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Yuri Empire

055 A Peaceful Day

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/57/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Three days have passed since the day when the Eldard Kingdom Army was annihilated. Today is “Summer Moon 19th”. It’s early, and half of the summer is about to pass.
―――― Rather, each season has only 40 days, so the cycle is actually too fast. Yuri’s mood still gives the impression that it’s just summer.

“Good morning, my sister”

After waking up in the morning and having only breakfast, heading to the office as usual. The girl who seems to be the busiest in the “Yuri Empire” was waiting there.

“Isn’t it Meteora? Maybe you’re on duty today?”

“Yes, my sister. Finally, the day of my “love duty” has arrived, and I’m very happy.”

While telling that, Meteora happily squints.

Meteora is a child who is the captain of the construction unit “Kikyo”, which is the busiest and most active for the construction of a new city. Of course, the captain Meteora is probably the busiest of all the units… It made Yuri feel sorry for her to be here.

“Meteora. Regarding the night duty… I was looking forward to spending the night with you, so I’d be happy if you could manage to give me some time, but at least Is it okay to decline at least my “escort” during the day?”

Before she knew it, it became common for the “on-duty” child to escort for one day. In the first place, Yuri is not so weak that they need an escort. If possible, the busy Meteora had a stronger desire to take a day off instead of escorting me.

“Thank you for your concern, my sister. Yes I’m busy, but… the role of being an escort for my sister for one day is my only right, who is today’s “love duty”. I absolutely hate to let it go. ”

“Yes. I’m happy with your feelings, but … don’t overdo it.”

“It’s okay. In fact, the construction of the ‘new city’ is almost complete, and all we have to do is leave the interior work of the building. Well, it still takes days because of the large number of buildings. But … at least I have a lot of time to spare now that I have to spearhead the construction, so I slept a lot yesterday and I’m fine.”

“Is that so? That was good. Thank you for your hard work.”

With words of praise, Yuri gently strokes Meteora’s head.

The children of “Kikyou” such as Meteora are of “underground race (Dravan)”, so they are often a little shorter than the children of other units. Because of that, when they were by Yuri’s side, she just wanted to stroke my head.

“Ah. Please stroke more.”

“… If I stroke too much, your hairstyle will be messed up, right?”

“Yes, please make it messy. If my sister want to do so, then please”


Because she said it was good, Yuri felt free to stroke Meteora’s head strongly. Meteora’s hair with a lot of hair was disturbed and it looked strange.

“Ehehe … Thank you, my sister.”

“You can’t get that hair out. I’ll clean it up, so come over here.”

After sitting on the office desk chair, Yuri tapped her knees.

Meteora who saw the intention came immediately and sat down a little on Yuri’s lap. As expected, she seems to be lighter because she is shorter.

“Customers. What are you going to do today?”

“Please make my hairstyle your sister’s favorite!”


Take out the greenish gray comb that she usually uses from the <inventory>, and slowly and gently comb Meteora’s hair. There were many parts that got caught unexpectedly, so she had a lot of trouble just combing her hair.

Does she not usually comb her hair? Or does the “Underground Species (Dravan)” race have a slightly harder hair quality? Yuri doesn’t know about that. If she did it patiently and politely, she could manage it, so she will take time to clean Meteora’s hair.

Fortunately, there seems to be no office work to be done in a hurry today. It would be good to spend a relaxing morning combing Meteora’s hair as it is.

“It’s peace …”

While moving only her hands slowly, Yuri quietly murmured. It maybe not the line that should be said by human who had just genocide three days ago.

“Oh, that’s right. I have one request for my sister.”

“Oh, what is it? Feel free to say anything.”

“As I said earlier, the construction work for the new city is almost complete. All that remains is the interior work for the buildings in Nishi, Higashi, and Kita Wards. That is, only in Chuo Ward and Minami Ward for example, people are ready to live.
If you don’t mind, we would like to move dozens of people on a trial basis. And we’d like to hear something like the impression of the city a few days later.”

“I see. It’s certainly important to have a live voice after actually living in it.”

The consideration of this area that the creator wants to cherish is well understood by Yuri, who originally worked for a landscaping company.

“Is it okay to leave the selection to me?”

“Yes. However, as a matter of course, there are no shops in the new city yet, so I think it is better to bring in a sufficient amount of food. — However, the distance between the new city and Nildea is 4 km. It’s only far away, and since this month’s Destroyer has already been completed, there’s no danger of encountering monsters. If they’re willing to walk, they can even go shopping to Nildea.”

“I see”

The distance of 4km is not a big distance for people who usually walk a lot like farmers, aside from people who usually do not step out of the city of Nildea.

(… Oh, I mean, it seems good for farmers to move to the test)

It would be too inefficient to relocate only the residences of those who currently have jobs in the city of Nildea to the new city. Rather, it would be less problematic to relocate those who have farms outside the city of Nildea.

The new city is 4km north of Nildea. Therefore, the distance from the residence to the field is not so long as the people who originally had the field on the northside of Nildea move to the new city of Minami Ward.

At least if the farmers were healthy, it shouldn’t be too hard to live there.

Then, it’s better to have farmers move to Minami Ward. In Chuo-ku, the new city — Is it better to have the people of “Rostine Shokai”, chaired by Rubetta, move in advance? The new city already has a sufficient number of “stores” for merchants to use. The people of Rostine Shokai will move to the new city in advance, and the store will be ready for business in advance. That way, about 10 days later, when the citizens actually start migrating from Nildea, the Rostine firms will be able to quickly open their stores in the new city.

“Done, You’re cute now.”

“Thank you, my sister!”

After combing the hair up to the shoulders, weave it neatly and then release Meteora. Yuri doesn’t care much about her own hair, but she likes to play with her children’s cute hair.

“Meteora, please call Partita and Hotaru. Then, can you tell Rubetta of “Rostine Shokai” and Ados of “Tormark Shokai” and tell them to come to the Lord’s House as soon as they are free?”

“I understand, I will contact them soon.”

Meteora left the office, and one minute later, Partita had already appeared in the office.

Yuri asks Partita to investigate the farmers who have fields north of Nildea with the hands of “Nadeshiko” and ask them to move to the new city in advance.

A few minutes later, Hotaru also came to the office, so Yuri asked her to set up a barrier in the new city. There are two things to be stretched: [boundary barrier] and [temperature control barrier]. It is the same as the one they set up for Farrata, the capital of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun.

The surrounding monsters have been “destroyed”, but in this world the monsters will be revived if the moon changes. Since there are no barriers in the new city, [boundary barrier] is absolutely essential, and now in summer, [temperature control barrier] will also improve the comfort of citizens’ lives.

Also, one hour later, two people, Rubetta and Ados, visited the lord’s building, so Yuri explained about the advance migration to the new city and asked for their cooperation. Of course, they are not the two who refuse Yuri’s request. Yuri was able to get consent immediately on the spot.

Yuri will have them evaluate not only the residence but also the “stores” prepared for merchants. She hopes that both the house and the store will come up with various improvement plans with a strict eye like a merchant.

In return, the two were given the right to hold their favorite “store” in the new city as the store they plan to use. It would be delicious enough to be able to hold down the most convenient stores in Chuo Ward before other merchants.

In particular, Yuri asked Rubetta to start a “temporary business” in advance even at a food store if possible. If there is even one grocery store in the new city, people who move in advance will be able to live much more comfortably.

―――― It’s been 50 days since the construction of the new city started.

The moment when the lives of Nildea citizens changed completely was just around the corner.

Yuri Empire

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