Yuri Empire – 018

Yuri Empire

18 Rostine Shokai (EX1)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Translator: Lilia v3.0
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That day, Yuri has been in perfect condition since morning. Physical strength, energy, and everything else is sufficient. No matter what she does now, it seems to work, and even if there are difficulties, her will will not be discouraged.

Of course, the reason for the liveliness is clearly known. ――― It’s Teres.
Yuri spent a hot and long night with Teres last night.

Yuri, who has a profession (class) of <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)>, is good at handling “Bond (Link)”. Simply put, this “bond” is the ability to establish a connection with “someone” other than themself so that it can interfere with or influence each other.

For example, you can freely talk in “telepathy” to the person who has established “bonds”, and you can also attach “video” if necessary. Not only one-way conversations but also mutual conversations can be made possible.

Other than that, for example, there is an ability called “Propagation Bond”, and if you activate this ability, you can give the “advantageous effect” that you have to the person who connected to the “bond”. If you use a recovery item after establishing a “bond” with an ally, you can share the recovery effect with other allies, which is quite convenient.

On the contrary, it also has the ability of “revenge bond”, and you can give the “disadvantageous effect” you received to the person who ties the “bond”. This is an ability that you use against your enemies, not your allies, and you can inflict the same amount of damage and abnormal conditions on your opponents.

The “Revenge Bond” was a big success when Yuri defeated the dragon Ladra Gruff alone. For Yuri, who mainly uses auxiliary magic, it is a valuable ability that can also be used for attacks.

Last night Yuri used the ability of “the bond of stealing” when she loved Teres.

That doesn’t mean that Yuri wanted to do that. Teres, who has been with Yuri for many years and is familiar with Yuri’s profession (class), asked “I want you to take everything away” using her abilities.

The “bond of stealing” has two effects. First, all information will be “leaked” through the bond from the person who has established the “bond”. Not only can you detect ability scores, but you can also monitor changes in state, and even read the other person’s mind.

In short, Teres can’t hide everything when Yuri uses “the bond of stealing”.

The happiness and pleasures that she felt during the process were all seen by Yuri through “Kizuna”, and everything was exposed, including the changes in heart that accompanied it.

Last night, Teres, who had a strong desire for masochism, continued to hope that he would be treated roughly. And Yuri also continued to respond throughout the night as she could read her heart.

Result — Today’s Teres is completely in a state of non-recoverable (retirement), and probably still asleep in Yuri’s private bed.


On the other hand, in contrast to Teres, today’s Yuri is full of energy because of another effect of the “bond of stealing”.

If the previous ability is the “leakage” part of “steal”, the other effect is the “take” part. In other words, the “bond of stealing” has the effect of “taking” from the other party.

Specifically, the opponent can lose something and Yuri can rob it.

―――― So the two of them should have loved each other, but the consumption was completely one-sided.

Every time Teres exhausts her physical strength, Yuri absorbs it and recovers the same amount of physical strength. The same is true for energy, and while Teres gradually becomes tired and unable to move, Yuri becomes more energetic as much as she takes it.

In that case, of course, the offensive and defensive relationship would be one-sided.

In the long and long intimate that continued throughout the night, Teres was completely taken away by the Yuri as she had hoped.


The day after holding the thin body of Teres. As she was having a late lunch at the cafeteria of the lord’s building, a girl wearing a maid dress called out to Yuri.

Of course, Yuri can immediately tell she belongs to “Nadeshiko”.

“What’s wrong with Coda?”

“I’m on love duty tonight, so I look forward to working with the master.”

“Ah … yeah. Thank you.”

Yuri replied to Codetta with a slight blush. For some reason, the word “love duty” is still embarrassing and unfamiliar.

“Along with that, I will also serve as an escort for Yuri-sama today. If you have any plans for today, I would be very grateful if you could tell me.”

“Oh, I’m going to send a ‘telepathy’ today, to the people who live in Nildea.”

“Telepathy … is it like the previous “Declaration of War”?”

“Yes. Building a new city nearby, tax matters, etc. There are a few things I need to talk to the people who live in Nildea.”

“I understand. Does that mean you have no plans to go out?”

Since the “telepathy” itself uses the ability of Yuri, it can be done from inside the lord’s building.

“No. When the ‘telepathy’ is over, I’ll go to one place.”

“Where are you going?”

“The ‘commercial guild’. I’m thinking of looking after a couple of good merchants.”


“… I’m sorry, Sir Rostine. I had you prepare my part, but I wasted it.”

“No … please don’t worry, I’m in exactly the same state.”

Located on the 3rd floor of the commercial guild, Social room (salon), at the circular table in the corner, Rubetta and Ados looked a little tired.

The content of the telepathy from “Empress Yuri” earlier begins with building a new city and taxation, supporting widows who have lost their jobs, and establishing passages in the north and south of the city for farmers. It was really diverse.

The contents are all original — at least, they cannot be imitated in other nations.

For that reason, Rubetta and Ados were strongly intrigued. When they noticed, they kept listening to Empress Yuri’s story as if I was absorbed in it.

In the end, the equipment that Rubetta bought at the reception of the Merchant Guild was completely useless. she was so absorbed in the story that she didn’t have time to keep a record.

For that reason, the content spoken by Empress Yuri was exactly struck in her head. She can still record it on paper, but… she doesn’t think it’s necessary because she’ll never forget what she remembered with a strong impression.

“By the way, Sir Rostine. Empress Yuri is going to build a ‘new city’, but can’t we support it?”

“That’s right. This may be an opportunity.”

In response to Ados’ words, Rubetta immediately affirmed.

If you want to build a city, you will naturally need a large amount of building materials.

Not only stone and wood, but probably metals will be needed in large quantities. In addition, you will want hundreds of carriage to carry those materials.

The number of merchants who can prepare materials and carriage is limited. It’s not possible, at least for Ados in front of her, and it shouldn’t be easy for most other Nildea-based merchants.

But — Rubetta, who usually has a wide range of business, can prepare it.

This may be a great opportunity to sell favors to the “Yuri Empire” and raise the name of “Rostine Shokai”.

“I was wondering how I came into contact with the ‘Yuri Empire’, and I don’t think there will be a great opportunity over there… but I haven’t abandoned my luck yet. Let’s visit the lord’s house and ask for materials and drafts. ”

“That’s okay. Sometimes it’s better for merchants to respect their speed—”

While saying so much, Ados squeezed the end of the word.

―――― For some reason, the inside of the commercial guild suddenly became noisy.

Even though it’s noisy, it’s not inside the social room (salon). Instead, downstairs from the social room… they could hear something from the ground floor, where the commercial guild reception is located.

“What happened?”

“Well …? It’s unusual for guild staff to be so noisy.”

Rubetta and Ados both tilt their heads together.

Many merchants dislike making unnecessary noise. Therefore, the staff of the commercial guild who works with merchants should refrain from making noise.

“…it’s getting closer.”

“That’s right …”

She feels that the hustle and bustle on the first floor is gradually approaching the social room. The two were watching the situation while swallowing their breath. Eventually — the door of the social room was slowly opened, and the “cause” causing the hustle and bustle came in.

“” ……… !!””

Looking at that figure, Rubetta and Ados glanced at each other.

There is no doubt that it will be mistaken. There was the figure of Empress Yuri, who had just been confirmed in the “Video” that was projected together with the “Memoirs”.

(Why is Empress Yuri here …!?)

The social room (salon) is a kind of sanctuary for merchants. Why would the landlord visit such a place by herself?

The point was even though the downstairs was so noisy,  it is a rule that only commercial guild members of “C rank” or higher and their servants can enter the social room (salon), but there is no way that the staff can stop the landlord herself from trying to enter…

Empress Yuri was accompanied by only one servant wearing a maid outfit. …To put it the other way around, shwas not accompanied by even one of the guards. Apparently, the Empress is very confident in her ability. ――― It may be natural to be a person who can carry out such large-scale “telepathy”.

Empress Yuri looked around the entire social room for a while.

Eventually, she turned her eyes to the side where Rubetta and Ads were. After nodding once as if she had found a good thing, she walked to a place where there were the two people.

“” ……… !! “”

Every time the empress walked up step by step, something like the “dignity of the ruler” released by her was surely increased in strength, and the spirit of Rubetta was pressured. By the time the Empress walked up to Rubetta’s eyes. Rubetta was half unconsciously kneeling on the floor and bowing to the Empress.

Right next to her, Ados also looks exactly like Rubetta.

“Both of you should raise your face. I can’t talk to you if you do that.”

The empress called out to them with a slightly embarrassed voice.

Rubetta’s heart is filled with apologetic feelings. Immediately raising her face, the Empress Yuri jumped into view at a very short distance.

(―――― Younger than I imagined)

Wearing black clothes (dress) and possessing dignity suitable for a ruler, you can feel a mature atmosphere. Its innocent facial features and glossy skin were also the unique charms of only young girls.

If Rubetta was a man, she would have fallen in love immediately. Empress Yuri seemed to be a woman with such an endless charm. No, even gender differences don’t matter in front of the empress’s charm. When Rubetta thought so, she noticed that her heart began strongly attracted.

“Rubetta-san, Ados-san”

“” ……… !! “”

“I want to talk slowly with you two.”

Empress Yuri said so and smiled gently.

At the moment when the thin lips announced their name, they felt like all of their existence was grabbed.

Yuri Empire

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