Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 029

Hungry Saint

029 Quest Start

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

◆ Quest outline: Egg collection of rare species Fire Dragon (as part of artificial hatching research)
◆ Quest location: Ancient Labyrinth << Dungeon >>
◆ Client: Royal Tamer Association
◆ Required organization: 100 or more
◆ Reward: Success fee 50 million sacur. Personnel costs and maintenance costs for a 100-person formation shall be included in the prepaid quest implementation subsidy of 20 million sucur.


Merrill city is the second largest city after the royal capital.

In particular, the nearby ancient labyrinth – the central street is crowded with migrant adventurers, explorers, and researchers who come to the so-called “dungeon”.

Early morning. There were two girls in front of the ancient labyrinth “Dungeon” near Merrill City. A plump body, long blonde hair, a versatile witch Abigail who is good at developing and practicing magic tools. A petite and slender body that can only be seen in the early teens with trimmed silver hair. “Saint Apprentice” Emilia who possesses the magical power of [God Dragon Class].

“So, this is Ancient Labyrinth “Dungeon”…!”

“Ah, the habitat of the fire dragon is the third layer. It is a dangerous layer where ancient traps increase rapidly. Why is the first quest something like this?. A battle wand… Did you have a mace, Emilia?”


There are only two people in front of the dungeon, Emilia and Abigail. There is one reason why only two people received the quest for a formation of 100 people or more. Because they “lending in the name” by retired former adventurers collected by Mrs. Sausage Baguette.

The 98 former adventurers were acquaintances of Mrs. Sausage Baguette, who had been a sausage baguette shop in the bazaar in Merrill City for many years, and some of them were adventurers from an orphanage who continued to donate. In other words, if the quest is successful, it will be a super-high reward that 70 million sacur will come to only two people.

“Rare species of eggs and juveniles are exchanged at a market value of 100 million sacur. Well, it’s a reasonable reward for success …”

“Let’s do our best! Let’s help Rin!”

“… Ah, Emilia?”


“Do you understand the meaning of carrying a debt of 500 million …?”

“Yes, I know! But it’s cheap if you can help Rin, who is in trouble!”

“…. Well, please do this only this time.”

“But I want to help people, like’Saint’!”

“I think we need to talk when we get home …”

Hmmm, Abigail rubbed her temples.

“Let’s go!”

“… Ah, let’s be careful”

“By the way, Abigail-san?”


“Isn’t there enough luggage for Abigail-san?”

“Hmm? There is this.”

Abigail shows a small and cute chain of shoulder bags by pinching it. It’s a big difference from Emilia’s giant rucksack.

“Oh, fashionable!”

“It’s the same reasoning as my house. It’s made by applying the magic circle of space compression and transfer. It looks like a cute mini bag, but it has the capacity of about 3 warehouses.”

“Wow, awesome!”

In the end, Emilia’s luggage (mainly lunch boxes) was also stored in Abigail’s bag.

“Well, again… the quest has started.”

Emilia and Abigail, who became lighter, took the first step to the dungeon.

Hungry Saint

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