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049 Won’t Let You Go

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/51/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
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After that, Yuri exchanged various stories with Pope Altorius.

Although the purpose of the visit was to send messengers, as long as she was able to meet with the landlord of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, it has exactly the same meaning as bilateral talks. In terms of deepening friendship, trade will be activated in the future, so there were many stories that should be discussed with the partner country.

―――― However, first of all, you have to digest what you should do.

“Pope Altorius. Actually, Estoa has asked me to develop a [temperature control barrier] in the palace and the cathedral. What should I do?”

“Hmm … I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the barrier, so can you explain it?”

“Of course”

Yuri exercises the skill of [Summoning subordinate NPCs], calls Hotaru, the captain of “Red Plum (Koumei)” who is good at barrier art, and explains what kind of effect the barrier has.

[Temperature control barrier] is a barrier that keeps the internal space at an arbitrary temperature. In the space protected by this barrier, a comfortable temperature is always maintained even in the desert.

“It’s okay to create a barrier not just for the palace and cathedral, but for the entire city.”

“… Are you sure? It’s difficult, as expected.”

“It’s not so much labor, isn’t it? However, if it is spread over the entire city, it will of course cost a certain amount.”

“You don’t have to worry about the materials (costs) consumed. Of course I will give it because it is a request from my saint. I will not ask the Holy Kingdom of Nimun for the burden.”

“Aruji-sama, so how about it? If you want to create a barrier throughout the city, you can also deploy a [boundary barrier] to prevent monsters from invading the city?”

“Prevent the invasion of monsters? Is it possible to do that?”

In response to Hotaru’s word, the Pope, Estoa, and the two high priests all showed surprise.

When she heard the story, it seems that a large monster flying in the sky in the shape of “vulture” appears once every few days in Nimun Holy Land.

Because it is a monster that flies in the sky, the barrier that surrounds the city of Farrata is of course useless. As a countermeasure against this monster, it seems that guard turrets (yagura) are set up in various places in the city, and archers are also placed. Even so, the threat has not been suppressed, and when a monster attacks, there is a high probability that the people will be damaged.

“If you can protect the people, there is no other way. I will give you as much reward as possible, and I would appreciate it if you could cover the entire city of Farrata with a barrier.”

“Okay, Hataru, let’s do it before it gets dark.”

“Aiaisa ~, Aruji-sama ~”

Yuri and Hotaru wear “black feather shoes” and move while flying in the sky, circling around the city of the holy city of Farrata and driving barrier stones into the ground, developing two barriers [temperature control barrier] and [boundary barrier] .

With this, the temperature of the holy city of Farrata should always be kept at a temperature that makes it easy for people to work, day or night. Citizens’ activities, which had been sluggish due to the cold and heat, will become more active in the future.

Also, among the children of “Red Plum”, the [Barrier Barrier] developed by Hotaru, which is packed with p2w equipment which strengthened barrier techniques, has considerable strength. They don’t know what level of monsters appear in the vicinity of the holy city of Farrata. A monster attack of level 100 or lower will not be able to damage the barrier.

Furthermore, Yuri also summoned three children of “Kikyou” and asked them to build a small warehouse in an empty space near the palace of the Holy City, and to enclose the building with a [temperature control barrier] by Hotaru. This is a warehouse for storing the chocolates that Estoa, Priest Leonard and Priest Roan were looking for.

The temperature of the space surrounded by [Temperature control barrier] can be set freely between “-20 degrees” and “60 degrees”, so make sure that the temperature inside this building is kept at the lowest “-20 degrees”.

A general freezer is about “-18 degrees”, so at this temperature it will be possible to store it in a freezer. At least there’s no need to worry about the chocolate melting. Chocolate can be stored for a long time if frozen. In this warehouse, there should be no problem even if you store a certain amount of goods. Of course, it can be used not only for storing chocolate but also as a “freezer”, so the utility value of the building should not be exhausted even for the Holy Land.

When I returned to the palace of the Holy City after finishing one job, the sun had already set. Yuri has a job that she always does every evening. It’s the usual “broadcast”. Because we have come to the capital of the Holy Land of Nimun, let’s “broadcast” the dialogue with Pope Altorius today. With that in mind, Yuri asked, and the Pope immediately agreed.

“Is it ‘broadcasting’ using telepathy…? Yuri-sama is a versatile person who can do that.”

“I’m glad you praise me, but it’s just a coincidence like this, because there’s really little I can do on my own.”

“By the way, about that ‘broadcast’. Is it possible to make it available not only to the citizens of Nildea but also to the citizens of Farrata?”

“… It’s possible, but is that okay?”

From Yuri’s point of view, it doesn’t seem to be sane, such as allowing people from other countries to “broadcast”.

“It’s cold in the desert nights, and the citizens are basically stuck at home after the sun goes down. They should be hungry for entertainment, so if Yuri-sama sends the “broadcast “, the citizens will surely be pleased. — Of course, thanks to Yuri-sama’s [temperature control barrier], the citizens may become more active at night in the future. ”

“Hmm … By the way, is it okay to just broadcast to Farrata today?”

“If Yuri-sama doesn’t mind it, please from now on too.”

Somehow, from today, she has decided to deliver “broadcasting” not only to Nildea but also to the citizens of Farrata.

In order to deliver the broadcast to the citizens, it is necessary to connect “Kizuna (link)”, and for that purpose, it is necessary to use the magic of [space grasp] in the city of Farrata.

Because of that, everything from the population of the holy city of Farrata to the economic situation and military-related information has become known to Yuri — well, if Yuri is careful not to abuse it, that’s okay. Isn’t it?

By the way, the holy city of Farrata was larger than Nildea in terms of urban area. However, the total population is only about 15,000, Nildea is much more.

Today, the memorable first time of the two-country simultaneous broadcast, we first informed the citizens of Farrata the fact that they had set up a [boundary barrier] to prevent the invasion of monsters and a [temperature control barrier] to stabilize the temperature.

These barriers have not yet been set up in the city of Nildea. Therefore, she thought that the citizens of Nildea might feel uncomfortable, so dhr promised the citizens of Nildea that she would not install it in the current city, but “will install it in the city after relocation”.

She honestly told them that if she set up a barrier now, the materials you consume will be wasted, so this will help to calm doen the citizens of Nildea.

After that, she broadcast a dialogue with Pope Altorius. She didn’t talk about it so strangely, but in the first place, for the citizens, not only the landlords of other countries, but even the landlords of their own country rarely have the opportunity to see it, so it became a “broadcast” that people were fully interested in.

After the broadcast was over, they talked about what kind of things they would exchange with Pope Altorius in the future until late at night.

“After all, since half of the land of the Holy Land is desert, there aren’t many trade items that can be put out …”

While Pope Altorius said so, he showed Yuri a list of the main trade items that the Holy Kingdom of Nimun is exchanging with other countries. Witnessing the list ―――. Yuri is made to understand that the Pope’s words just announced are full of a great deal of “humility.”

At first glance, the two things that made Yuri feel “dangerous” were “rubber” and “myrrh”.

These two types of materials also existed in the game of “Atros Online”, but in principle neither of them drops monsters. It was a material acquired by using collection skills at places called “collection points” scattered on the ground (field).

Therefore, these materials are still impossible for Yuri to “re-acquire”. To be honest, She’s very grateful that it can be procured in this world as well.

Regarding rubber, there is no need to explain the wide range of uses anymore. The first usage that comes to mind for Yuri is to use them for carriages. If you have rubber, you can make a “tube” and complete a “tire”. Simply replacing the wooden wheels with tires will greatly reduce the wagon’s sway, and at the same time, it should be expected to improve braking.

It should be possible to make adhesives such as glue from natural rubber. Elastic cord is a material often used for clothing, and it is indispensable to use it for shoes.

Also, rubber is an insulator and does not conduct electricity. Therefore, there is no doubt that it is a highly useful material for use in armor and magic tools.

“Myrrh” is a distilled resin from a specific tree. It is a kind of “incense” that is used by burning, and it also has value as a “medicine” because it has a bactericidal action. It is also widely known as a preservative used for bodies when making mummies in ancient Egypt. There is even a theory that myrrh became the etymology of “mummy”.

In the game “Atros Online”, it was an indispensable material for making high-level remedies. There is no doubt that it is a very attractive trade item for Yuri.

“The fact that there is wool in the item means that you are raising sheep, right?”

“Yes, because some sheep can grow in the desert.”

When you hear “sheep” as a Japanese sensibility, you may have the image that nomadic people are raising only in a limited area. Sheep are animals with extremely high adaptability to the environment, and in fact, there are species that have adapted anywhere in the world.

Sheep are not common in some parts of Asia, including Japan.

Whether in desert areas, very steep mountainous areas, isolated islands with cliffs, volcanic areas, or even in places that are closed to snow all year round, sheep have species that are adapted to the land. ..

However, unfortunately it is not bred near Nildea. Because the area around Nildea is warm and easy to livestock, livestock such as cows and pigs, which are preferred by human mouths, are bred more vigorously.

“Is it possible to sell lanolin as a trade item?”

“Um … what exactly is that ‘lanolin’?”

“It’s a lipid from wool, or something like ‘wax’.”

“— Oh. It’s a by-product of removing fat from wool. In our country, it is mixed with beeswax and used to tan the leather.”

“I wonder if you can add that to your trade items.”

“Of course it doesn’t matter …”

It was clearly written on the face of Pope Altorius (what on earth would it be used for?), but she just ignored it.

Lanolin is a material that can be used as a material for cosmetics. Since it can give a moisturizing effect to the skin, it is highly likely that it can be used as a material for basic products in cosmetics. Needless to say, cosmetics can be a product that produces enormous “wealth.” So,even though it was Pope Altorius, she didn’t feel like talking about this usage so easily.

―――― The overwhelmingly dangerous trade items on the list are neither “rubber” nor “myrrh”, much less “lanolin”.
The overwhelmingly dangerous items were listed there.

“Pope Altorius. What is this ‘burning water’?”

“It’s literally a ‘well-burning liquid’ when you light it. It doesn’t generate much firepower, but it burns for a long time, so it’s used to warm up the night of desert life. But …”


“If you burn it, you will get sick, it seems that gas will come out. Therefore, it may be dangerous if you use it in a closed room.”

“Hmm … Can you show me the real thing?”

“Let’s bring it now”

At the direction of Pope Altorius, one of the women in white costumes in the corner of the room went out of the room. After a few more minutes, the woman returned to the room with a container of liquid.

She thought this was probably “burning water”, and Yuri looked into the container. It had an unpleasant odor mixed with the so-called hot spring odor or the odor of “hydrogen sulfide”.

(… What is this…)

Yuri exercised the <Appraisal> skill because she couldn’t understand it even if she looked at it.

Then, look at “burning water”

  • —- +
    □ Crude oil / quality [98]
    Petroleum with a lot of impurities that has not been refined yet. It has a strong odor.
    It is a kind of mineral resource and very valuable. It springs naturally in some areas.
  • —- +

―――― What should you say about your feelings when you read the explanation?

“I definitely want to maintain a friendly relationship with the Nimun Holy Kingdom for a long time.”

“Yes, yeah. Thank you for your cooperation.”

With a big smile, Yuri extended her hand and shook hands with the Pope again. A country full of such precious resources, who the hell will miss this chance?

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