Yuri Empire – 023

Yuri Empire

023 Street Food Tasting Party (front)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Translator: Lilia v3.0
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In a hurry, Yuri prepares a telepathy to speak to the surroundings.

It seemed that there were about 150 people in the plaza now. Of these, only 110 people came for the “tasting party”, so the remaining 40 people are just rubberneckers. Perhaps they were wondering why many people are gathering in the normally quiet central square today.

Of course, Yuri won’t drive them away just because they are rubbernecked. Since the purpose is a “tasting party” today, it is desirable that there are many customers who eat it.

Activating the ability of the “Kurobane shoes” that she wore in advance,Yuri emerges into the air for a few meters on the spot.

The height of Yuri is not so high, so under the current situation of the plaza, the figure is hidden behind the crowd and the stalls. Unless it emerges in the air in this way, the people around Yuri will not be able to see her.

“— Hello, everyone of Nildea citizen”

Then Yuri begins to talk to the surroundings with a telepathy.

This telepathy is sent only to “110 people who came to the tasting party”. Therefore, the voice of Yuri does not reach the people who gathered for the purpose of rubbernecking.

The people gathered in the plaza all opened their mouths when they saw Yuri floating in the air with a surprised expression.

It’s unknown whether the facial expressions that everyone floats are a surprise that they actually sent a telepathy in front of them, or a surprise that they witnessed a “floating” scene.

“Unfortunately I’m not very tall… We would appreciate it if you could forgive me for greeting you from the air.
Thank you everyone for joining us today at my request. ”

After telling that, Yuri bowed deeply so that people looking up from the ground could understand. Look at the scene where the “Empress” who newly ruled the city of Nildea bows her head, people around me made a jarring voice, but Yuri didn’t even notice.

Actually — if she behaves like an “empress”, it may be better not to bow her head to others easily. However, in the first place, Yuri has no desire to be recognized as a “great” being by others.

Therefore, in this way, she is easy to bow to the commoners. Only those who want to have it, such as respect for her as a ruler, should take it on their own.

“Everyone, I recognize that your husband passed away during the previous war.
…I don’t mean to say anything beautiful, it was us “Yuri Empire” who killed them. I do not intend to apologize for this. Because war is a diplomatic means of passing on one’s claim by killing the other ones.”

Actually, if Yuri wanted to do so, it would have been possible to defeat the city of Nildea without killing even one of the enemy soldiers. She will not tell them about it.

Yuri is not so sincere that she bothered to tell her the facts that were inconvenient.

“Many of you may be worried about your life because you lost your husband, who is an earner. As the new ruler of Nildea, I feel obliged to help you rebuild your life.
Currently, there are about 900 widows who live in the city of Nildea and lost their husbands in the previous war. We conducted a survey by asking these people if they would like to receive our support, and found that there were about 800 people who requested it.
I think that Tormark Shokai has already explained, but I would like these 800 people who can receive support to run “stalls” in three squares in the city of Nildea from tomorrow. By the way, I’m sorry, but could you raise your hand a little if you were coming as a “cooker” today?”

In response to Yuri’s words, most of the 110 people here raised their hands.

“Thank you, it’s okay to drop your hand. The 80 people who have raised their hands now are those who have requested support, especially those who have had work related to “cooking” in the past.
From tomorrow onward, everyone will manage the stalls in groups of eight people, but at that time, the leaders or those who have cooking experience who gathered here today will be the leaders or I would like you to become a sub-leader and bring the members of the group together.
Next, can you raise your hand if you are coming as a  “cleaner” today?”

Next, of the 110 people, the remaining 30 will raise their hands in response to Yuri’s words.

“Thank you, it’s okay to lower your hand. The 30 people who have raised their hands now are those who have had work related to “cleaning” in the past.
If you open a number of food stalls side by side, some customers will be left without returning the containers, and some customers will be in trouble if they throw their food on the ground. Therefore, the cleaning staff will take turns cleaning the area where the stalls are lined up all day long.
It’s sober, but it’s a very important job. I would like people living near the square to do their best not to say that the square is dirty because of the stalls lined up. ”

When Yuri said so from the sky in a telepathic manner, she could see a group of six maid clothes entering the square. Actually, she was planning to introduce it later. The timing is good, so it’s okay to introduce it now. Yuri adds 6 people in maid clothes to the telepathy transmission target, and then slowly flies and moves just overhead.

“I would like to introduce it at the same time. The 6-member group wearing maid clothes that are just under my feet will be dispatched from us, “Yuri Empire” to help you.
They can “wash” dishes etc. in an instant by some means. Therefore, the used containers collected from the customers can be washed and returned on the spot if they are handed to the girls in the maid clothes.
Also, I don’t think you can tell from the appearance, but they have a large amount of monster meat. At our stalls, we cook the “demon meat” we provide and sell it to our customers, but whenever you run out of this meat, you can always call out to the girls in maid clothes to replenish it. I hope you can do it. ”

The 6-member maid outfit seemed surprised by the telepathy that suddenly arrived from Yuri. They immediately repaired their expression and thanked the people who were there.

Of the 6 members, the child wearing an apron on a black dress is a child named Lullaby who belongs to the “Nadeshiko” unit. The remaining 5 are the level 150 servants called by Lullaby with the [Summon Servants] skill.

All of their occupations are maid-type top-ranked <God Warrior (Tetra)>, and of course they have mastered the kind of housework skills at the highest rank. Because they have the skill of “Warrior’s bag”, they can hold a large amount of monster meat without rotting it, and by making full use of housework skills, they can wash dishes in an instant.

Of course, they also very good at “cooking” and “cleaning” as a kind of housework, so if you really only think about the sales of food stalls, it would definitely work if you leave everything to them from the beginning … In that case, the meaning of “supporting widows” would be lost.

Therefore, they are only in charge of cleaning work and storage of monster meat.

“Now, I think you have already received an explanation from Tolmark Shokai, but let’s talk about the management of the food stalls that you will be doing from today.
As I said earlier, what you would like to do is a stall that cooks and sells “demon meat”. Specifically, you will be using two types of monster meat, “Axhorn” and “Uriggo”, as materials.
The former Axhorn meat is relatively easy to handle and can be delicious regardless of the cooking method. The latter, Urigo meat, has a slightly stronger texture, but the more it is stewed, the softer it becomes. Stewed meat is a dish that everyone will enjoy, but for men with a strong appetite, grilled and cooked urigo meat may also be in demand.
―――― We will distribute any number of these two types of monster meat to you free of charge. You can think of the material cost of meat as zero. ”

Hearing the fact that monster meat is provided free of charge, cheers immediately rise from the surroundings. In this world, monster meat seems to be a high-class food, so it would be so attractive to be able to handle it for free. Of course, from the point of Yuri, such monster meat is just a bad stock that is squeezing the storage capacity of the children of “Nadeshiko”.

“However, the only ingredient we offer is meat. Everyone is free to decide what kind of meat dishes to serve at the stalls, but please be aware that you will be responsible for preparing ingredients other than monster meat.
It would be good to cut the meat into thick slices and bake it, or cook something that was just skewered to reduce the material cost to zero. Or, conversely, I think it’s okay to use ingredients other than meat generously and offer dishes that are different from other food stalls, aiming to earn more sales. Please discuss this area with other members of the same group and decide.
The stalls will be rented from us, but the rental will also be free of charge. Please be assured that we will not take any money. However, please treat it as carefully as possible.
I think you have already seen the actual food stall, but it is quite large and comes with two fire magic tools that can be used for cooking and a magic tool that can produce as much water as you want. It also comes with a drainage system using magic tools, and can handle unnecessary liquids.
In addition, various seasonings are contained in the shelves installed at the bottom of the stall, but this shelf is also a kind of magic tool, and if you store the seasonings, the contents will be replenished automatically. It is supposed to be done like that. So no matter how much you use it, it will never run out.
Please do not hesitate to use all of these magic tools. We will bear the magic stones necessary for the operation of the magic tool.”

Of course, in reality, none of the equipment that comes with the “Street Food Stall Kit” is a “magic tool”. In this world, Ados has advised in advance that “things that do not know what kind of reason they are moving” are easier to understand if they are called “magic tools” for the time being. So she explained everything by calling it a magic tool.

The magic tool requires a “magic stone” to operate, so it is usually not something that ordinary people can handle. If you declare in advance that you will have all the magic stones needed for operation, everyone will not hesitate to use them.

“We have prepared a large amount of containers for serving food, so please ask the maid who I introduced earlier to get them. Of course it’s free.
You can choose from two types of containers, plates and bowls. Both are made of wood, so even if you drop them, they won’t break easily. Please collect the used container at the stall, give it to the maid, wash it, and then use it again.
Next, let’s talk about money. Basically, for those who are in charge of cooking at food stalls, the sales of the food stalls will be the income as it is. As you all know, there will be no tax on business this year. However, please divide it evenly among all the members of the group.
As I said earlier, if you want to do it, you should be able to operate the stalls with zero material costs, so you should be able to generate sufficient profits. If you don’t make money, it’s a good idea to review whether you’re spending too much on ingredients other than meat.
In addition, we will prepare the salary of the person in charge of cleaning work. As a general rule, we will give you a daily payment, so if you work till night, please tell the maid and receive the money. The amount is fixed and will be 2500beth per day. ”

When they heard the salary of 2500beth, the people in charge of cleaning cheered.

Hearing from Ados in advance, Yuri knows that the daily allowance of Nildea is about 1200-1500beth. It’s no wonder that some people will be happy if they are offered a salary that is nearly double the market price for light work such as cleaning.

“Finally, today is just a “tasting party”, so please don’t put too much emphasis on food sales and keep prices low for today. Of course, it’s a tasting party, so it’s a good idea to try various things such as how much food you can cook with the equipment of the stalls.
Instead of focusing on sales, we will pay 2500beth salary per person to the cooks only today. Please pick it up from the maid at night. ”

This time, the people in charge of cooking also cheered.

The people in charge of cooking who came today will also take on the role of gathering the group from tomorrow. Instead, there may be this degree of benefit.

“Well, it seems that the number of rubbernecks in various fields has increased as we gathered in the plaza in this way. Now you won’t be in trouble with the person who tastes it. You don’t have to hurry, so please slowly prepare the food stalls that you are in charge of and start business from the place where the preparations are completed.
In addition, today, Tolmark Shokai will come to visit each stall on a regular basis. The other party is a professional in business, so if you have any problems or uncertainties, I think you should actively ask.
―――― Then, that is all I want to inform you. I will visit the food stalls later, so I look forward to your delicious food.”

When Yuri concludes the story and descends to the ground, after a brief delay, everyone gathering in the plaza sends hot applause.

Yuri was a little surprised to see the reaction around her.

The reason why the people who gathered today is not because of the widows but it is definitely Yuri. She took it for granted that she would be resented because of that background, and Yuri also thought that she would never be welcomed.

(… I wonder if I was not as hated as I think)

Yuri thinks so quietly.

At least, she didn’t seem to feel any kind of hostility in the line of sight that was gathering toward Yuri.

Yuri Empire

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