doesn’t mean they have to directly incite contempt for themselves in others they don’t care about either. Prioritising who you care about doesn’t mean throwing ethics out of the window for everyone else – especially if you see the world you’re in as reality and not a game or dream.

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