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064 Revisiting the Holy Land of Nimun (Front)

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/66/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


Since Yuri came to a different world, she always wore the “criminal dress” except when she was taking a bath and going to bed, so she rarely had to prepare other costumes. Now, Yuri is trying on a costume called “black butterfly dress” in her private room. The “criminal dress” that she usually wears is a long black dress with a long skirt, it gives a slightly stiff impression, more like a military uniform than a dress. On the other hand, “Black Butterfly Dress” is a feminine dress with a beautiful mermaid line and a glossy black color that is reminiscent of “jet black” even if it is the same black. It is also characterized by a little more exposure, such as off-shoulder and slightly bare back.  Although it was a little embarrassing to wear, it could be said that it was definitely more suitable for the evening party than the “dress of sin”.

“It suits you very well, sister!”

“Really? Isn’t it strange?”

“That’s not the case! It’s a perfect beauty that everyone will praise!”

Today’s “love duty” and escort is Macaron, who is going out with the try-on, praises Yuri with a big smile.

“Oh — but I want to make the appearance of such a beautiful older sister only for me. Isn’t it a sin to show it to the mass?”

“What are you talking about …”

Yuri smiled unintentionally at the soliloquy that Macaron said to no one.

Like “criminal dress”, “black butterfly” was an item that was dropped when a specific raid boss was defeated in the game of “Atros Online”. Of course, it is a valuable item, and its performance is also unusual. A special equipment effect is set, and when worn, it has the effect of “attracting the hearts of those who have a lower [attractiveness] value than themselves, according to their ability differences.”

The point is that it has a weak effect of “attracting the heart”, unlike the “fascination” of abnormal conditions.

High-level monsters are often resistant to mental disorders such as “attractive resistance”, but the effect of this “black butterfly dress” is treated as “not abnormal”. It will definitely work for people with mental tolerance.
The opponent who is attracted to the heart becomes difficult to look at other targets, so it is useful as equipment for the purpose of “fixing the enemy’s attack target”, for example.
Unlike the “criminal dress”, it has a certain level of defensive performance, so it can be said that it is an armor for the defensive role (tank).
In addition to combat, it is an item that has unexpectedly many uses, such as being able to gain an advantage in negotiations with an opponent who is attracted to the heart, and making it easier to earn a favorable impression.

Moreover, Yuri’s profession <Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)> originally has an excellent [attractiveness] ability value so that it can be said that it is a profession specialized in attractiveness. There are probably few people in the “Yuri Empire” who have a [charm] value higher than the level 200 Yuri.

“Hah, huh … I want to make all of my sister my things …”


Maybe it’s because of the “attractive” effect, or because of her true nature — she feels that the color of Macaroon’s eyes, which is suffocating, has become a little strange, so Yuri is in a hurry to switch the equipment to the usual “criminal dress”. “Atros Online” has a function called “My Set”, and if you register the state of wearing the equipment in advance, you can change into that equipment in an instant.The “Black Butterfly Dress” was registered as one of her sets, so it’s okay to return to the usual appearance until just before the evening party.

“Macaroons. I’ll tell you one thing.”

“Ah … yes, what is it, sister?”

“Because, you are my thing. Please do not misunderstand that place.”

“I’m sorry!”

Yuri loves all 359 people of the “Yuri Empire” equally as “bride”. It will never be the thing of one specific person in the future.

“Now I’m ready. I’m sorry, but I wonder if you can call Primula.”

“Yes, I can call her now.”

In response to Yuri’s words, Macaron quickly left Yuri’s private room. For this visit to the Principality, we plan to bring not only macaroons but also Primula, the captain of “Red Rose (Enclaise)”. As an escort, macaroons alone are enough — or rather, Yuri doesn’t really need escorts. This time, Yuri intends to use Primula’s help to prepare a “souvenir” to give to the Principality who invited her to the evening party.

After spending a few minutes checking the items in her <inventory>, Macaron returned to Yuri’s private room with Primula.

“Are you both ready for the evening dress?”

“Yes, it is okay”

“Hime, I have no problem”

“Yes. Then, let’s head to the Holy Land of Nimun for the time being.”

After telling that, Yuri uses the magic of [group long-distance transfer]. The surrounding scenery dimmed for a short time, and soon the whole area changed to a desert.

“… Sister, what about this?”

“Um … I think it was just outside the south gate of Farrata, the capital of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun.”

Yuri was transferred this time to the same “transfer point” recorded by the dragon Ladra Gruff, which was the same as the one used when sending the delegation from the Holy Kingdom of Nimun last time. When she visited last time, she should have changed the “transfer point” in front of the palace of the holy city of Farrata.

“Well, I have time, so let’s walk to the palace. It wouldn’t be a waste to see the sights of other countries.”

“Well, as Hime says”

For the time being, move to the vicinity of the white stone wall that can be seen on the north side, head west along the wall, and arrive at the south gate of the holy city of Farrata.

(I hope I don’t get stuck …)

Yuri thinks about that while watching the guard guarding the south gate.

Last time, thanks to Estoa, who is widely known as a saint in the Holy Land, she was able to pass through the South Gate as if it were a free pass. To be honest, she wasn’t very confident that she would be able to get through the gate in the same way this time.

―――― In conclusion, the concern that Yuri had was completely useless. As soon as the guards of the holy city of Farrata recognized the appearance of Yuri, they screamed, “Her Majesty Yuri!”, A mixture of admiration and joy. If you think about it, Yuri has been delivering “broadcasts” to the citizens of the holy city of Farrata almost every day since the day when she established a friendly relationship with the Holy Kingdom of Nimun. There is no doubt that the appearance of Yuri is unknown to the guards.

“Thank you for your hard work. Is it okay to let me through?”

“Huh! — It’s your Majesty’s street! Everyone, salute!”

The guards lined up on the left and right of the gate and raised the spear in their hands to entertain the lilies. It was good just to get it through. ――― However, if the welcome is clearly shown so far, Yuri doesn’t feel bad.

“Please go through!”

“Thank you. All of Farrata aspirations, I’ll keep it in my heart.”

If treated with goodwill, Yuri would like to respond with goodwill. The consciousness that the Holy Kingdom of Nimun was an “allied country” of the Yuri Empire became even stronger in Yuri’s mind at this moment.

“As expected, my sister. The majesty has reached the desert country.”

“I’m glad that the other person thinks well.”

Yuri responded to Macaron’s words with a smile.

In fact, it wasn’t just the gatekeeper who welcomed Yuri. Passing through the south gate, the main street of the holy city of Farrata is heading straight north toward the palace. Yuri were welcomed by the friendly voices and bows of all the citizens who ran into each other in the city.

Yuri thinks again that the power of “broadcasting” is really amazing. Indeed, Rubetta and Ados, who have recommended Yuri to continue their daily “broadcasting”, are definitely certain.

“In this city of Farrata, there are many food stalls.”

Primula said so while looking at the stalls scattered along the main street. The last time Yuri visited the holy city of Farrata, there must have been no such thing.


“Sister, it seems that the stall sells incense. How about buying myrrh as a souvenir for “Rindo”?”

“That’s a good idea.”

“Myrrh” is an indispensable material for making high-level myrrh. There is no need to hesitate to purchase because it is a valuable material that is best stockpiled.

“— Isn’t this Her Majesty Yuri!”

“Good morning, shopkeeper. You seem to be doing your best in business.”

When I stood in front of the food stall, the shopkeeper immediately called out to me, so Yuri responded with a smile. It was a large woman with dark skin and slightly dull red hair. The owner has a surprised face, but her voice has a clear favor.

“Your Majesty Yuri can’t pay! Please bring any!”

“I’m happy with your feelings, but please don’t imitate me as if you were unilaterally receiving something from an equal ally. I’ll pay you, so I wonder if you can get all myrrh.”

“I’m sorry for this! Thank you!”

The price of each fragrance was written on the signboard placed in the corner of the stall, so based on that value, take out the appropriate amount from the <inventory> and pay Yuri.

“Thanks to the barriers that Your Majesty Yuri put up, this city has become a very comfortable place to spend even in the summer. I think all the citizens are grateful to Your Majesty Yuri.”

While putting the purchased myrrh in a pouch, the shopkeeper said so in words with gratitude. When heard that word, Yuri was convinced.

“So I wonder if there are so many food stalls that I didn’t have when I came last time?”

“Oh — No, there may be that, but the main reason is that we were jealous of Nildea’s “food stalls” that we saw in the “broadcast” that Your Majesty Yuri delivered every day. We had a meeting with everyone in the commercial guild and tried to imitate it in Farrata. ”

“Oh, that’s right. I’m glad that you imitate the city of the Yuri Empire.”

The culture conveyed by “broadcasting” spreads to allies. I see, I wonder if that is the case — Yuri was deeply impressed.

“… But unfortunately, it’s difficult to reproduce a food stall that offers “food and drink” like Your Majesty’s country.”

“Oh, I think it can’t be helped …”

The fact that street food restaurants can be easily opened in the cities of Nildea and in the cities of Yuritania is largely due to the function of the “street stall kit” provided by Yuri. It is clear that if you try to do a food stall normally, there will be many difficulties such as arranging a sufficient amount of water, handling the fire used for cooking, and treating wastewater. If you use the “street stall kit”, you can ignore all those problems.

(Isn’t it bad to ask the commercial guild to provide a “street stall kit”?)

Originally, in the game of “Atros Online”, the “Street Stall Kit” was an item that can be obtained as a lost prize for gacha. So, of course, Yuri has this item in a sadly large amount. She shouldn’t be in trouble just because she provided it to another country.

(… Well, if you want to do it, you have to get permission from Pope Altorius)

However, allies have their own share.  If you do it yourself, you may lose your trust. If you do, you should get the official approval from the landlord before you start.

Yuri Empire

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