Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 033

Hungry Saint

033 One Case Settled Down -Warm White Gratin-

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Emilia’s recovery celebration was fun.

She was sleeping in the suite room of the inn affiliated with the guild. It seems that the people of the bazaar knew the situation  arranged it for Emilia who fell down.

“Hmm~~~, it’s delicious!”
“It’s true… this is my first time eating this delicious gratin…”
“Hey, Rin! Abigail is very good at cooking. The cheese is melty, and the onion is sweet…”
“…Emilia-sama looks really happy to eat it, so it’s worth making … Abigail-sama said …”
“Rin! Don’t say too much.”

Shiny white sauce, cheese, and well baked bread with browned eyes. Steamed chicken on fluffy boiled macaroni with softly sweet sliced onions.

Emilia’s recovery celebration is a fascinating gratin. Emilia and Rin’s eyes were shining as they chewed on the hot gratin while cooling down.

Nadia, the receptionist of the guild, also said, “Abigail is so good at cooking.” The gratin made by Abigail in the inn’s kitchen seems to make Mrs. Sausage Baguette’s tongue groaned.

“For gratin, all you have to do is prepare a mixture of white sauce and ingredients, and then just bake it in the oven… it’s just right for Emilia’s stomach.”
“Hafuhafu, that’s Abigail-san! It’s delicious, Rin-san!”
“That, Emilia-sama, Abigail-sama… really … how can I thank you?”
“Don’t worry. I’ve done everything as a saint apprentice!”
“No, no, it’s not natural … 500 million, 500 million.”
“Ghahaha! It’s Emilia-sama, it’s a brave saint!”
“It’s rare to say “brave” as a description of a saint.”
“Hmm, the cold gratin is also swayed with white sauce, and the taste is strong. Abigail-san, refill please”
“You are the only one to refill the gratin, Emilia… wait for it to be cooked in 5 minutes.”

Ahaha, laughter fills the table.

With this, one case is settled.

“Huh, Finally our home.”

“…Our home, huh?”

Deep in the forest near Merrill city.
Return to Abigail’s “Mansion”, which looks like a poor hut at first glance.

“But Emilia. It’s still a long way to stand alone.”
“Eh? But didn’t I get the guild job done?”
“It’s not “proper” at all to crazily  work for others. In the end, you donate most of the 20 million sacur that you got.”

Even after repayment of the debt of 500 million succulents, 20 million succulents remained at hand. She donated everything to the orphanage, except for the people who cooperated and the accommodation expenses.

“In the end, because it was an odd amount, I was forced to get 30,000 sacur…”
“Just take it if it’s only that much, you take 10 intact eggs from that fire dragon right?.”
“I didn’t take it, I got it!”
“…Well, it doesn’t matter which one, but it’s a little far from this house to get to and from the city often… I hope I can think of some useful magic tool.”

Abigail mumbling.
Emilia crosses her arms with “Hmm”.

“My magical power is useful for Abigail’s research on magical tools …? Is it okay to stay with me a little longer?”

“Hmm? Oh, of course. I’m too worried about letting you go into the field. And the more energy I can use, the faster my research and development will be.”

And…, Abigail adds.

“After all, I don’t hate seeing you eating well …”

Hungry Saint

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