01 The Piece of Meat Girl and Vampire Fusion

Bishoujo vampire

A teaser, for I who become bored with anything…

異世界で美少女吸血鬼になったので”魅了”で女の子を堕とし、国を滅ぼします ~洗脳と吸血に変えられていく乙女たち~
Isekai de Bishoujo Kyuketsuki ni Natta no de “Miryou” de Onnanoko wo Otoshi, Kuni wo Horoboshimasu ~Sennou to Kyuketsu ni Kaerareteiku Otometachi~
Become Beautiful Vampire Girl in Other World, I Corrupt the Girls with “Fascination” and Destroy the Country ~Transform The Maidens with Brainwash and Blood Sucking~

“Fascination”, is power to pour magical power and forcibly captivate the other party.

Chigusa, a high schooler girl who had been suffering severe bullying, commit suicide to bid farewell to her hell like world. But she survived after encountered dying vampire and shared her life. Chigusa who no longer human, used vampire power to fascinate any girls she meet, captivate them, suck their blood and change them into half vampire like her.

The girl who have nothing and robbed of everything, reborn in another world as vampire, desire nothing but to get hold of entire kingdom.

Erotic gore fantasy by vampire girl in different world stage.


※ Almost all male character who appear have gruesome death, and almost all female character who appear were corrupted.

01 The Piece of Meat Girl and Vampire Fusion

Translated by Yuriko Aya [aya.sanusi.id]

I committed suicide.
Rather than impulsive, it was naturally inevitable.
I always thought about that, and just by chance I committed today, it was Monday October 2nd. And there’s no special meaning that the time I choose was after school.
Just when I come to roof top, there was feeling like being drawn to the fence.
As if invited by sweet fragrance.
Climbing the fence and looking at the ground, my body was pulled over, and began to fall.
And bam.
Then my body was smashed, crushed and squashed.
I died.
There was no pain or suffer, just nothing.
Ah, finally my live is over.
Thinking so, it can’t be helped that I felt happy.


To think about it, my life is just a worthless one.
The time I understand that I wasn’t my father’s child was winter when I 8 years old.
I heard father who became suspicious when mother left the house doing some investigation, but I didn’t know the detail.
It was Christmas that day, while late night outside, I was expecting that santa will come bring present tomorrow morning.
My father looked at me like looking at some filthy thing, kick me flying and just left me like that outside.
The next morning, seeing my freezing condition, his sanity returned and brought me to hospital. Returned my life.
After being hospitalized for a while, my classmate came brought collection of get well soon words in colored paper.
Carefully open bundled paper, there were their heart warming words line up.

「It was good if you just die」
「Why you must live?」
「Don’t come back」
「Hospital is perfect place for haunted girl」
「Even though it was good if you’re killed by your father」

My chest became very hot and immediately throw away that paper to trash can.
When I went to junior high, nothing changed, when I went to high school too, nothing changed.
Nonetheless, it may be trivial thing for me, but for everyone it may be serious happening.
So, lets try listing what happened to me during that time.

There is no longer ring finger at my right hand.
My left eye can’t see anymore.
My cheek muscle had been taken by after effect and always seemed to be smiling.
My hair always uneven.
There were always fresh wounds and scars at every part of my body.
I don’t have boyfriend, but I’m not virgin.
If you searching my name on the net, you’ll find my naked photos.

At that much, I don’t think it was especially painful.
Beside, there was kind teacher too in there.
She was raped when she tried to protect me, and after she broke, she beat me  a lot. But she was a kind teacher.
Well, because it’s not just beat.
Very very kind teacher.


Anyhow, I died.
Jump off from roof top and become pulp.
The me who became piece of meat, thinking that a lot of people will be smiling at the moment they know it was me.
When I open my eye after that, the thing I met wasn’t a sneer.

“So, there’s no question… as long as there’s blood and meat… it can be a life.”

The one who desperately speak with old-fashioned tone was a dying girl.
Fair white skin, blonde hair with red eyes. She look like sparkling flower compared to me.
I thought she was existence from unreachable heaven, so naturally there wasn’t any idea of envy.
For such girl to talk to me, it may be reward from the god for me on my verge of death.

“To say that far? Sigh, compared to me… you are… ugh, more shining.”

The girl said something strange.
Speaking of strange, it seemed my words were reach her.
Even though I never let out any sound since I open my eyes, how’s that working?
But, it’s useless to think right?
With this, I and the girl in front of me were praising each other equally.
We were the same who will die in short time, it just empty praise to something that will be gone soon, it’s not comforting those who under similar misfortune [TN: 傷の舐め合い (licking each other wound)].
No, I don’t even have tongue so I can’t lick anything.

“If not, become complement… is good?”

Complement, even if you said that, I have nothing.
I am worthless, personality, appearance, talent, knowledge, strength, everything is just like trash. I was already existence who can make any interfere when called nothing.
If I became nothing, then it would no different if I committed suicide.
And now, the me who became only eyeball, become nothing just as I wish.

“It’s not… nothing. There are ‘negativeness’, power, existence, and life…!”

My, this, life?
That was first time someone said that to me.
Worthless being like you, that was sin just being exist.
That was how everyone told me to live.

“There is no one can see… even though we are dying, if you and me become compliment each other, we can become one life.”

Compliment for each other, in other word, I and… I will become one huh.

“It will become… like that.”

Then please, do as you please.
If such existence like me could help your life, I don’t mind no matter how you will use me.

“… even though… I said compliment. It not like… the balance will shift to either side.”

That was unfortunate.
I thought finally I will disappear.

“…well ok. It’s all, up to your, power. Come… open, your heart. Accept my, soul — and become one –”

That’s fine but, at least let me hear it.
Your, name and, oh yeah… you occupation.

“Fufu… I am, vampire… my name Carmila… but, that name, already have no meaning right…”

Vampire — when I was surprised that such thing really exist, she reach for me — no, to be precise, part of me, the remaining eyeball.
Doing that, my sight wrapped in light.
And then, I immediately faint while my consciousness wrapped by warmth like when I was in womb and slumber like in a dream.

Bishoujo vampire

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