02 At Garbage Dump I Learn the Beginning of My Love

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02 At Garbage Dump I Learn the Beginning of My Love

Translated by Aya Translation [aya.sanusi.id]

When I notice that I was resurrected, I found myself collapsed in place which look like a garbage dump site.
Just by standing up, I realized that there was something out of place.
Yes, both of my eyes could see properly, also all my finger are intact.
There is no scratch on my body, face muscle also had no sense of discomfort.
In addition, my body felt lighter, as if it was no longer me.
To confirm what change happened to my body I search something that I can use as mirror, but I can’t find anything near me.
It can’t be helped that I must left the dump site, passing through sewer like place, climb the ladder and went outside —
What I saw was, just like European slum that I ever see on historical textbook, a wild townscape.
The surrounding were enveloped by kitchen waste smell, may be because of rain.
After got out from a hole which look like manhole, Instinctively I felt that the sunshine which blazing down from the sky was “unpleasant” and entered the shadow.
There, when I looked down at water puddle, I saw my appearance for the first time.
Although dirty, silk like white smooth skin, also red eyes and sharp canine tooth.
My hair is black, my face not changed, my outfit also still my uniform, but — I’m very beautiful, I was excited by such thought.
Because, it’s impossible if it was me.
It seem not only appearance, the change also reached my soul.

“I am….”

—Hinata Chigusa

I clearly remember that name, the memories of harass life also there.
But the body is something else.
To put simply, the memory when I talk to girl who call herself vampire wasn’t a dream, but that really happened.
I and her become one, and then survived like this.
Become half vampire.

I see, that’s why I instinctively avoid sunlight huh? I understand now. To satisfied my curiosity, I went out from the shadow to sunlight again.
I felt heat burn my skin.
However, isn’t there saying that “vampire weak against sunlight”, but it’s not give me any pain nor wound me.
Because I’m half vampire? Or actually real vampire not weak against sunlight?

“Rather than that… in the first place, where is this?”

If memories serve me right, I should have jumped from school roof top.
And somehow thrown away at garbage dump in piece of meat condition, then now, I was standing here, in a slum that there’s no way that here was Japan no matter how you think.
In the memories which Carmila left the name of this place was likely to come out but, apparently, there’s no such convenient information.
Since it can’t be help, I walk and looking around — beyond the alley, I saw 3 men standing in the dark.
And when I look properly, they were surrounding a girl.


My instinct screamed.
I noticed that my nails were stretched like nail from my finger and my leg had lot of strength.

…….. What are you going to do, to use my body without permission.

Give a light warning, the power left my body.
It was terrible, it felt like as if my body was no longer mine.
After calmed down, I slowly walk to the three men while listening to their conversation.

“Hei Elis, it’s about the time you give me your answer right?”
“I already said it over and over, I don’t have any interest in you guys.”
“Is that because there is Lyle? Just throw away such weak guy, and have fun with experienced guys like us.”
“I’m getting less and less interested to guys who only think about their lower half.”

It seem the girls with determined face and orange hair was surrounded by 3 miserable men who try to take her.
I also have similar experience, in this way, if the persuasion failed they will shift responsibility to the other with something like “Because you’re not obedient so it was your fault”, and do their sexual desire.
Here, even now.
The man’s hand extend to the chest of small girl called Elis.
And then, when the man rubbed her not small nipple from atop the cloth, she immediately slap his hand down.
Elis glare at them with red face, but that make the men look her with vulgar smile.
….oh, that’s remark not like me, as I thought, it was because mixed with vampire huh?
Well, I think that’s right.
It’s fine if some trash like me, but she was full of life energy, also admirable girl with someone to love.
That’s why, such girl, I can’t let someone who only thinking about their crotch do as their please to such girl.
If I don’t do something, she’ll be stained, or something more.

“Err… can I take your time for a while?”

When I called them, the three men have their eyebrow wrinkled, with their face which like role model of hoodlum they glared at me.
There was no fear or anything.
And then at that moment, judging from their expression talk would be useless, so my body moved at its own.

“Gu, ah!!”

My height was lower compared to them, it’s about as high as their shoulder so they need lowered their posture. With that, their posture were in perfect stance for be to sink my fist at their pit of stomach. One of the men has fallen.
Escaping from remaining two’s attempt to catch me with light step, and with some light jump pushed my heel to one of the men’s back head.
For the remaining one, from his front, I launched my knee directly to his vital points on his crotch. He fallen on the spot with his face falling first to the ground.

“In, incredible…”

The girl in front of me was stunned.
I also stunned.
Although I moved so naturally, I who never do any exercise so far, to be able moved like that really surprised me.

“Umm, thanks.”

The girl deeply bow her head.
I wonder how long it’s been since someone bowed to me.
I who always got violence only ever bow my head countless time, now it felt weird.

“No, it’s not big deal.”
“But, those three are bit forceful and troublesome around here! To be able to defeat them is incredible! Very cool!”
“Can I give you something as thanks?”

To immediately think about thanks, what a good girl she is.
I wanted to mess her up.
Just now, it seem there was vampire impulse inside of me.
But certainly, when I look closer, Elis surely have very cute face.
Her skin is very healthy that you can’t think she live in slum. Her breast also reasonably huge and she have a good personality.
She likely will become useful.

“Umm, the truth is… I really don’t know what is this place is. When I realize it I already here.”
“Eh? What is that? Are you saying you lose your memory?”
“I think it’s not something like that, I should be in completely different place short time ago, and I don’t have any place to stay…”
“Like that huh, that’s something easy. Ah, it’s not somewhere nice, but is that fine?”

This girl somehow have weak wariness.
I just help her a little and she gave me, unknown person a place to stay?
If there are more human like this exists, then may be human who lower than garbage like me could have normal life?

“Oh yeah, we haven’t have introduction. My name is Elis, 15 years old, may be we have sam age?”
“I’m Chigusa, 16 years old.”
“Chigusa huh? That’s weird name, but I think that’s cute name. Nice to meet you!”

While give me friendly smile, Elis nervously grasp my hand.
Her body temperature transmitted through our connected hands and I could feel her burning life force.
Thump thump, the pulse of her vein under her palm also transmitted.
To think about it, I felt it been long time since I touch another person normally like this.
This is strange — as if when our hands connected, it felt like I was taking something out of her, or may be, I pour something to her, was was that?


I was taken by her like that, passed through narrow street and headed to residental area.
The foothold was bad, sometimes there were person who I don’t know whether they were dead or just sleeping. When we left alley with bad environment, and entering plaza — there was, castle like building stood up, built using scrap materials.
Similar buildings were lined up in surrounding, formed a strange-looking town.
Did they they made it by joining together mountain of garbage from before?
Because they only used scrapped material, there was also peculiar smell here.

“Perhaps it’s your first time seeing waste town?”
“Waste town. huh?”
“Yeah, the capital city, Groul’s other side. If there is light, then there is darkness. This place is literally waste town, where thrown away humans living by thrown away waste.”

Is Groul a name of the city?
This place, become more and more doubtful that it was Japan.
If that’s case, then I shouldn’t understand their words right? Is that because my other half is vampire?
It seems there was some convenient skill too.
However, here was overseas, what a mysterious phenomenon.
In other words — because I tried to commit suicide by jumping from from school building, the result is, some kind of fate sent me to foreign country and become one with vampire. Like that huh?
Even though I said that myself, I still can’t understand.

“Well, here is my house. As you can see, this place is worn out and dirty, is it fine with someplace like this?”

The pace where I was guided was at the second layer of castle made from scrap materials. It was small room.
On my way to her place, there were some of this town residence, they all have no significant difference, everyone were skinny, dirty and stink.
In a place like this, if Elis also at the same class with them, I can understand that men will surround her.

“You even let me to stay, I can’t make any further request.”

When I said that, Elis make surprised face.
Did I say something strange?

“Ah, sorry sorry, you know, this area is full of greedy guys, the one who humble like Chigusa is rare.”

I can’t say asking for place to say is humble but,
If she said such thing, then it’s the truth right?
After moderately talk while standing, she lead me to enter her room.
That room was small with space less than 2 tatami. To be honest, it would be too small for two people to sleep together but, I’m not in the position to look for something luxury.
Entered the room, Elis hung the blood stained knife she hid at her bosom to the hook at the wall and then casually sat on the floor.

“Sit anywhere as you like”

I sat down on the hard floor while folding my legs.
Also she start to talking by herself when realized my gaze towards the knife.

“Ah, are you curious about that? That’s not something unusual in this area, anyone have kill one or two people.”
“Perhaps, my help wasn’t necessary?”
“No such thing, you quickly finished them right? If you not there, may be there will be two or three dead body, including mine.”

To include herself, her appearance may be beautiful, but Elis was really this town residence.
However — at this age, I don’t think there will be a place with horrible public order like this.
It was absurdly unbelievable but, there was also vampire, and since I saw it by my own eyes, it can’t be helped that have to believe it.

“Why you take unknown person like me to your room?”
“Somehow, because I think you’re good girl. At time like that, my intuition is always right.”

She smiling while showing her teeth.
I don’t know where or how she see me to get that conclusion.
But certainly, the human named Hinata Chigusa won’t cause harm to other people.
Rather, she was hurt by people around her.

“Hnn…. anyway Chigusa,”

Elis get closer to me and put her forehead on mine.
My heart immediately jumped because her face suddenly come closer.

“Wow, so cold! After all, you’re not feel well right? You also look very pale.”
“Is, is that so?”

Rather, my condition was never better than this.
From where our forehead touching, I could felt burning body heat.
But certainly, it was not Elis’ body heat especially high, I think it was because my body heat is extremely low.
She touch every part of my body to make sure, and each time she did that, she said “cold!” in surprise.

“Furthermore, it such waste that your skin is so smooth. It will become rough if you in waste town.”
“Is that so? I think Elis skin also beautiful.”

I grasp her hand while said that.
You can’t to not do that, that what my instinct told me.
I don’t understand what it’s mean.
However — after all, it seem this sharp feeling when our skin touching one each other was not just a keen.
It wasn’t mistake that something from my body flowing into Elis body while we touch each other.
It looks as if the white canvas is being dyed with vivid virgin blood color.

“That, it’s embarrassing if you hold it that much.”
“Sorry, but… is it fine to hold you hand for bit more? Feeling Elis’ body heat make me relieved.”
“… so, so? If you say that much then I don’t mind.”

Elis said that while blushing, she was unbearably cute.
Spontaneously there was impulse drove me to take a bite of her.
Of course, because there was reason, I won’t make my move yet — because in near future, there’s time when even if I attack her one-sidedly, she can’t refuse it.
I had such conviction.

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Bishoujo vampire

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  1. Just now, [in] seem there was vampire impulse inside of me.

    Just now, [it] seem there was vampire impulse inside of me.

  2. I couldn’t endure and went to read to the end with mtl. I should say that there are deep phylosophical topics touched in this novel.
    It made me realize that we are still living in an era of total hypocritical fascist moralfaggotry. Both first world countries and backwards countries. Like people constantly shouting “responsibility” and “duty” “justice” are ones of the most irresponsible heinous evil and are first to condemn, hate and oppress others. Depriving someone of things that they have against their will is an act of robbery. Persecuting digital piracy is an act of robbery by itself. Because they indiscriminately deprive people of things they have (access) against their will. Oppress and deprive people from ability to choose where to download and how to download. They extort your money and throw you into prison when you refuse. That is a blatant banditry.
    They shout be a responsible adult and have kids. Why not be a responsible adult and acknowledge your incompetence as a parent? Why raise a child into drug and alcohol addict family just for a child to become another drug and alcohol addict? And they even condemn and denounce abortions. They condemn prostitution as dangerous and demeaning. But it is dangerous and demeaning thanks to them in the first place because they condemn and look down upon it instead of giving it protection of the law, making it safe sane and consensual. If a child fights back bullies, they shout justice and protect children and their justice just increases suicide rate becase they protect the bully and condemn and denounce victims. Same with rape victims. They are condemned and denouced. They say distinguish fantasy from reality and then outlaw anime hentai because they can’t dustinguish fantasy from reality themselves.

  3. When they close down sites, they threaten and blackmail site owner or isp to deprive you of access to those sites. What this is if not act of robbery with threats and blackmails? It is far more obvious and heinous robbery compared to such vague and uncertain thing as digital piracy.

  4. They say ban guns, with sh!tty excuses of “highest rate of gun crime”. It can be highest in the first place only at the expense of other crimes. Like “knife crimes” or “iron rod crimes”. Condemning and persecuting victim again. Deprive people of ability to protect themselves. Robbery by itself.
    And there is even such atrocious anti-human Social Credit system to ostracize and oppress people, spread even more corruption. I bet they will quickly fall out of 100 least corrupt countries with such system. As if there wasn’t enough trigger happy arrogant pricks that jump to denounce others at first sight already.

  5. It is a good fantasy. Our world deserves such fate as this novel ended. Love, strength and eternal life. I hope they don’t forget to develop science and technology after they conquer the world. You don’t know when some gamma ray burst might hit your world. Better have several worlds/planets settled to be protected from extinction in case entire planet gets annihilated.

  6. I rated this novel 5/5 stars. Though it wasn’t remarkable good or bad when it just started it got good middle and an excellent conclusion. Both main story and extra. It was somewhat cruel to males. Could have used male to female gender bender. Though it would have been entirely different story.

    1. oh man, you got quite a lot to say, though i did the same thing and read it all with mtl and kinda understand and agree with you
      although the way how she act is extreme, but you just cant not think that it might not be that bad of a choice

      1. I’m kinda jealous that you guys got to read the whole novel. I didn’t even get to read them cause by the time I checked the raws they were already deleted.

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