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024 Street Food Tasting Party (back)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Translator: Lilia v3.0
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From the conclusion, the “tasting party” was very popular and became very lively.

The attempt to gather a lot of food stalls in the plaza and serve different meat dishes seems to have greatly satisfied the curiosity and tongue of the citizens of Nildea.

To tell the truth, Yuri was a little worried, (what if all the stalls were just cooking meat …). From the conclusion, it seems that it was an unnecessary worry.

In the first place, Nildea people have few opportunities to eat meat dishes. In this world where monsters are widespread, “livestock” is not very active.

If you want a vast land where you can graze livestock, you will be fighting the risk of being attacked by monsters. On the other hand, if you want a place with a barrier like the city of Nildea to avoid monsters, naturally the land is small and grazing is impossible, and you have to prepare a large amount of feed to raise livestock. ..

Because risks and costs are passed on to prices, even livestock meat such as beef and pork is not cheap for ordinary people. It’s just a kind of treat that is prepared only on a very special day, such as monster’s meat, which is a higher-class ingredient.

In such a world, if there were many stalls lined up in the plaza to make a fragrant smell of grilling meat. It was no wonder that the feet of the citizens naturally gathered together.

Yuri and Euro, who have been given the magic of [underwater breathing], are only breathing the air generated by the magic, so they can’t really understand the scent of the surroundings. Apparently, the area around the area is violently filled with a “delicious smell”.

Although it was not advertised in particular, more and more people gathered in the plaza. At noon, the number of people in the plaza exceeded 300, and by the evening it was over 400.

“This kind of festival-like bustle is really awesome.”

“Yeah. I feel like I’m getting better just by being in this place.”

Yuri nodded strongly from her honest feelings to the words of the Euro.

The square is full of smiles. ――― Delicious food has the power to make people smile. Yuri felt that she was reminded about that.

“Just looking at it makes me want to do one stall … Hey, Yuri-neeyan. Can I lend you one stall?”

“Fufu. If you participate, I’m sure you will monopolize the customer, so don’t do it.”

“Sorry …”

Euro’s profession (class) is <eclipse (bilst)>, a production job specializing in cooking.

Of course, the skill of cooking is extraordinary, and even if she makes a mistake, it is not something that an amateur can stand up to. It was obvious that if the Euro also doing stalls, it would be unmatched.

“… Hmm. I was wondering one thing now.”

“What did you do?”

“Some of the meals Euro made before were made from Axhorn meat, right?”

Certainly, the first day Yuri came to this world. No — To be precise, was it the first day since “regaining consciousness”?

For dinner that day, a steak made by cooking Axhorn meat must have been served. I had heard in advance that the meat of the monster was the material, so I tried it with a terrifying mouth. Yuri remembers having the unconventional impression that she would actually eat it (it’s not much different from a regular beef steak).

“Rindo’s report said, ‘Production using ingredients from another world has all failed at this point’. Is it possible to cook using ingredients from another world?”

“Ah …. It’s a little difficult to explain verbally …”

Euro scratches her head to the question that Yuri asked. Even if it was difficult, Yuri wouldn’t know unless Euro explained it. So Yuri quietly waits for the words that Euro speaks without rushing.

“In short, if it is not ‘production’, the material itself can be used.”

“If it’s not production …?”

“You know what kind of effect my ‘produced food’ has right?”

Euro said so, and Yuri was surprised.

In the game of “Atros Online”, cooking items have the effect of “reducing hunger”. There are some other additional effects added to the cooking product.

□ Smoked Bertoll and edible wild plants sandwich / quality [171]
Recovers 30% of the hunger of the eater and over 6 hours
[Charm] +1368, magical natural recovery + 25%, movement speed + 18% buff.

  • Smoked demon bird Bertoll meat sandwiched between edible wild plants and bread.

* Created by the <Food Master> Euro of “Yuri Empire”.

Yuri takes out the Euro homemade food that is always in her <inventory> and confirms the effect again.

Increase the ability value, increase the amount of natural recovery of vitality and magical power, improve attack speed and movement speed ―――. Such a “buff” effect is a typical additional effect given to cooking.

In “Atros Online”, the cooking items themselves can usually be purchased from the NPCs in the town, but such commercial products are not buffed.

The buff effect that the sandwich that Yuri has in her hand now is given only to the products that are “produced” by a character with a cooking production occupation (class).

“In other words, if we try to make a dish with a buff effect, it will fail if we use “materials from another world” as ingredients…”

“That’s what I think. If we don’t have the intention to” produce “and it doesn’t have the buffing effect, we can finish it without any problems.”

“I see. Thank you for explaining, I learned.”

If you think about it, the wooden plates and vessels used at today’s tasting party are made by processing wood purchased at the Nildea market by “Rindo”.

Although it was wood from a different world, it could be processed without any problems, probably because the craftsmen did not have a clear intention to “produce” and processed it with one hand.

“Well, let’s think about difficult things after returning to the lord’s building. Now, let’s enjoy eating and walking with all our might.”

“Oh, that’s right. It’s a good opportunity.”

Prompted by the euro, Yuri goes around the stalls in the square with her one by one.

Yuri thought that as long as they had to use a common ingredient called “monster meat”, many of the dishes offered by the food stalls would be similar. In reality, the food stalls are lined up with elaborate dishes, and it seems that there is not much duplication of dishes.

Thanks to that, you will never get tired of eating unique dishes at each stall.

The body of Yuri now is a “game character”, so no matter how much she eats, she won’t get fat. She was very grateful for the fact she can eat a lot of meat dishes.

“I’m sorry I can’t enjoy the scent so much.”


Yuri has no choice but to agree with the words of the euro.

The effect of [underwater breathing] is glaring, and she is very grateful that she doesn’t feel the stench that spreads in the city at all. However, the magical effect also blocks the aroma of food.

Although all of them are delicious dishes. It’s a little disappointing to think that if you couldn’t smell the aroma enough, you would have enjoyed it more deliciously if you could.

“— Your Majesty”

When she was eating skewers with Euro in the corner of the square, she was suddenly called out. When she turned around, there stood an old gentleman holding an empty wooden plate in one hand.

“Mr. Ados. Are you eating that too?”

“Ah, yeah, I ate too much because I was very happy. I’m worried about whether I can eat my wife’s food or not  after I get home.”

“Fufu, then why don’t you bring your wife here? The meat of demons is generally a high-class ingredient, and it seems that your wife hasn’t eaten much.”

“That’s right … Thanks to Her Majesty, my wife has rejuvenated a lot like me, but I’m afraid and my wife was originally quite ill. She’s still only recovering to the point where she can walk. I’m a little reluctant to bring her to a stand-up place. ”

“Oh … sure, there’s no place to sit. It was a blind spot.”

The food stalls only serve food, so customers who have purchased can only finish their meals while standing in the square. Many customers are sitting on the ground and eating, but that doesn’t look very good.

Certainly, it seems good to have some seats on the side of the Yuri.

“Thank you, Mr. Ados. I received good advice. From tomorrow, I will prepare some places for customers to sit in each square where the stalls will be set up.”

“Hmm …. If you don’t mind using a chaise longue, should I prepare it at my company?”

“No. I’ll ask a child of a unit who is good at magic to raise the ground with earth magic and make a bench. Then it will not cost anything.”

“I see, it’s a good idea.”

If a chaise longue is installed in a wild place, it will naturally be damaged by the wind and rain. There is no doubt that it will have a much shorter service life than if it were installed indoors.

In that case, it would be better to create a bench with earth magic and recreate it with magic every time it is about to break, from the viewpoint of maintenance cost.

“Please come to dinner with your wife even after tomorrow.”

“Thank you. I’m looking forward to it now.”

“And if your wife’s legs and hips don’t improve much even if she rejuvenates, please bring her to the lord’s house once. I’ll let someone who is good at healing magic cure it.”

“That is … Thank you for your concern. In that case, we will definitely indebted to you when the chance comes.”

Ados said so, and deeply hung his head to Yuri.

The current “Yuri Empire” has greatly reduced their recovery magic ability because the water lily children can no longer use sacred magic. Even so, if it is magic that treats a single substance, even the children of Koume can fully exercise it.

Of course, Ados, the owner of “Tormark Shokai”, is a wealthy person, so his wife should have already received enough healing magic in this world. Since it hasn’t healed yet, his wife’s physical condition is probably quite bad.

It would be good if it could be cured by rejuvenating, but it seems that it is not always cured.

There is a high possibility that it can be cured by using “complete recovery” magic that heals all injuries and illnesses while completely healing vitality. The “complete recovery” magic also can be used by Koume.

“We can cure it completely. Please keep that in mind.”

“… I keep in mind. I will definitely reward this kindness.”

At last, Ados kneels on the ground and begins to bow to Yuri.

Although she had thought about that before, she seems to be a considerable beloved wife.

Yuri doesn’t know what kind of woman his wife is, but if she is so deeply loved by her husband, she will be very happy.

Yuri Empire

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  1. I was wondering something while reading this. There have been countless reincarnated into game world stories but has there ever been one where the MC is literally reincarnated into the game? Like the MC’s friends turn on their computer and see their dead friend’s character moving around like he’s still alive and playing and when they open an in game chat they find out it’s really him. Oh and I know about Soulseeker Online. I was wondering if there were any others.

    1. Pupil Of The Wiseman does something like that, in that the MC is not the only player pulled into the game world.

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