Yuri Empire – 048

Yuri Empire

048 Spring Sword

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Yuri who arrived at the palace got off the carriage. Yuri, Caprice, the escort, and Estoa have cool faces. In contrast, Priest Leonard and Priest Roan seemed to be quite in the heat. There may be heat like a steaming basket in the carriage running under the scorching sun. It should still be easier to walk outside normally as the wind softens some of the heat.

“This ring is very comfortable, but getting used to it will make you weaker …”

With a slightly bitter smile on her face, Estoa leaked so much.

In fact, as she said, if you depend on a ring that has been given <heat and cold resistance>, it may be difficult to live in the desert if you lose the ring.

The ring that ruins people — may have a bad word.

While being guided by Estoa, Yuri enters the large stone palace. It is a palace with no decoration, but a sturdy construction. I think it’s very similar to the atmosphere of the cathedral in Nildea. The area inside the building with small ceiling paintings depicting the gods may be a scene like a national palace with a strong religion.

“The figure of Yuri will be drawn now.”

“I think it can’t be helped to draw such a little girl …”

Yuri smiled unintentionally at Estoa’s words.

Even if you see a little girl in black on the ceiling painting, no one can imagine that it is the last person in God.

After walking in the palace for more than 5 minutes, Estoa stops in front of a certain room. It is in a palace with little decoration, and only the door is engraved with polite decoration. Perhaps this room is the “guest room” that welcomes guests.

When Estoa knocked on the door twice, a gentle voice saying “come in” was immediately returned from inside.

Following Estoa, she entered the room ――― Yuri took a breath.

“… Arita, san?”

She didn’t think there was a colleague “Arita” in the guest room.

No — If you look closely, it’s different. completely different. Arita was a little taller and wasn’t so thin. Arita, who loves beer, was always worried about “beer belly”, and she remembers his cheeks being more plump.

“… Um. I’m sorry, what exactly is “Aritasan”?”

“Oh — No. I’m sorry to say something strange.”

When asked, Yuri hurriedly bowed her head.

Although it was clearly a different person. The atmosphere of the man in front of me seemed to be very similar to that of Arita.

“I’m sorry, it was a lot like the acquaintance I used to take care of.”

“Oh, is that so?”

―――― Like Yuri, Arita may have moved to another world.

For a moment, she even thought about that in my head.

“I’m sorry, but my name is Yuri. I’m the landlord of the Yuri Empire.”

“My name is Altorius, who governs the Holy Kingdom of Nimun as Pope. I am very honored to be able to meet Yuri-sama, one of the main gods, in person.”

“Thank you, Altorius. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your approval of the Yuri Empire as a nation and for offering friendship.”

Yuri responds by immediately grasping the hand that Altorius has extended.

Apparently, the custom of “handshake” also exists in this different world.

While shaking hands, Yuri observes Altorius’ face and figures seriously. Pope Altorius was more like the character “Alter”, the character that Arita was operating in the game of “Atros Online” than the person himself.

There is no round glass that was his trademark. The atmosphere is somewhat similar, and the way they speak and their facial features are similar. The names are also “Altrius” and “Alter”, and she feels that they are a little similar.

“And I would like to thank you for the horse you gave me.”

“It would be best if you were pleased. To be honest, I was wondering what to give …”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have the talent to tell whether the horses are good or not. But the knights of my subordinates say that they are all fearless and very good horses. The 24 horses I received were immediately entrusted to a friendly merchant. I’m sure it will be used well and help trade between the two countries. ”

“That’s wonderful. As you can see, half of the land is desert, so there is a lot of shortage of supplies. I would be grateful if trade becomes active.
―――― Well, what is the standing story, so please sit down and relax first. I’ll prepare a drink now. ”

“Thank you, Altorius”

Prompted, Yuri sits in the middle of a long sofa. Then Estoa and Caprice sat down next to Yuri.

Two people, Priest Leonard and Priest Roan, sit on the opposite side with Pope Altorius in between. The faces of the two high priests were still sweating, perhaps because they could endure the movement in the carriage.

Two women in light white costumes, who were waiting in the corner of the room, prepared tea for six people. I thought it was a hot drink, and when I slowly put it in my mouth, it was tea that had been returned to room temperature. In hot countries, moderately chilled tea may be more pleasing.

“According to the report received from the Holy Knight, Yuri-sama sent all of our messengers using “Transfer Magic”. Thanks to that, there is no need to buy a horse on the way back, and the time it takes to move is shortened entirely. Thank you. ”

“Don’t worry about that. Space magic is what I’m most good at. It’s not a big deal if you send dozens of people.”

“I’ve heard that even a very good transfer magic user can only accompany a transfer to about three people… Yuri-sama’s skill is wonderful.”

Altorius nodded frequently and praised her for letting go without hiding his admiration.

She’s glad that he can evaluate it. From Yuri’s point of view, she didn’t really use much magic, so she had a hard time answering honestly.

“— Oh yeah. I wonder if I’ll give you a return reward before I forget.”

“Return reward…?”

“Only receiving things doesn’t suit me.”

In response to Yuri’s words, Caprice takes out a sword from the <Samurai Bag>.

Yuri presented the sword received from Caprice on the table.


“Something … I feel something like magical power. Maybe it’s a “magic sword”?”

“Yes, this is a magic sword named “Spring Sword”. Can I remove the scabbard here?”

“Of course”

With permission, Yuri pulls out the sheath of the “Spring Sword” in front of the Pope.

What appeared from inside the scabbard was a beautiful sword with a transparent blade like pure water. It has the magical power of water, and can especially be effective for slashing fire-type monsters.

“When you stab this sword into the ground, as the name suggests, water overflows from the place where you stabbed it. If you have one, you’ll almost never have trouble getting water in the desert. ”

“What. It’s also a useful sword …”

“Then, if you stab the sword deep into the ground, a lot of water will overflow depending on the degree. Even if you stab half of the sword, you will get enough water to make a small spring. If you pierce it deep enough to fill everything in, the amount of water will overflow to create a small stream, and the water will continue to flow forever until you pull out the sword. ”

“— Yuri-sama, that’s it.”

“I’ll give it to Pope Altorius. With this sword, you can even create a new water source in a place where there is no water source. Don’t you think it’s a sword that has many uses in the desert?”

After reinserting the sword into the scabbard, Yuri presents the sword to Pope Altorius.

According to a story she heard from Rubetta, the chairman of the “Rostine Chamber of Commerce”, which also does business in the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, cities and villages in the desert are always created in places with an oasis.

Needless to say, “water” is indispensable for people to live.

Desert cities are not always in the desired location, as settlements can only be created where there is an oasis. For trade reasons, even if you want to create a village in this place, you can’t create a village without an oasis there.

―――― But if you have this “Spring Sword”, the story is different.

This sword can create the “water source” itself. With this sword, you can build new settlements anywhere in the desert, as long as you can gather people.

“… Actually, there are many oases where the water level has dropped considerably in the last 10 years. People living in that area are worried about the depletion of water. Now Yuri-sama shows. With that sword, you could restore the water level of the oasis and eliminate the anxiety of the mass, or even create a new settlement in a completely different land. To be honest, I desperately want it so much.”

“Yes, that was good.”

“But — unfortunately, in our country, we don’t think we can offer a price that is worth the magic sword. I’m sorry, but I’d like you to take it home.”

Altorius tells Yuri with a slightly disappointing face.

“… Price? Altorius says something funny. I think I said this was a “return” at the beginning, right?
By the way — Caprice. How many more “Spring Swords” are stored in your “Warrior’s Bag”? ”

“Yes, my lord. There are 29 more.”

“In that case, I wonder if I can get 23 more.”


Caprice takes out an additional 23 “Spring Swords” and puts them on the table.

Immediately, the table top was filled with the “spring water sword” piled up in the bank.

“Pope Altorius. You gave me a total of 24 fearless horses. In return, I will give you the 24 “spring swords” here.”

“No, but that is …”

“I’m not going to force you to accept it, but if you refuse, I understand that it’s an act of disrespecting my feelings that I wanted to reward your country who was the first to be on the side of the Yuri Empire. I want you to keep it. ”


In response to Yuri’s words, Pope Altorius loses his words. It would also be so. From his point of view, it’s like being threatened by Yuri, saying, “I don’t know what will happen if you don’t receive it.”

“… Is it really okay to have it?”

“Of course”

“Wow, I understand. Thank you.”

Pope Altorius bowed deeply, saying so.

―――― Actually, she was happy.

Unlike the letter from the Principality of Silesia, which is nothing but an insult, the letter sent by Pope Altorius was full of consideration.

She would like to reward the gratitude she received with as much gratitude as she could. Frankly, it might be the only Japanese part that remained in Yuri’s heart.

Yuri Empire

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