Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 028

Hungry Saint

028 The Grandma’s Name

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Huh. Was it okay, young lady?”

Abigail calls out to Emilia with a clear smile and half anxiety.

“Emilia … I know you are a good person, but not so far.”

“That’s right, Saint-sama! Five, 500 million is a lot of money… do you how many tomatoes should you sell?!”

“Ah… Saint-sama … Thank you… you sacrifice yourself for Rin… “

The girl in Abigail’s arms was pale. The grandmother of the sausage baguette shop is also changing her blood phase. For the time being, she was glad that the girl was saved.

“So Emilia. Is there any plan?”

However, Emilia himself took out a bundle of paper very seriously.

Yes, she has a job!

“Yes, let’s earn … in the guild quest!”

By the way, the average reward for guild quests is 50,000 to 200,000.

The grandmother of the sausage baguette shop and the girl (whose name is Rin) came to the adventurer’s guild together.

Nadia, the receptionist of the guild who heard the situation, seemed to be very impressed and asked Emilia to shake hands.

“Oh, shaking hands …? It’s okay, but uh, that’s why! Anyway, please give me the most rewarding quest!”

“Wow, I understand! If that’s the case … but …”

“Is it a difficulty level? If so, why don’t you accept it with my highest rank… “White Gold Badge”?”


“Did you see Emilia’s magical power of that [God Dragon class]?”

Emilia’s magical power that made it impossible to measure even with a large-scale magical power measuring instrument, which is a specialty of Merrill City.

Abigail is doing that research about it… in fact, she still doesn’t know what gives Emilia that power. However, Emilia has an inexhaustible amount of pure magical power. That was the only fact.

“If I and Emilia, I can take any quest … isn’t it?”

“Yes, but the highest rewarding quest actually requires a formation of 100 people …”

“Can you do something about it!”

The grandmother of the sausage baguette shop sat down in front of the guild reception. Nadia shouts in amazement.

“Yo, you … Mrs. Sausage Baguette!”

“Ask! I’m asking you!”

“Mrs. sausage baguette, please. Raise your face!”

“Saint-sama and Abigail have irreparable benefits, can you order the quest for me, I’m begging you!”

“Well… if Mrs. Sausage Baguette, who has been donating to an orphanage in Merrill for many years, says, upper management may be convinced.”

“I’m begging you, please!”

“Yes, I will do my best! I will definitely be able to place an order tomorrow, so please stay here today.”

Nadia nodded powerfully to the grandmother’s desperate persuasion.

Nadia gave them an accommodation voucher for a nearby inn, asking to come to the guild first tomorrow morning.

“… Wait a minute! I was about to ignore it, but the owner, you… is your name Mrs. Sausage Baguette?”

“Ah, Sausage Baguette is my name.”

“Wow, that’s a nice name. Grandma! … not, Sausage Baguette-san!”

“Thank you, Saint-sama. I’m honored!”

“… Isn’t the sausage baguette shop the name of that food …”

“Well, it’s the same name anyway, and I’ve been running that store for many years thinking that I should sell sausage baguettes. Didn’t I tell Abigail?”

“… I haven’t heard. It’s too shocking.”

Abigail was shaking his shoulders at the end of the task of “listening to his grandmother’s name”, which he had pulled somehow.

Well, early  morning tomorrow, Emilia’s first quest begins.

Hungry Saint

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