Yuri Empire – 037

Yuri Empire

037 After The meeting

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/39/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Then, excuse us for this.”

“Thanks to Ados and Rubetta for today. Thanks to the two people attending the meeting, I got a lot of useful knowledge. I’m sure I’ll thank you for this.”

“Your Majesty Yuri, it’s useless to thank me and Ados. Rather, I would like to thank Your Majesty for listening to our opinions. We are just merchants so far. There was no nation that would treat well like this”

“You say something weird. It’s natural because we called you to come.”

After the meeting was over, Yuri went out to the front door of the lord’s building and saw off Ados and Rubetta. It’s only natural for Yuri to treat them with respect and give thanks because they called in and asked them to come all the way.

The two are the chairmen of the company, and they are busy and come to her for some time. How can you treat someone like that gratefully?

After seeing off the two, Yuri returned to the meeting place again. All the captains of the “Yuri Empire” are still sitting and waiting there.

Yuri had asked everyone in advance to stay in the guild chat, saying, “I have another thing I want to talk about”.

“Is the story we’re about to talk secret to those two?”

“It’s not so secret”

Yuri smiled unintentionally at Cassia’s words of teasing tone. She’s not talking about something she doesn’t want to tell Rubetta and Ads.

“Rather, the story I’m about to talk about is simply unrelated to the two.”

It is bad to associate two people who are completely busy with a story that is not related to them. Because she thought so,sheI was just trying to talk with the members of the “Yuri Empire”, and she didn’t have any particular intentions.

“So what is the story, Lord?”

“I’ll check one thing first. At this point, how many troops have completed the ritual at the cathedral and have acquired the ‘vocation’?”

When Yuri asked, all the captains of the other units raised their hands, except for the Henruta of “Yellow Rose (Nilclaise)” and the Mizar of “Blue Rose (Shcraze)”.

“Thank you, you can drop your hand. Then all the teams will be finished by the end of this month as planned.”

“It’s kind of weird to get a new vocation apart from the previous profession (class).”

“Yeah, but I think it’s a good deal because we can actually have two professions.”

Yuri expresses her personal opinion while responding to Parfe, the captain of “Himeyuri (Patia)”.

In addition, Yuri exercised the skill of <Appraisal> toward Parfe.

Human race << Norns >> / 16 years old, female / Propensity: Neutral (+ 2%)
<Saiki (Estera)>-Lv.200
[Swordsman] -Lv.3

Vitality: 26260/26260 (21260 + 5000)
Magical power: 20061/20061 (17161 + 2900)

[Muscle strength] 6812 (6420 + 62 + 330)
[Toughness] 7224 (6760 + 54 + 410)
[Agility] 11400 (7620 + 80 + 1800 / equipment correction + 20%)

[Wisdom] 7981 (7200 + 41 + 740)
[Charm] 9180 (7620 + 46 + 680 / equipment correction + 10%)
[Protection] 9227 (7580 + 59 + 600 / equipment correction + 12%)

Parfe went to the cathedral with all the units of “Himeyuri” the other day, and got the vocation of [Swordsman] by completing the ritual there.

In this world, it is generally said that by performing a ritual, it is possible to receive “a vocation that God has judged to be the most suitable for that person.” ――― But that is a “lie”.

As evidence, Lydina said this just a few days ago.

“The vocation is just being chosen randomly you know?”


Therefore, after completing the ritual, the children of “Himeyuri” have acquired different “vocations” such as [light warrior], [magician], and [cook].

The same is true for the children of other units. For example, “Kuroyuri” is a unit of occupation where everyone can summon an undead called <Necromancy (Helion)>, but there are also children who have obtained the priesthood of [priest] there.

The priest who summons the undead — the meaning is no longer understandable.

However, if you don’t like it, you can take the re-ritual only once a month and change to another randomly selected vocation. Children who seem to be incompatible with the profession that they originally have should just do it again next time.

“I wonder if everyone can see Patia with their <appraisal> skills.”

When Yuri urged them to do so, the eyes of everyone on the spot gathered at Patia.

If you look at Patia using the <Appraisal> skill, the exact same information that Yuri is currently looking at should be displayed in everyone’s field of vision.

“Patia got the vocation of [Swordfighter]. Good …”

Sakura, the captain of “Sakuraka”, said so with a deeply enviable voice.

Sakura, who has a profession (class) of <Swordsman (Talha)>, would have wanted to see the path of the sword even more by obtaining something related to sword weapons even in her vocation.

The vocation is a random lottery, so it depends on your luck whether you get what you want. And unfortunately, Sakura’s vocation was [thief], which seemed to have little to do with the sword.

Maybe Sakura will have a re-lottery ceremony again next month.

“Sakura. What I want you to see this time is not that, but the vocational level.”

“Is it a level …? Oh, the level is already “3”, isn’t it?”

“Yes. I received an instruction from my sister, so yesterday I went a little far by myself and hunted about a dozen monsters to raise the level by two.”


In response to Parfe’s words, the first person to give a surprised voice was Primula, the captain of “Red Rose (Enclaise)”.

A little later, Hotaru of “Red plum”, the Sera of “Water lily”, and Partita of “Nadeshiko” also have a surprised expression. After all, this area is probably the children who have fast-moving heads.

“It seems that unlike the time of ‘Leangard’, you can gain experience points in this world even if you act alone and defeat the monsters.”


After receiving Yuri’s explanation, she finally noticed, and the rest of the children were surprised. Primula has “gone far alone and hunted monsters”. In other words, Yuri does not accompany her.

In the game of “Atros Online”, the character of “Subordinate NPC” was designed so that experience points could not be obtained unless they acted with the player. This would be a measure to prevent so-called “abandoned hunting” using subordinate NPCs. With this specification, Yuri had to accompany them when raising the level of characters in “Yuri Empire” other than herself.

It goes without saying how difficult it was to grow a total of 359 characters, excluding Yuri herself, to “Level 200”.

However, this is a “different world”, which is different from the game world “Leangard”. Perhaps because of that, there is no need for Yuri to accompany them in this world, and it seems that they can grow their level even if everyone acts alone and hunts monsters as they wish.

“If you look closely, you’ll understand, but by raising the level of [Swordsman] to 3, Primula’s ability score has increased a little more than before. Originally — she should already have reached the limit as a person, where I couldn’t expect the growth of my ability score.
Of course, not only Primula but everyone else will be able to grow stronger than ever by raising the level of their vocation. That’s why I was instructing everyone to “visit the cathedral and receive a vocation within this month”.”

“I see, if this month ends and the calendar enters “Summer month”—”

“Yes. The monster will be resurrected.”

Affirming Primula’s words, Yuri states so.

The monsters in this world are known for “recovering their numbers when the seasons change”. Therefore, if the calendar changes to “summer month” next month, the monsters that live around Nildea, which has already been “destroyed” this month, will all recover to the same number as before.

Needless to say, this is a great opportunity to raise the level of your vocation.

“People who are not blessed with their favorite vocation will receive a ritual again next month and will re-lot the vocation. Even if this re-lottery raises the level to” 2 “or higher, again It seems that it will be returned to level “1”. In other words, if a person planning a re-lottery hunts a monster, that amount of experience will be wasted.
Therefore, the members who will perform “Destroyer” next month should form a team within each unit so that only the children who are satisfied with the vocation obtained this month can do it. Also, let the children who are planning to re-lot the vocation be teamed up and leave this as a defense of Nildea in the city. ”

“””—We understand!”””

In response to Yuri’s instructions, everyone chanted the words of consent all at once.

Of course, only Cassia of “Kuroyuri” gave an unmotivated reply saying “I don’t mind” as usual.

“And one report to everyone. After receiving the ritual to confer a vocation at the cathedral, it turns out that the profession (class) we had until now is optimized in this world.”

“O, Oputima…? Lord, what is that?”

“Simply put | The abilities gained by the profession (class) will be adjusted to be easy to use in this world. You see, there was a story about  “whenever we produce using the materials of this world, it will fail” right? ”

“Yes, I remember. It was revealed by the verification of everyone in “Rindo”.”

“The reason for that is that our profession (class) was only supposed to be used in the world of ‘Leangard’. So if we try to use the materials of this world, the skill will cause an abnormality (error) and has always failed.
With the help of God at the cathedral, they will modify the profession (class) so that it can be used properly in this world, and the problem will be solved. Now that the children of “Rindo” have professions (classes) optimizations, they no longer fail when dealing with materials from this world. ”

It is said that everyone is now enthusiastic about developing a new production recipe because they can handle the materials of this world safely. The day when a new item that did not exist in the game of “Atros Online” will be completed will surely not be so far.

“Yeah … I understand, but I don’t understand … Anyway, I think it would be great if Rindo’s worries were resolved.”

“Fufu, Sakura is a kind child. It’s okay if you know that much.”

There are a lot of stupid children in “Sakuraka”, led by the captain Sakura. That part is also one of their charms, and it’s just a beauty that Yuri thinks it’s cute.

“By the way, I have something to ask everyone. I want everyone to capture some “Axhorn” and “Urigo” monsters while raising the level with “Destroyer” next month. ”

“Capture …? As livestock?”

“I’m going to try to make it a causative beast.”

Yuri, who has an occupation (class) of <Bond Chain (Eterlinker)>, which is the highest rank derived from <Summoner>, is to “subdue one-on-one” monsters. If you succeed, you can turn the monster into your own “servant beast”.

Actually, Yuri has gone out of the city and defeated the monster of “Uriggo” on a one-on-one basis. Unfortunately, at that time, Urigo could not be used as a causative beast. However, if Yuri’s occupation (class) is optimized, the result may have changed. So Yuri definitely wants to try again.

(Ah, but … Certainly, trying to make Axhorn a “livestock” might be an interesting attempt.)

Remembering Sakura’s line earlier, Yuri thinks that in her head.

If you just want to get meat, it is faster to subdue it, but if you keep Axhorn as livestock, you may get milk. If that happens, there is a possibility that cheese and butter will be available.

Of course, milk, cheese, butter, etc. can be obtained by raising cows normally in this world. Rather than visiting some city or village and negotiating to give away the cow, the Axhorn, which can be captured and procured from there, may be more convenient for Yuri than the real cow.

Isn’t it bad to try breeding once?

Yuri Empire

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