Yuri Empire – 038

Yuri Empire

038 Summer 1st

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Translator: Lilia v3.0
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Two days have passed since the meeting inviting Rubetta and Ados, and today is the first day of “summer moon”.

In this world where one year is only four months, changing the moon has the same meaning as changing the season. Moreover, unlike Japan’s four seasons, which change slowly over the course of days, climate change comes at once in this world at the “moment of crossing seasons.”

So, until yesterday, which was “Spring Moon 32nd”[1], the climate was “Spring”, but today, one day has passed, “Summer Moon 1st”, the climate has completely changed to “Summer”.

Which means, it’s hot.

It was already hot in the morning. It’s not as damp and unpleasant as summer in Japan, but it’s still hot. Thanks to that, Yuri was forced to act busy in the early morning. Contact “nadeshiko”, collect the items with “heat and cold resistance” that they have stored , and distribute them to everyone in the “Yuri Empire” who is still in the lord’s house.

It’s hot even in the morning, so it’s not hard to imagine that it will get hotter in the afternoon. Today, when the moon has changed, many children go out of the city to “destroy” the resurrected monsters, so she wanted to prepare for them before they went out.

Yuri, who is currently being read in the office, is also given <heat / cold resistance> which she fits into her right little finger. <Hot and cold resistance> has the effect of greatly reducing the damage of “high heat” and “cold air”, and with this grant, the degree of heat and cold does not matter at all.

Thanks to this, even if the world suddenly gets hot, she doesn’t need an air conditioner. Rather, it’s more than an air conditioner for Yuri since it also keeps the body to stay cool..

“It will be hard for everyone in Nildea to work in this heat.”

It was Hamar, today’s “love duty” from “Blue Rose (Shcraze)” who said that.

She has been looking at the pinky ring on her finger for a long time, as if she was squinting. Apparently, She’s glad that the ring matches Yuri’s.


“Since there are many people in Nildea who are physically labored, it would be nice if there were no people with heat stroke.”

“It’s sunny today and it’s a little scary, isn’t it?”

It is not wrong that this city is called “the key city Nildea”. Before being occupied by the Yuri Empire, it was located at the western end of the Kingdom of Eldard, and if you go further west, you will be connected to the city of the Principality of Silesia, and if you go northwest, you will be connected to the city of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun. It is a city that has become a “key point” in trade.

In Nildea, where all the special products of the three countries are gathered, not only the companies of the Kingdom of Eldard but also the companies based in the Principality of Silesia and the Holy Kingdom of Nimun have “branches” in Neldia, and wagons related to each company are often used. After visiting, they will leave for another city.

Because it has already been announced that there will be no tax for this year, the activities of each company are currently very active. The “entry tax” collected from the wagons that enter the city is not free, but the tax is much lower than when it was under the rule of the Kingdom of Eldart, so the wagons that go to and from Nildea are really many.

Because it is such a city — The most common occupation for the citizens of Nildea is “carrier”, which carries out loading and unloading of wagons at the warehouses owned by each company. By the way, the runner-up is occupations such as steelmaking and metal processing. It is not difficult to imagine that it is a difficult occupation to engage in the hot summer. If the number of wagons increases and the labor is overworked, resistance to heat stroke will be weakened.

“Would you like Koume (red plum) to put up a [temperature control barrier]?”

“Actually, that’s not a bad move, isn’t it?”

[Temperature control barrier] is a barrier that keeps the internal space at an arbitrary temperature.

The temperature that can be set is from “-20 degrees” to “60 degrees” celsius. Since it cannot be set to a temperature that can be used for attacks, it has little usage in the game of “Atros Online”, and it was a barrier that could be deployed exclusively in the fields and used instead of a greenhouse.

[Temperature control barrier] is a low-level magic, so the cost of developing and maintaining the barrier is low. Since we only use materials with a large stockpile, expanding it to surround the entire city will not be a big burden.

“Well, if you do, you should do it after the city moves.”

“That’s right. Even if you set up a barrier now, it will be useless if we move.”

Although we only use materials that have a large stockpile, they are reluctant to waste them. After all, it’s probably a material that can’t be re-obtained.

“Then, why don’t you use the magic of [climate manipulation] for the time being?”

“Oh, I see. Certainly the temperature can still be lowered.”

Yuri nods at Hamar’s suggestion.

[Weather Manipulation] is a magic that can be used by the children of “Red Rose (Enclaise)”.

If you trace the origin, there is a magic called [Wind Manipulation] that controls the direction and strength of the wind, and above that there is a magic called [Weather Manipulation] that controls not only the wind but also the weather.
[Climate Manipulation] is a magic that is even higher than that [Weather Manipulation], and in addition to wind and weather, it can manipulate all weather in the vicinity, including temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.
Of course, it would be a fairly high-ranking magic. However, unlike the magic of the barrier system, it consumes only magical power and does not use materials, so it can be used quite comfortably.

“Oh — but that’s no good. I think the farmers are in trouble.”

[Climate Manipulation] is a magic that originally has a very wide range of effect, so it will affect the outside of the city of Nildea.
Therefore, if you set the environment equivalent to “spring” in [climate manipulation], the fields that the farmers are creating outside the city will also be placed in the “spring” environment.
Farmers are planning their farming on the premise that it will be “summer” from today. Changing the environment of the fields can interfere with their work.

“It doesn’t work very well.”

“It can’t be helped. Let’s have the citizens of Nildea put up with the relocation of the city. For the time being tonight’s “broadcast”, we will tell to not overuse the workers to each of the Nildea companies.”

“By the way, what is the content of the broadcast tonight? I’m always really looking forward to the “broadcast” that Yuri-sama is doing every night.”

Hamar asks Yuri so, with her eyes shining.

It seems that there are quite a lot of children in “Yuri Empire”, not limited to Hamar, who are looking forward to daily broadcasting.

“Today is the first day of the week, so it’s “Yuri’s Room”. Since the guest is Cassia from “Kuroyuri (Nostia)”, I’m honestly worried about what kind of broadcast it will be, and my head hurts ..”

―――― Needless to say, it is a rip-off of a certain familiar program with an onion hair person as the moderator.

Because the story of the broadcast did not come to mind too much, she once tried to broadcast the introduction of the “Yuri Empire” members called “Yuri’s Room”, and for some reason this was quite popular with the citizens of Nildea. Therefore, after that, she tried to broadcast “Yuri’s Room” on the first day of every week. It’s very easy because all you have to do is to broadcast the chat appropriately.

However, she can’t really predict what she will say during the broadcast tonight as the guest is Cassia from “Kuroyuri”, so she’s really worried.

“If the broadcast goes bad, I’ll devote it to Cassia’s “Cage” tonight. I’m sorry if I’m going to postpone Hamar’s “love duty” tomorrow.”

“I understand. If you postpone it, you can be with Yuri as an escort tomorrow. That’s just a pleasure for me.”

“It would be helpful if you said that. Now then…”

The bundle of documents that had been read was tapped on the desk to align the edges.

Then, Yuri got up from the chair.

“I’m going out, Hamar. Please go out with me.”

“Of course, Yuri-sama”

Move to the balcony on the 3rd floor of the lord’s building with the escort Hamar.

There, Yuri summoned a causative beast, the Wyvern.

“… If Yuri-sama is on board, why don’t you summon a stronger dragon?”

The called Wyvern is a petit level 52 individual. This is one of the lowest Wyvern species in the Dragon, and is one of the weakest individuals.

“Is there a lot of wagons running in the city of Nildea today?”

“Yes. The merchants are actively running.”

“It seems that if you call a dragon that is too strong, the horse that pulls the carriage will be scared. Therefore, if there is no particular need, it is better to summon a weaker dragon, Rubetta and Ados advise so.”

“I see, that’s the situation …”

“It’s a pretty small individual, but since it’s a wyvern, I think it’s possible to carry about two people. Of course, if Hamar wants to fly alone, I can’t stop, but what should I do?”

“There is no way to give up such a role. Of course, I will ride it together.”

With maller individuals they can ride in close contact. Yuri uses about 40 Wyverns as causative beasts, but the reason for summoning a particularly small individual is not without such a motive.

Put a saddle for two people on the back of the Wyvern. First, Yuri straddled and rode, and behind that, Hamar rode sideways.

“Isn’t it a little unstable to ride sideways?”

“I will hug Yuri-sama’s body strongly.”

“It can’t be helped”

When hugged strongly from the back side, the bulge of Hamar’s chest was felt in detail. She can’t wait to give her love for the body tonight.

[1] I think it’s mistake here, the raw written 32, but based on chapter 20, one month should be 40 days, five weeks and eight days a week.

Yuri Empire

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