Yuri Empire – 053

Yuri Empire

053 Kingdom Army Interception Battle (Back)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/55/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Garter Castor is also a “warrior” before being a “general”.

Although he is good at commanding, he is just as good at fighting with a sword directly. He has experienced many killings of people and monsters, and he also once continued a fierce battle for over an hour against “Troll”, a monster far superior to himself, and finally defeated it.

He has never had a weak heart in the battle in his life until now.

No matter what inferiority he was forced into, Garter’s spirit was always uplifting, and his spirit never failed. So even if he didn’t brag to anyone, Garter even inwardly understood himself as a “brave man.”

―――― But how about that now?

There is a girl in a black costume (dress) that floats far above the sky. Even just looking up in this way it feels severely tight under the pressure that the girl releases. Drops of cold sweat are transmitted down the garter’s cheeks. Although he still has a strong will now, If he knelt even once, he would probably just succumb as it is — he even had such a feeling.

“Sir Castor! That is …!?”

“… Probably the “Yuri Empress”of the “Yuri Empire”.”

In response to Bacchus’ words, Garter replied so reluctantly.

They’ve heard that flying in the sky is an unrealizable task without fairly high-level magic. Empress Yuri, of course, was floating alone in a place far higher in the sky. It’s almost like being able to fly naturally.

―――― From the beginning, I thought it was strange.
The cathedral priests, who did not oppose at all during the large-scale war against the Principality 11 years ago, were fiercely opposed to the recapture of Nildea this time.

The opinion of the cathedral could not be dismissed, and one of the high priests was invited to the royal castle meeting and was allowed to speak. At the meeting, the high priest lifted the empress of the enemy country as “one pillar of God” and said, “It is absolutely not permissible to point a sword at God”. He even made a statement that was criticized.

It was said the high priest had already made contact with the Yuri Empire, and the matter was treated as “there was nothing”.

However, when facing it in this way. Inevitably, it makes him understand.

―――― That is not a person. This pressure cannot be put out by humans.

It was something completely different, covered with a girl’s skin.

(The high priest may have just told the truth …)

Garter even thinks about it seriously.
If the Empress is truly a”God” — it would be natural to fly in the sky.

“— Those of the Eldard Kingdom”


Suddenly, the voice from “Empress” reaches Garter’s ear.

No — not from the ears. The voice, with its dignity that couldn’t be thought of as a girl’s, arrived in a mysterious way, as if it echoed directly into his head.

“Sir Castor……!!”

Garter responded to the uneasy voice raised by Bacchus by simply nodding. For the time being, they had no choice but to look at the other party’s appearance.

“First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Yuri, the empress of the “Yuri Empire”.

A cheerful and bright voice like a young girl. Even so, why do you feel a feeling similar to fear in the girl’s words?

(After all, is that the empress …)

Garter was not a little confused in his heart while staring at the sky strongly. He never thought that the Empress would appear alone and fly in the sky.

“You are invading the land of the ‘Yuri Empire’. Therefore, as the head of a sovereign state, I intend to welcome all members of the Kingdom Army with a slaughter.
―――― Garter Castor, the general of the Eldart Kingdom Army. As a representative of a total of 60816 soldiers, if there is any word that you would like to make an excuse to our country, you should say as much as you like now. ”

A girl floating far above the sky was looking straight at Garter. No way, Garter feels a certain sense of fear, wondering if he recognizes where he is at this distance. Moreover, the number of “60816” she told was exactly the same as the number of soldiers confirmed by Garter just before the dispatch. It’s very creepy, as if he had no idea how the Empress looked it up.

Still — somehow regaining the spirit, Garter raises his voice.

“Yuri, the Empress of the Yuri Empire! Why did you attack and destroy Nildea, the city of the kingdom!”

“I just forgave the excuse, not the question.”

Garter’s words were vacantly dismissed.

The empress sighed intentionally with “haa” and then continued her words.

“… Well, let’s go out with that. The reason for invading Nildea is very simple. The kingdom army attacked the “Yuri Empire” first, so it was the result of responding to it.”

“There is no record of attacking your country in the kingdom!”

“It’s natural that the attacking Nildea soldiers killed them all on the spot, right? The corpse wouldn’t be able to keep a record, You say something strange.”

“……… !! Did you kill the Nildea city soldiers!”

“Let’s ask the opposite. Why do we need to save those who have shot arrows to kill me?”

Garter couldn’t say anything to the girl’s question. Although he was originally good at swinging swords and demoralizing, he was not good at tongue fighting.

Looking at the state of such a garter, the Empress screamed small.

―――― A horrifying horror ran around Garter’s spine.

“I don’t think You are going to answer my question. It’s selfish… then that’s the end of our talk. I’ll start the attack from here.”

After saying that, the empress raised her right arm and muttered something.

Then — the dazzling golden light overflowed into the sky behind the girl.

“What, what is that …!?”

It is different from any “magic” or “magical art” that he has ever seen. Garter was screaming unintentionally when he witnessed a foreign phenomenon.

“You still ask questions even though you have a habit of not answering questions …
This is the only and strongest attack I can use ――― [Star Fall <<Meteor Strike>>]”

The light overflowing from the sky gathers and a huge sphere of light is formed behind the girl. It was filled with only golden light, it was too dazzling to even look directly at it.

“…Is it… the sun…?”

A sphere that emits tremendous light and heat, just like the summer sun. The empress laughed happily at Garter’s words that spilled involuntarily.

“You say funny things, it’s currently morning right? You guys have marched from the east, so if it ’s the sun, it ’s behind you. ”

In response to the Empress’s words, Garter involuntarily looked back.
Certainly, as the Empress said, the sun was floating in the southeastern sky as usual.
Then — what is more dazzling than the sun right in front of them?

“Because it’s nearby, it may look much bigger and dazzling than the sun. This is a much smaller star than the sun. Still — it will be enough to crush all of you with a shock and burn it with intense heat. ”

When the Empress said so, she swung her raised right arm toward the side of the Kingdom Army.

Then — the “artificial sun” floating behind the empress slowly began to descend toward the kingdom army on the ground.

(―――― It ’s bad !!)

Garter instantly senses the threat.

That “artificial sun” has an overwhelmingly higher destructive power than that of the [fireball] used by magicians — he understands that.

“All troops spread! We can’t stand a chance If that hits! Escape with all your might!”

Garter’s judgment was quick. Immediately skip the instructions to the entire army. A moment later, all the kingdom soldiers threw their weapons in the direction they wanted and ran away. The sun is falling while increasing its speed. A heat wave burned Garter’s cheek.

“Please do your best and run away. Good luck to everyone.”

The empress lightly picks the hem of the skirt and bows like a curtsy. Then, with a chilling voice, the Empress said only one word at the end.

“— Die”

The huge burning sun is approaching in front of him. Garter finally realized that he would die after a few moments.

However, it seems that he didn’t think of it until after he died, that the bodies of himself and his soldiers will be used by Yuri.

Yuri Empire

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  1. But hey, there is a bright side in this for the kingdom.
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  2. Thanks for the chapter!

    So the Priest of the Kingdom has already warned them. But they are the ones too stupid to believe it.

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    1. Now, you make me think how’s the level of magic in that world… As far as I remember, there’s no big magic done by people of that world, I event can’t remember whether they ever use magic or not (it’s mentioned that they can use healing magic though) … is the magic in that world so low that it’s not usable for large battle? it’s also unknown whether the kingdom’s army has any magic corps or not…

      1. Yeah, they only mentioned the regular army in the previous chapter. Never once did they mention the magic corps.
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        1. Yeah i think the guy who shot arrows at Yuri at the beginning was 80+ something lvl and i think that was considered to be very high level. So my guess would be that if they have a hero or something, it would only be 100+ level but under 150.

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