Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 032

Hungry Saint

032 The Law of Saint

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“–Thou shalt not hesitate”
Yes, if you hesitate even for a moment, you will surely miss someone who needs help.

“–Thou shalt not get lost”
Yes, if you get lost, it will be delayed to reach the person who needs help.

“–Thou shalt not doubt”
Yes, if you doubt the teachings of Tenka religion, you will surely be slow to reach out to those who need help.

Thou shalt not hesitate.
Thou shalt not lost.
Thou shalt not doubt.

Absolute rules imposed on the “Saints” of the Tenka Church. An important teaching to be repeated every morning at the Serenade Convent.

Emilia has lived with that teaching since she was a child. Aristocratic children visit a monastery of Tenka religion at the age of 15 for the “Saint Selection” held in the year when they are 18 years old.

A family will gain prestige if one of their family becomes a saint..

However, Emilia has lived as an “apprentice saint” in a monastery since she was a child who couldn’t understand the language.

Thou shalt not hesitate.
Thou shalt not lost.
Thou shalt not doubt.


Because she didn’t hesitate, she was able to give all her food to the poor child.

Because she didn’t get lost, she was able to carry a large amount of debt herself.

――because she I didn’t doubt, she can continue to help people.

Therefore, this is fine.
This is the way Emilia Mercrio, an “apprentice saint” who aims to become a saint.
With this–.

“Hmm …?”

Pachin and her eyelids open.
Unfamiliar ceiling.
Where is this?


“… Abigail-san?”

“Emilia, you’ve been sleeping for three days again… is your body okay?”

“3 days? Well, so much again !?”

When she had just met Abigail, she had fallen asleep for three days and three nights at the “Flying Frog” inn. Did that happen again?

However, her body is full of energy.

“Good morning, Abigail-san”

“… Ah, good morning. Emilia”

“I’m sorry for making you worry.”

“… I’m not worried.”

Abigail turned away. Emilia found something shining on her cheeks.

(Abigail-san… crying …?)

No, it’s not like that? Emilia reconsiders.

Abigail is always a confident, strong and wise woman.

The “Universal Great Witch”  who manipulates various magic tools,  ――s he’s not someone who cries because worried about Emilia.

Guuuu ~.
The swelling sound  from the stomach echoed.

“… Emilia, are you hungry?”

“Yes! I’m hungry.”

“Well… come on, Emilia. Everyone is waiting downstairs. Mrs. Sausage Baguette, Nadia, and Rin.”

“Ah! Rin-san! Is she safe?”

“Oh, of course, but until the original house settled down, Mrs. Sausage Baguette would take over and grow it.”

“Yes, I’m glad!”

She was able to help people properly!

“… Hey, Emilia. Stop that crazy for this time only. Your magical power is still unstable … It seems that you were moving around in the quest and were exhausted a lot.”

“Unreasonable …?”

“It’s nothing more than unreasonable to take over 500 million debts on your own!”

“That’s… difficult, isn’t it?”


“Thou shalt not hesitate. Thou shalt not lost. Thou shalt not doubt – because that is the motto of the saint!”

“… Emilia”

Abigail pulls Emilia’s hand.
Hugged by a plump body.
Emilia made a stupid voice, “Huh?”

“… Emilia. You should take good care of yourself.”

“That’s difficult for me. Abigail-san.”

Because the saint is a special person to help everyone in need.

Hungry Saint

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