The Adventure of Miko 38 – Clan Registration and Template

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 38
Clan Registration and Template

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“First, let’s go Clan to register Alisa-chan and Shulyn-chan as explorer. We also need to retrieve our Clan license.”

Miko left the inn with three of them. Alisa and Shulyn who curious about the town were went here and there. Miko and Yuuna who saw that looked at each other while giving warm smile.

When they arrived at Clan, there was Aria who waved her hand from inside.

“Welcome Miko-san. But again, for someone with trained eyes there are a lot of things to say about your party. Wolf and half elf after dhampir?”

“They’re cute right?”

“Yeah yeah, then wolf and half elf over there, is okay for you two to register as explorer?”

““Yes, please!””

After leaving Alisa and Shulyn to Aria, Miko and yuuna take seat on nearby bench. There are also other explorers around them.

“Still, to think that Yuuna-chan understand my purpose that far huh~”

“No, it’s not like that. It’s slave duty to support master’s purpose. I think that girls also like that.”

Yuuna rest her head on Miko’s shoulder while giving answer. Miko didn’t mind with that and let Yuuna do as she like. But that moment was destroyed by appearance of group with bad sense.

“Hey hey, sisters yo, if you are free then how about playing with us?”

Look at the source of the voice, there were three very vulgar men surrounding them. Miko ignore them but Yuuna bit scared.

“Hey hey, don’t ignore us. Even like this we are E rank explorer you know. Obediently come with us!”

One of the men tried to take Miko’s hand, but she shake him off.

“Hei, who give you permission to scared my cute Yuuna? Will you get lost before I got angry?”

Miko glared at the man just now. But that man accept Miko’s word as provocation.

“Aaah, fine! I won’t forgive you even you apologize and crying.”

Them men draw their sword and slash into Miko. But miko didn’t draw her sword, she take out her magic card.


Activate her skill at once. The swords which formerly held by the men gone, sealed in magic card. The men could only dumbfounded when saw that. And in the next moment, Miko take out new magic card and activate her seal skill. Seal everything except the men’s underwear.

“… do you understand my skill? Next, should I take your body part little by little?”

Miko threatened the men with lowered voice.
“““We are really sorry~~~!!”””

And they scramble out from Clan branch.

“Fiuh, Yuuna-chan are you ok?”

Miko called Yuuna who frightened.

“I’m sorry master. You saved me again.”

“Don’t mind it. You are my slave. It’s master job to protect her slave. Don’t worry, just hide behind my back.”

Miko patted Yuuna’s head after saying that. Yuuna gradually calmed down after a while, matching Miko’s hand movement and raised comfortable voice.

“Well now, while we are making clan license, you are flirting with Yuuna-san again, Miko-san!? I told you not to use your skill in public eyes right!?”

Looking at the source of the voice, there was Aria who looking at them in the shape of demon. Behind such Aria, there were frightened Alisa and Shulyn. And behind them there was Ayano holding her head.

““We are terribly sorry!””

In that place Miko and Yuuna demonstrate perfect dogeza.

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The Adventure of Miko

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