Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 024

Hungry Saint

024 The Awakening of The Receptionist

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

The guild was also busy today.

“Welcome to the Merrill City Adventurers’ Union!”
“We came, Nadia”
“Abigail-sama! And Emilia-sama”

Nadia Amaryllis, the receptionist of the guild, put on her round glasses again.

“Emilia-sama, it was just right, I was just contacted by the client of the quest “Collecting Herbs” during this time.”
“Eh! Did something go wrong …?”
“It’s the other way around. He’s very grateful and wants to pay more!”

The quest for “collecting herbs” was a very modest job for beginner adventurers.
It’s a simple job of collecting herbs growing near the city in a basket.
It wasn’t really something that was particularly to be thanked for, but …

“It seems that only the herbs collected by Emilia had an unusual effect …”
“Is that so !? It was good then… I put it in the basket while praying so that it would work well.”
“That’s definitely the cause. Emilia’s magical power may have acted on herbs… If you put the magical power of [God Dragon class] into prayer, it will be a powerful [blessing].”
“Well, I see! Is that the reason why I became very sleepy after picking herbs?”
“Emilia, you slept well on the guild floor for about five hours.”
“…when I thought you were going home late, did you sleep so much?”
“Thanks to that, my overtime work has prolonged… When I stared at Emilia-sama’s sleeping face, I felt a lot more energetic!”
“Wawawa… I’m sorry about that…!”
“Nadia, you’re having a hard time.”
“No! Anyway, the herbs collected by Emilia have a reputation for working well!”

The herbs collected by Emilia were so effective that they were suspected of being “something new kind of dangerous leaves”. As a result of scrutiny, the doubt seems to have cleared up.

“That’s right. As expected, Emilia.”
“Well, it’s so effective that I decided to keep it in the guild and keep it strictly except for the amount used by the client. Actually, I also used it a little with the company discount.”
“Is there a company discount?”
“I’ve always been weak. There were times when I couldn’t keep up with the practice of the physique that was passed down to the Amaryllis family …”

A vulgar mohawk man rushed into the guild. with a knife.

“Hyahaha! I’m the guild breaker! Is this the famous guild of the Merril city? There are a lot of guys who are confident with their arms right? Fight with me!!”

“… Oh, I’m sorry for a moment.”

The figure of Nadia standing at the reception desk is — disappeared.

“Break !!!!”

“Gufu !!!!!! ?????”

The next moment, the guild receptionist Nadia stood behind the Mohawk guild breaker —- striking a sharp kick into his spine.

“Wow! Strong !?”
“… Oh, I was surprised.”
“Like this, the accuracy of assassination martial arts that has been passed down from generation to generation has greatly improved.”
“It was an assassin’s family? It’s news to me.”
“Thanks to that, I decided to work as a part-time adventurer while working in the guild! No, I’m glad I’ve always dreamed of it. Thank you, Emilia.”
“Wow, I’m not doing anything !?”

The guild-breaking man who was blowing bubbles and falling down was taken to the hospital.

Hungry Saint

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