Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 043

Hungry Saint

043 Good Deeds of The Universal Witch Abigail ①

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“Hey, shopkeeper! I’m here.”
“Oh, Abigail!”
“It’s been a long time, uncle!”

They came to the inn “Flying Frog” on the highway.

From the royal capital to Merrill city…… It is a well-known inn on the highway leading to the forest where Abigail lives. It also serves as a dining room for travelers, and the seasonal dishes specially made by the owner are exquisite. Since it is located far from the royal capital and the city, it does not make you feel that many of the ingredients are preserved foods in the summer.

There is a nice scent of peach around. It is from a splendid old tree in the garden of the inn.

“This smell… is it amber peach?”
“Oh, just at the end of the fruitful season. It’s thanks to the saint that I can smell this again!”
“No, not so much!”
“Well, the amber peach fruit is the sweetest of all the fruits, so it quickly becomes useless.”
“Master, I have developed a magic tool to solve that problem.”
“Eh !?”

Abigail signal.
The sled and the box that John had on his back were lowered.
For the time being, he was reminded to not speak in front of the innkeeper in case he should be surprised.

“Wow, big dog”
“Inexcusable, I’m not … Mugugu”
“Did anyone speak now?”
“Ah, nothing!”

Emilia hugged John’s big nose and blocked it.

“This is the product”
“It’s not just a box. It’s a magic tool, a refrigerator.”
“Refrigerator … what is that?”
“Open the box”
“…Huh, it’s winter!”

The owner of the inn is stunning. He was impressed that winter was spreading in the box. A magical tool / refrigerator that traps cold air with the magical power of the ice wolf Fenrir.

“You have said that customers were being taken by shops near the royal capital and the city that serve fresh fish and meat. With this, both meat and fish can be preserved.”
“I’m always indebted to Master. A little thank you … Please be the subject of the experiment. I want to know the power of the refrigerator.”
“Thank you… Thank you very much! How kind…! Oh, magic is all-purpose, isn’t it?”
“Haha, master, is magic all purpose? Magic is a half-hearted thing that can only be handled by those with magical power. It’s not all-purpose … So I make it, magical tools. So everyone can benefit from it. ”

The owner of “Flying Frog” was so impressed by Abigail’s words that he gave them amber peaches that they couldn’t carry as a souvenir.

“That’s why we’ll share the amber peach. There’s Nadia and Mrs. Sausage Baguette.”
“Wow, it’s amazing! Isn’t it a high-class fruit … Thank you, Abigail-san”
“Every time I go to the fridge maintenance, I get a lot of peaches. I thought that if Emilia ate all these sweets, it would be poisonous to her…”
“Ah … I’m sure she’ll eat everything, Emilia-sama… by the way, where’s her?”
“She’s waiting outside sleeping on the dog.”
“…What, dog? Not a horse?”
“It’s a dog”
“A dog is… oh, that big Mofumofu-chan. You’re also registered as a familiar in the guild! But it’s a type of familiar that I haven’t seen much.”
“Ah. Well … it’s a rare breed.”

That was the ice wolf Fenrir, one of the four great phantom beasts that protect the world tree — it was something that  Abigail couldn’t say.

John was a great dog.
Perfectly carrying luggage, John, a good boy, is still sitting outside the adventurer’s guild.
Emilia is sleeping on his back.

Because it is a big and gentle dog, it is very popular with children in the neighborhood …No, he is not a dog but Fenrir.

In fact, Emilia became John’s “covenant” and began to borrow the power of the ice wolf Fenrir, and the end of the dungeon capture in Merrill City began to appear.

— For more than 100 years since the discovery of the dungeon, the road to the deepest part, which was considered unreachable, has come into view.

The city of Merrill is boiling in front of the long-awaited dungeon traversal.

Hungry Saint

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