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Yuri Empire

054 Army of The Dead

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/55/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“Thank you for your hard work, Yuri sister.”

As soon as the kingdom army was annihilated, Raquel flew nearby and thanked her. Before Yuri knew it, Raquel’s appearance became normal. Perhaps she intentionally used some skill to remove the “transparency” state.

“Thank you, Raquel. Did you contact ‘Rindo’?”

“Yes, I told them in the guild chat that it’s all over and can be collected.”

Summoning a meteorite into the sky and dropping it [Star Fall <<Meteor Strike>>] is a “Ultimate Mystery” that attacks an ultra-wide area with a shock wave by a falling meteorite. This summoned “Meteorite” is crushed into several rock fragments by the impact, but remains near the impact point, so a large amount of extremely valuable ore called “Iron Meteorite” is produced from there can be mined.

Smelted iron meteorite ingots and alloys made by mixing with other metals can be conveniently used as materials for armor and ornaments. Since it is best to secure a large stockpile, “Rindo” had been told in advance that she would like them to collect the ore as soon as the Kingdom Army was cleared up.

It seems that Raquel has already contacted them, so maybe 10 minutes later, the children of “Rindo” will come to collect the iron meteorite.

“By the way, Yuri-sister. The technique of collecting the “horse” of the enemy army was also wonderful.”

“… Well, you know.”

In response to Raquel’s words, Yuri smiled unintentionally.

Actually, Yuri took advantage of the confusion between the activation of [Star Fall  <<Meteor Strike >] and the landing, and transferred the entire enemy’s logistical corps with the magic of [Forced Group Transfer].

The transfer destination is in the “new city” currently under construction. Of course, the children of the “Yuri Empire” have been placed in the new city in advance, and all the transferred objects should have been “recovered”.

“It’s a waste to kill a horse, isn’t it?”

“Yes. It would be more beneficial to use it in our country.”

The enemy’s logistical corps consisted of 5,000 soldiers, and one soldier was operating with one cargo handling horse. So there are 5,000 horses, just like soldiers.

Dropping a meteorite from the sky [Star Fall <<Meteor Strike>>] cannot select the target of attack. If you are at the landing point, there is no need to ask and answer, the horse will be wiped out.

Because she felt sorry for it, she used the magic of [Forced Group Transfer] to evacuate the entire Logistics Officer from the attack range, while confused by the rush of the meteorite.

Therefore, the number of soldiers killed by Yuri this time is 55816 in total, minus 5,000. She did a “genocide” without complaint, but —. After all, there was no conflict, or remorse for conscience in Yuri’s heart. In the end, she was probably dyed with “villainy” to the fullest of her heart — and Yuri had only a dry laugh.

“Aside from horses, how do you use the recovered enemy soldiers?”

“I’m not thinking about anything in particular, so I’ll think about it …”

I thought it would be good to lend horses to farmers as farming horses, raise them as livestock, or leave them at Rostine Shokai to use them as pack animals or draft animals… For soldiers, there are no candidates for the time being.

However, there is no such thing as making a soldier who has experienced the absolute fear of death obedient. It may be better to prepare them to become slave labor and use it as a national labor force.

“Rather than that, Raquel, Your “Ultimate Skill” has a time limit, so maybe you should do it early?”

“Ah … that’s right. I’m sorry, I was careless.”

Pointed out by Yuri, Raquel hurriedly exercised the “ultimate mystery” toward the ground.

Her “ultimate mystery” is [Army of the Dead]

It has the effect of permanently subordinating all enemies who died within 10 minutes in the vicinity after reviving them as an arbitrary undead. In other words, all the “55516” enemy soldiers that Yuri just killed will be the “bodies” that Raquel can use.

“Yuri-sama, what kind of undead do you want to “process” the corpse?”

“Well … please stop zombies for the time being. I’m tired of the stench.”

“I understand. It seems that we can process it into “Skeleton Knight” for bone warriors, “Revenant” for monsters, and “Wraith”for spiritual systems.”

“I expected it, but it wouldn’t be a big monster …”

Yuri smiled bitterly when she heard Raquel’s candidate for “processing”.

The undead produced by [Army of the Dead] will be an individual with 30 more levels added to the strength of the previous level. In this case, the level of most enemy soldiers was only about “15-30”. Given that most of them were peasant soldiers, it’s no wonder that the level is low.

If the level of the body is low, adding “30” to it will not be a big value after all. Yuri wanted to at least process it into a “vampire” or “living armor” monster. Apparently, with such a body, it seems that it is not even a candidate for processing.


Yuri overlooks the scene of the mass slaughter that spreads below her eyes.

In addition to the fragments and corpses of the meteorite, the weapons and armor worn by the soldiers are scattered on the ground that has become a large crater due to the impact of the meteorite landing. Even if she doesn’t think that she killed a lot of enemy soldiers, she can feel a little resistance to dumping a lot of enemy soldiers’ armor in this place.

“It would be nice to be able to remove the weapons and armor of enemy soldiers from this place.”

“If so, is it okay to process it into “Skeleton Knight”? If you process it into “Revenant” or “Wraith”, only the corpse will disappear and the equipment will remain.”

“Yes, please do so.”

In response to Yuri’s words, Raquel resumes “processing”.

Created by meteorites,  the crater is filled with a rich miasma that is neither black nor gray. After another minute or so, the miasma cleared up, and a large number of bone warriors “Skeleton Knight” wearing armor and swords appeared in the mist.

“Oh. Weapons and armor should have been completely broken, but ‘processing’ will fix it.”

“For bone warrior monsters, weapons and armor seem to be treated as “parts of the body” rather than “equipment”.”

“I see”

In that case, it is no wonder that the armor will be repaired when it becomes undead.

55816 undead blaze from the crater, all the corpses and armor that had been scattered in large quantities were removed. Apparently, it was used as a material for “processing”.

“There are about 10 “skeleton generals” mixed together.”

“It seems that there were some high-level people there. If the total exceeds 80 levels, it will become a ‘skeleton general’.”

There are not many types of bone warrior monsters. Level 40 is “Skeleton Warrior”, levels 41 to 80 are “Skeleton Knight”, and levels 81 to 110 are “Skeleton General”.

Therefore, if the level of the body itself is “51” or higher, the “30” level will be added by processing, and the result will be “Skeleton General”.

“— Listen, immortal troops.”

Raquel raised her voice towards the undead herd.

“Your Lord is me, but my Lord is Her Majesty Yuri beside me. Therefore, you must obey not only my orders but also Her Majesty Yuri’s orders.”

When Raquel ordered that, 55816 fully armed undead knelt all at once, showing loyalty to Yuri. The control of the undead created by [Army of the Dead] is that of Raquel, the user of the skill, and cannot be transferred to another person.

However, it is possible to order “follow Yuri” as Raquel did now.

“I’m going to ask you to walk back to your hometown ‘Kingdom’, and tour through your hometown’s cities and villages, kill those ‘weapon-bearers’ and ‘demons’ other than you. Kill as soon as you find it, and kill anyone who attacks you or your allies. ”

When Yuri ordered that, a large army of undead began to move eastward. Of course, the capital and cities of their hometown “Kingdom” are in the east.

“Fufu …. The large army sent to the enemy’s land will return as a strengthened “enemy”. What do the great people of the kingdom think?”

“Oh. I’ve raised the level by 30, so I’m sure they’ll be grateful.”

“Oh, I see. It must be.”

In response to Yuri’s words, Raquel smiled with a funny giggle.

Certainly, the fact that the ally who believed and sent out became the undead of the enemies and returned — from the kingdom side, it would be nothing but a “nightmare”.

However, the bone warrior-type undead have a high fighting ability for their level, but instead they are monsters that are significantly inferior in terms of intelligence. It shouldn’t be too difficult to annihilate if the kingdom fights using the city’s barriers, as it only knows to dig in.

Therefore, sending the undead is nothing but “harassment” of the kingdom.

The reason why Raquel used “Ultimate Mystery” this time was rather to remove corpses and armor from this place. Yuri doesn’t want her territory to be polluted by leaving dirty weapons and armor behind.

“By the way… Yuri-sister. The people who are watching can still be left alone, right?”

“Yes. I have to get them back with the information.”

Yuri replied with Raquel’s words as she remembered.

As Raquel says, there is a group of 6 people who are “watching” this battle with the Kingdom Army from a distance. Both Yuri and Raquel were aware of this from the beginning.

After noticing, Yuri was instructing Raquel to leave.

The information has already been extracted by the magic of [Space Grasp], and it is known that they are a repulsive unit belonging to the military of the Principality of Silesia.

Half of the 6 people were magicians, and apparently they used the magic of [magician’s eyes], which allows them to see a little distant place, to “watch” the war.


So, the people of the scout unit already confirm that Yuri annihilated the enemy army with [Star Fall 《Meteor Strike], and Raquel turned all annihilated soldiers into undead army with [Army of the Dead].

Yuri would like them to bring the information back to the Principality of Silesia safely.

This war should have been able to do enough damage to the kingdom. It can be said that the possibility that the kingdom will take some kind of action against the “Yuri Empire” will be drastically reduced. Therefore, it can be considered that the future enemy will be the “Principality of Silesia” rather than the kingdom.

When they received a report from the scout unit and learned that the Yuri Empire had overwhelming power. How will the attitude of the Principality that sent such a rude letter change? She’s looking forward to it from now on.

(Well, even if they suddenly come and flatter me, I’m not going to forgive them.)

In the letter, Duke Drapon despised Yuri’s beloved children as “weak graduates.”

This is enough for Yuri as a reason not to forgive the Principality of Silesia.

I must give that country an appropriate “reward” ―――

Yuri Empire

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