Yuri Empire – 019

Yuri Empire

019 Rostine Shokai (EX2)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/19/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


There are more than 10 locked private rooms on the 2nd floor of the commercial guild, and anyone registered in the guild can rent them regardless of rank. Of course, there is a charge to use, but it is not so expensive. Considering that the soundproofing equipment is solid, it is rather cheap.

After completing the procedure at the reception of the commercial guild, Rubetta rents a room in it. It is a conference room that can accommodate up to 12 people, and is the second largest among the private rooms on the second floor. Actually she wanted to rent the largest room, but unfortunately it was already rented.

“I’m sorry I can only prepare a small room.”

“…? It’s just too wide for four people.”

Empress Yuri naturally tells her, without compromising her position. If you look only at that, it seems like a common word. On the other hand, even now, she still feels the dignity of a ruler from the Empress Yuri. How to say it — Rubetta thought that she was a little sloppy.

“Rubetta-san. I will pay the fee if you like.”

“Oh — no, it’s not a big amount. Here I…”

“Is that so? … No, that’s right. I’ll take your kind offer. Then, could you at least receive this instead?”

When she said so, Empress Yuri offered a small bottle to Rubetta. It is a small bottle filled with red liquid. It looks like a potion.

“is this……?”

“It’s the lowest level Life Potion. There was a little circumstance before, and we had to make 3000 bottles of it. It was the leftover when I asked the production unit of “Yuri Empire” to make it. I mean … it’s a surplus. ”

“I see. Thank you.”

If it was said to be a surplus, it would be rude to refuse it.

Rubetta bowed down and thanked her. Potions are expensive, so she feels that they are excessive as a substitute for room rental fees. It’s probably not that expensive because it’s just called “lowest grade”.

□ Lowest level life potion / quality [255]


By taking it, vitality is restored by “510”.
* It is the most common spirit of life, and when you drink it, your vitality will be restored immediately.

* Created by <Alchemist> Alma of “Yuri Empire”.

Because I thought it was.
Rubetta, who has the vocation of a [merchant], looked at the details of the potion with her own <appraisal> skill, and was about to spout out.

“Oh, that, Your Majesty”
“The effect of this potion is clearly not that of the “lowest grade”…?”

The Rostine Shokai, which has a management philosophy of “trade anything if requested,” naturally has several stores that handle spiritual medicine.

Rubetta, as chairman, thought that it was necessary to understand all the products handled by Rostine Shokai, and never neglected her learning. So, of course, she knew how much the healing effect of ordinary potion had.

Life potion is considered “lower” if the recovery amount is less than 150, “intermediate” if the recovery amount is less than 500, and “advanced” if the recovery amount is more than that.

For the time being, the expressions “superlative” and “god class”, or conversely, “lowest class” are sometimes used, but there is no clear index to distinguish them.

The remedy that Rubetta has received now has reached the “advanced” level in terms of the amount of recovery alone. For some reason, the item name that can be seen in <Appraisal> is “Lowest Life Potion”… If this is the “lowest grade”, then most of the remedies in circulation will be less than the lowest grade.

Of course, the monetary value will be considerable. It was too much for the rental fee, but she couldn’t even return the item that she had once received as “I will receive it” to Empress Yuri.

“Unfortunately, that’s the ‘lowest’ for us.”

“What …?”

“Well, can we talk about that later? Rather than that, to you two,

— I have something to talk to Rubetta-san and Ados-san.”

Empress Yuri tells her with a smile. It’s a word that can’t be rejected. She’s worried about the potion, but once she’s told that, she can’t continue talking.

“Is there anything we can do to help?”

“Well, I have something to ask.”

Empress Yuri smiles happily at the question of Ados. It seemed that the expression said, “I like talking fast.”

“But I wonder if it’s okay to ask you one question before that.”

“…Please, Your Majesty?”

“We, the Yuri Empire, ruled this city of Nildea a week ago. Do you know where the home of the Yuri Empire is?”

Empress Yuri asked them head-on, and cold sweat ran down Rubetta’s cheeks. It was exactly one of the things I was talking to Ados today.

“We are really sorry, but we don’t know about that.”

“We don’t even know”

It may be disappointing to expose their ignorance. However, as long as they don’t know, they have no choice but to answer honestly.

“Then, let’s change the question. Where do you think the home of the “Yuri Empire” is?”

“… Does that mean it’s okay to answer by speculation?”


Empress Yuri immediately nods to Rubetta’s question. Rubetta was able to answer immediately because he had thought about it.

“I don’t know the exact location, but I’m pretty sure it’s at least outside the continent of Mekia.”

“Can you tell me why you think so?”

“The reason is simple. I have a map of the entire continent of Mekia, but it doesn’t mention the nation of the ‘Yuri Empire’.”

“I see… Certainly, the map I have doesn’t show the nation “Yuri Empire”.”

Rubetta nodded as if Ados was convinced before Empress Yuri.

“I do business with nations outside the continent, but I remember that there was no nation called the “Yuri Empire”. I guess, the coastal areas of other continents near the Mekia continent. But maybe there is no “Yuri Empire”. ”

“— I see. The thoughts of the two are very good.”

Empress Yuri nodded deeply with a satisfying smile on her face. They don’t think they give a very good answer. Apparently, the answers given by Rubetta and others did not disappoint Empress Yuri.

“My eyes seemed right. You two are good merchants.”

“Oh, We’re grateful.”

“There are facts that I would like to convey in anticipation of you. We “Yuri Empire” — came from a completely different world…”

“What …?”

Involuntarily, Rubetta’s eyes became a dot. This is because Empress Yuri said something crazy.


If you think about it, it’s not an impossible story — it looked like that to Rubetta.

Probably no country inside or outside the continent, such as a country with the military power to bring down the city of Nildea, which is known for its robustness, in one day.

The military power of the “Yuri Empire” is completely outside our common sense.

Then really — a place where “common sense” that is completely different from the “common sense” that applied here. That is, if it is in a “different world”, it is not strange that it exists.

“… It’s scary that I can’t laugh or joke about it.”

“Well, really…”

Ados went along the words leaked by Rubetta

There is no such thing as a different world. It shouldn’t be possible, but if that’s the case, then everything makes sense. Because she feels like that.

“After all, it was not a mistake to choose you two.”

Empress Yuri tells Rubetta and others with a big smile.

“If you tell a story like this to another merchant, you won’t believe it anyway.”

“That … well, that’s right.”

Apart from Rubetta and Ados, who have a map of the continent in their heads, most of the other merchants operating in Nildea are only interested in the countries in which they do business directly.

Therefore, they are only aware of the “Yuri Empire” as a country that is a little far from the Kingdom of Eldard. They couldn’t believe it when they told them that the Yuri Empire was based in a different world.

“Mr. Ados”

“Yes. What is it?”

“Excuse me, it looks like you’re already quite old … How old are you?”

“The other day, I just celebrated my 151st birthday.”

“……… !! If you don’t mind, could you tell me the race of Mr. Ados?”

“I’m a normal person …?”


Empress Yuri looks a little surprised at the words that Ados said. It should be a normal response, but what surprised Empress Yuri?

“Since we came to this world, we often find ourselves ignorant, because we don’t have the common sense of ‘this world’.”

“Hah …”

“According to our common sense, ordinary human beings are creatures that die around “60 years old”. Even in special cases, they should not live until “151 years old”.”


“… Hmm, it looks like you don’t understand it. Let’s show you our “common sense” instead. Codetta.”


“Please put out Ochimizu”


The maid who received instructions from Empress Yuri takes out a small bottle from anywhere.

In terms of size, it was the same size as the “lowest-class life potion” received by Rubetta earlier, but it looked like a small bottle with a very luxurious decoration. Probably this is also some kind of potion. The chemical solution looks yellow, but depending on the viewing angle, it glows and looks like gold.

“I’ll give this to Mr. Ados, because it will be useful to you.”

“Hah … Thank you.”

While looking sideways at the vial received by Ads, Rubetta confirms with <Appraisal>.

□ Ochimizu / Quality [132]

[God Water]
Rejuvenate the age of the user by 1 year.
Or remove the abnormal condition of “aging”.

*It is the one that maximizes the divine power that dwells in the young water that was drawn immediately after the beginning of the year.
* Created by <Tamayorihime> Murasaki of “Yuri Empire”.

“Rejuvenation …!?”

Unexpectedly, a surprise screamed and leaked out of Rubetta’s mouth.

“Fufu. As you can see from the reaction, is ‘rejuvenating water’ unusual in this world?”

“It’s rare …! I saw it for the first time …!”

“If you are so surprised, it’s worth showing you.”

Telling that, Empress Yuri giggling happily.

Rubetta hears that “rejuvenating rejuvenation” is nothing more than a legend, and its existence has not been confirmed. However, the real thing was now in the hands of Ados next to her.

“Codetta. Get 100 more.”

“―――― !?”

“Yes, master.”

When Empress Yuri gave instructions, the maid took out one big carrying bag which Rubetta couldn’t tell at all from where the maid took it from even if she looked at it.

The small bottles mentioned earlier are packed in large quantities in the handbag.

What do you say… she doesn’t think that even low-value spiritual medicines will be treated so loosely in one handbag.

“Please, Mr. Ados. I will give you everything.”

“Eh, are you sure? Such a precious thing.”

“Yeah, because it doesn’t make sense for you alone to rejuvenate. I wonder if it’s okay to drink it separately with your wife. Oh — but don’t drink many bottles a day. Please avoid that. Take some days and drink one by one. ”

“Oh, thank you……”

Maybe there was something that touched him, Rubetta could see tears in the eyes of Ados. Like Ados, his wife is already quite old. Apparently Empress Yuri had the information in advance.

“If there is anything you need, my “Tormark Shokai” will do anything, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Ados, who should have been sitting in a chair until a while ago, now kneels on the floor, lays his head down and tells Empress Yuri.

―――― No wonder. Life expectancy, which shouldn’t have been so long anymore, has suddenly increased in the “future”. It’s no wonder that his heart is easily taken.

“Thank you, Mr. Ados, but I don’t need it.”

“…are we useless?”

“No, it’s not. It’s just that you don’t have to bother to give loyalty just by receiving this kind of item.”

“But isn’t it expensive?”

“Didn’t I say that our ‘common sense is different’? For you  water that has a ‘rejuvenating’ effect may be valuable, but it is not so for us.
Hey Codetta, how many more stockpiles of Ochimizu? ”

“Due to the wasteful mass production of Kobai people, there are 20,000 more.”

“” — 20,000 !? “”

Unintentionally, the voices of Rubetta and Ads overlapped.

There are 20,000 such precious remedies… Even if a world war broke out in competition for this right away, Rubetta thought it wouldn’t be strange to be still in a huge fortune.

“Cordetta. Same number for Rubetta.”

“I understand. — Please, Mr. Rubetta.”

“Oh, thank you”

Rubetta hurriedly receives the handbag that the maid offered.

The handbag that was packed with small bottles had a certain weight. Rubetta is still younger than Ados, but I still want “rejuvenating potion” so much that it can’t get out of her throat. With this, she doesn’t have to be scared of future aging, and… she also felt that her skin condition was getting older little by little these days.

There is no woman who doesn’t long for eternal youth.

“I want you to be our advisers.”

“… Advicer?”

“Yes. Just as you do not know our “common sense”, we also do not know the “common sense” of this world. If we run the nation without knowing it, we will eventually follow the path to failure. It’s a must.
From now on, we will implement some policies. That’s what I said to the citizens in today’s “Telepathy”. We plan to build a new city in the immediate vicinity and provide support for widows who have lost their earners.
I would like you to read all the policies we carry out and advise them to work. Also, if we try to do something wrong, be sure to tell us so.”

“We … as merchants, can we speak to national affairs?”


A merchant is a person who prioritizes his or her own interests. At least — the world should think so. Rubetta doesn’t think it’s sane to get such a partner involved in national affairs.

“Yes. I can trust because you are a good merchant.”

Even so, Empress Yuri replied with a smile, as a matter of course.

“If we can enrich your country well, our citizens will have more money. Then, merchants with good skills like you will be able to earn even more. Honestly. I would like to say that a better merchant is much more reliable to me than an aristocrat.
How about thinking that the Ochimizu we just handed over as a reward for a year’s worth of advice? We ask you to stay in the city of Nildea for the next year and advise us if necessary. If you can continue after one year, we will prepare another reward. ”

“One year … Is it okay to get so much for just one year’s reward?”

“Yes, it is just unnecessary inventory for us.”

The goods that even a large country unable to afford will be given as a reward for only one year. There was no way they weren’t happy that they were so highly evaluated.

“I will work sincerely.”

“Please use me and my company in any way.”

When Rubetta bowed deeply, Ados, who was still kneeling on the floor, also bowed deeply as if rubbing his forehead against the floor.

— On that day, two companies based in Nildea were certified as the “Yuri Empire” business companies. Few people in the commercial guild know how that happened.

Yuri Empire

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