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Yuri Empire

027 The Choice of Water Lilies

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/27/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“How is the monster ‘Destroyer’?”

“It’s good. We have already started to subdue monsters in the forest as well as on the flat ground. The level of monsters is still low, so we haven’t had a hard time.”

“Forest huh… By the way, there was a vast forest on the north side of the place where we were first stationed.”

“Yes, that is exactly the forest I mentioned. It seems to be a place where many monsters in the shape of “deer” and “snakes” inhabit, and now we have a large amount of materials from there.”

Yuri spends time in the office even after finishing work in the morning.

This is because the appointment for a visit is waiting after this. While enjoying the tea and baked sweets that Nadeshiko prepared a while ago, she will hear from Kiri about the recent “destroyer” situation.

“I’ve never eaten venison… I wonder what it tastes like.”

“Euro of ‘Rindo’, who cooked and tasted it immediately, said that the redness of the meat is deeper and the taste is quite rich compared to the meat of Axhorn. It can be eaten deliciously regardless of the cooking method. She said that the meat is very tender and has less fat, so it seems to be good for women. ”

“Oh, that’s nice. Depending on the amount secured, it may be good to start offering to ‘stalls’ early.”

“Shall I ask Nadeshiko to check and report the stockpile?”

“Well, please.”

It has been reported that all the stalls operating in the three open spaces in the city of Nildea are very successful. It seems that the appearance of customers never ceases.

If the types of meat offered increased, the range of dishes would increase. Since it is a stall that only serves meat dishes, it is desirable to have as many variations as possible.

“However, in this world, the meat of the “snake” monster is more expensive and in high demand than the “deer” monster.”

“……Is that so?”

“Yes. I heard that Euro had already tasted it, but the taste and texture are very similar to chicken. However, it has a lot of bones and it takes a lot of time to cook.”

“It sounds like it doesn’t have a very good side. Why is it so expensive …?”

“I wonder……?”

Apparently, Kiri doesn’t know the reason. When they were talking about that, the door of the office was knocked twice.

“Come in”

Yuri intentionally raised her voice a little and called out to the other side of the door.

“Excuse me”

Then, a girl with white twin wings on her back entered the room alone, with the same quiet movement as four days ago. Sera,the captain of the “Suiren (Water Lily)” unit.

“Yuri-sama, I’m sorry for taking the time for us today.”

“Okay, Sera. It’s only natural to have time for your loved ones.”

“I’m honored.”

Yuri had promised to meet Sera in front of her.

Yuri immediately agreed to Sera’s request, which she had announced in the guild chat this morning, saying that she would like to talk about the other day’s “vocation”.

“It’s a continuation of the other day’s story…. Is there any conclusion?”


Sera nods to Yuri’s question while looking straight at her. The color of hesitation cannot be seen in the eyes, only a will.

“We, “water lilies”, will try to receive a “vocation” from the gods of this world.”

“—Yes, I understand. I respect what you have decided on your own initiative.”

“Thank you, Yuri-sama”

“I’m just asking one question. Isn’t there an option to switch the object of worship to the god of this world while maintaining the current occupation (class)?”

“Water lily”, which was good at sacred magic, lost their power because it was the god of “Leangard” who was originally the object of worship of them, and the divine power does not reach the world where they are now.

In other words, even if they do not imitate their current occupation (class), if they convert to the god of this world, it seems possible that they can use sacred magic again.

“Yes, Yuri-sama. Of course we thought about that possibility, but …”

“… I’m sorry I said something extra. Please forget it.”

Yuri said so apologizing before listening to Sera’s reply.

Forget the belief in God so far and believe in another god. ――― Yuri can say that because she is not the person concerned.

The profession of water lilies is the highest priesthood <Saint (Adela)>, and it will take a considerable amount of faith to reach that point. It’s not easy to convert further now.

“I don’t think it’s superfluous at all. Yuri-sama always takes us very seriously. Everyone in the water lilies understands it correctly.”

“So? then thank you. I’m glad.”

Yuri said so with a smile. Sera also bowed deeply, saying, “Thank you very much.”

“If we want the ‘vocation’ of this world, we can lose our ‘occupation (class)’.
―――― It’s just a possibility, so it’s possible that you won’t lose it, or conversely, it’s impossible to get a “vocation”. You can’t understand this unless you try it. ”


“In that case, of course, the first child to get a ‘vocation’ will be at the highest risk. That’s why Sera, perhaps you’re thinking of applying for that first test.”

“… Yes, you’re right.”

“Unfortunately, that’s not acceptable. You’re the commander of the Water Lilies. I don’t make a difference between my beloved children, but there’s a decent responsibility for the position.
Select 3 people who will get the first “vocation” from water lilies. However, except you and Coral, Lapis, and Spinel.”

Coral, Lapis, and Spinel are all children who act as deputy directors of water lilies.

As long as we don’t know what the consequences of getting a “vocation” will be, we can’t put the risk on not only the captain Sera but also the three deputy captains.

“I understand. I will be elected soon.”

“You don’t have to hurry. I’m waiting while slowly preparing to go out.”

After telling that, Yuri sees Sera’s back as she leaves the office.

The effort of having to select a subordinate to be the test body would be considerable. Still, this was a task that had to be done by Sera, the commander of the unit.

“… Sera-dono is also in a difficult position.”

Kiri, who also saw off Sera, muttered a little sadly.

Kiri is in the position of deputy director of “Sakuraka”. Although there is a difference between the captain and the deputy captain, are there any feelings between those who are in a position to take responsibility?

“What would Kiri do if she lost her profession (class) and lost all her sword talent?”

“Me, me? Yeah, that’s right …”

Kiri was worried about her head for a while while leaking her voice.

Eventually, after sighing one sigh, Kiri answered quietly.

“Still… I think I’ll probably keep swinging my sword. No matter how weak and childish I can swing my sword. I won’t aim for another myself.”

“…Yes. Kiri is strong.”

“No, the opposite. I’m weak. After all, there’s nothing else I can do except wielding the sword.”

Telling that, Kiri smiled with a troubled expression.

“The ones who are really strong are the ‘water lilies’. For the sake of helping the lord, they are willing to abandon themselves and be reborn as a new self that fits this world.”

“I see, that might be the case.”

Yuri nodded, as Kiri’s words seemed to make sense.

The person who can change the way of life is stronger. That would also be the truth.

“Hey, Kiri. I’m sorry, but I wonder if I can use the children of “Water Lilies” tonight.”

“Please do so. We will often be comforted by the love of your lord. And since the order will only shift the next day, I will not lose anything.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. Don’t you know? Article four of the Love Regulations states, “If Yuri-sama nominated herself for the love duty, the person in charge of love duty will move the scheduled date to the next day”, it was like that. ”

“…I don’t know who took the lead in making the ‘regulations’. For the time being, I strongly urge them to submit the full text of those regulations that I have never heard until today.”

“I understand. I’m sure I’ll tell Hera.”


So Hera was the main culprit, Yuri sighed.

Hera, the captain of “Shirayuri (Estia)”, is a serious child, for better or for worse. It was a problem that the seriousness was accidentally exerted in the wrong direction like this “regulation”.

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