Yuri Empire – 050

Yuri Empire

050 Restless With The Death

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/52/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Three days have passed since the meeting with Pope Altorius, and today is “Summer Moon 11th”. As usual, Yuri spends the morning in the office of the Lord’s Building. Today, instead of getting rid of her duties, she sits in a chair and has a hollow gaze.

Iguazu of “Kikyou”, which is today’s “love duty”, was just quietly looking at the expression of Yuri. She knows what Yuri is doing, so she’s not particularly worried. However, there aren’t many opportunities to see Yuri’s face up close. She thanked God for the unexpected good luck. However, the god Iguazu gives thanks to is also Yuri.

Eventually, about 20 minutes passed. Finally, the focus returns to Yuri’s eyes.

With both arms extended above the head, yuri stretched the hardened body. Meanwhile, Iguazu poured tea from a teapot kept warm and cozy into two cups and offered one to Yuri.

“Thank you, Iguazu”

“No. How was the state of the Kingdom Army, my sister?”

“At the latest, it looks like they are going to be dispatched in an hour.”

The reason Yuri had hollow eyes until just a while ago was because she was concentrating on the vision of the servant beast. Yuri, who has acquired the skill of <sharing the field of view>, can share and recognize the scenery seen by the servant beast that she summoned as one of her own fields of view.

Yuri had previously dispatched about 10 servant beasts “Sylph” to the Eldart Kingdom.

Needless to say, the purpose is “surveillance” of the kingdom. Sylph, the spirit of the wind, can completely disappear by assimilating with the wind. It was a very convenient beast to use for reconnaissance purposes, as it can significantly reduce the risk of being found by the opponent.

“In the kingdom, they were doing something like a little ceremony right now.”


“Yes. It’s a kind of dispatch ceremony … I think it’s like a send-off party. It seems that a great man is giving a speech in front of the soldiers to be dispatched and trying to raise the morale of the soldiers.”

“Hey. Is that effective?”

“At least the soldiers had only tired faces.”

After all, it’s “Summer moon” now. The unnecessarily long speeches of the great men heard in the hot summer sun are only painful for the soldiers.

It had the effect of lowering morale, but it couldn’t have had the effect of increasing it.

“By the way, how many troops were there?”

“I think it’s about 60,000. It’s a little more than I expected.”

She remembered that Rubetta had previously predicted that the number of troops coming out of the kingdom would be 40,000 and Ados would be 50,000. It seems that a little more soldiers have gathered than they expected.

However, no matter how many tens of thousands of soldiers come, it’s not a big difference for Yuri.

“From the capital of the Kingdom of Eldart, to Nildea … is it about 80km?”

“Well, I wonder if it will be about that distance. Since the area within a radius of 20 km from the city of Nildea is defined as the land of the “Yuri Empire”, the distance to invade our land is 60 km. ”

“Hmmmm … If so, how many days will it take to arrive?”

“That’s a difficult question.”

People walk at a pace of about 4 to 5 km / h, so assuming that they walk for 8 hours a day, they can walk about 32 to 40 km every day.

It is a fairly easy and stupid idea to simply calculate like that ――――.

Actually, the more people flock, the slower the movement speed.

When it comes to an army of tens of thousands, its march speed will drop blatantly. Even if you proceed with a forced march, it would be good if you could move 20km a day at most.

The capital of the kingdom is connected to Nildea by a highway, but the highway is only wide enough for two carriages to run side by side. So it would be difficult to use it to move the army.

Also, if a large number of people are gathering and acting, it will naturally incite the vigilance of nearby monsters and the frequency of being attacked will increase. That should definitely be a factor in slowing down the march.

“… Well, I think it will take four days to reach the border.”

“Does it take so much? It’s the lazy turtles.”

Considering various factors, the distance that the kingdom army can move in a day is at most 15 to 16 km.

It takes a full four days to travel a distance of 60km. Today is “Summer Moon 11th”, so the border will be crossed on “Summer Moon 15th”.

Previously, Rubetta and Ados expected that the Kingdom Army would come on the 15th to 20th of the summer month. The prediction was very accurate.

Yuri thinks again that the talents of those two people are the real deal.

“If they come, I want them to come quickly. I want to get rid of the troubles early.”

“Do you still use “Ultimate Mystery” to deal with the Kingdom Army?”

“Yes, I’m going to do that. It will also replenish resources.”

“That’s right. ‘Rindo’ will be pleased.”

The “Ultimate Mystery” that Yuri can exercise only once every 100 days has the side effect of annihilating a very wide range of enemies and at the same time producing a large amount of specific valuable resources.

Because it is a resource that can be conveniently used for the production of weapons, armor, decorations, etc., as Iguazu says, the children of “Rindo” will be pleased.

“But it’s good. I also want to release the “ultimate mystery” for the first time in a long time.”

“Even if I build a ‘castle’ now, it will be in trouble.”

In response to Iguazu’s words, Yuri smiled unintentionally.

“Ultimate Mystery” is a skill that can be acquired whenever the character’s level reaches “200”, so not only Yuri but all the children of “Yuri Empire” have it.

The “ultimate mystery” that Iguazu has mastered is “one-night castle architecture”, and as the name implies, it is a skill that allows you to build a magnificent “castle” in a short time.

No material is required, so there is no need to prepare any wood or stone. By the way, it can be used at any time, not limited to “night”, and it is a ridiculous skill that the construction of the castle is completed in about 10 minutes instead of “one night”.

―――― However, it is not the situation that a separate “castle” is needed now.

Even if an extra castle was built, it was obvious that it would be left over.

“Yes, my sister. Why don’t you bring Raquel with you when you defeat the Kingdom Army?”

“… Raquel?”

Raquel is a child who belongs to “Kuroyuri” and is also one of the deputy captains.

There was a place to respect politeness, and she was a little strange child in “Kuroyuri”.

“Raquel’s “Ultimate Skill”, I think it goes well with my sister.”

“You think about something crazy …”

The “ultimate mystery” that Raquel has mastered is [Army of the Dead].

This has the effect of reviving all enemies who died within 10 minutes in the vicinity as an arbitrary undead. Moreover, when it becomes undead, the level goes up by 30, so you can “process” it into a stronger ally than when you were an enemy.

Needless to say, it is extremely compatible with wide area annihilation skills.

“Let’s do it. It would be a problem if 60,000 corpses remain in the land of the ‘Yuri Empire’. Let’s process all the corpses into undead and order them to ‘return to their hometown’.”

“Ah. It looks like there will be a lot of screams in various parts of the kingdom.”

Iguazu laughed happily as if she could have imagined that scene.
The fateful day was just around the corner.

Yuri Empire

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