Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 008

Hungry Saint

008 The Serenade Monatery’s Incident

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Meanwhile, at that time, in the Tenka religion Serenade monastery.

One of the “apprentice saints” was reprimanded.


“The quota for producing holy water has not been achieved at all!?”

“Yes … I’m sorry, Director”

“What do you mean, Sister Cocona?”

“Yes, the other sisters are useless! I didn’t think that productivity would drop so much!”

“So…Is it not your fault, but someone else’s fault?”

“Well, that’s…!”

“It’s unsightly, Sister Cocona”

“Uh …!”


Cocona is in the boss-like position of the “apprentice saints” of the Serenade monastery.

She was supposed to earn points from the front and back so that she would surely be selected in the incoming “Morning of Selection” as a saint.


Although, her plan did not go well recently.

The creation of holy water and potions sold by the Serenade monastery for believers is part of the training and labor of the “Saint Apprentices”.

Cocona is a “director” who is in a position to manage the progress, but recently the production has not progressed as planned at all.

Or rather, it’s ridiculously late.


It’s happened since she kicked out that annoying “dropout” Emilia Mercurio.

Cocona bit her lips.


“By when will this delay be recovered?”

“Oh, by tomorrow!”

“Okay. Take responsibility for that word. Sister Cocona.”



The surrounding “Saint Apprentices” approached Cocona who came out of the director’s office and squeezed the information.



“Cocona, what are you going to do?”

“We cooperate because you were about to kick Emilia out …!”

“Yeah, the reputation of the Serenade monastery will increase if the ‘dropout’ doesn’t exist!”

“You said that if you cooperate, all the apprentices in the same period can become saints, right?”

“In this situation, far from becoming a saint … I’m afraid the quota won’t be achieved…!”

“I didn’t know there were so many jobs we were pushing on her!”

“Yeah, we don’t have a child to clean the chicken coop after Sister Emilia is gone, it’s kind of stink.”

“Isn’t it a failure to kick Emilia out?”

“What?! Then, is this situation because I kicked out that “dropout”? That’s not the case!”


Cocona shouts at the rushing complaints.


“…Then, is it our inefficiency?”

“I didn’t say that. Anyway, I’ll do something about it, so please keep quiet!”

“…If Cocona says that much, that’s fine.”

“Somehow, absolutely”


Shaking off the noisy entourage, Cocona went to her room.

Without being told, she knew “I have to do something about it”.


Emilia Mercurio.

She was always hungry and sleepy, and she was a terrible “dropout”.

No matter how much she was forced to work as an apprentice, she just accepted it with a smile.


There was no problem no matter how much magical power she put into holy water and potions.

While the other apprentice could only do a blessing three times a day, she could do 10 to 20 times a day without hassle.


If she was so hungry, then she should use an underhanded method, give a bribe to the food clerk and get more food.

Although everyone is doing it, she didn’t even think about it.

――It’s like a real “saint”.


Cocona was frustrated every time she saw such Emilia.

That’s why she turned my hands around and told the abbess something that never happened, and kicked out Emilia.


She also took credit for the work that was forced on Emilia for a little, but…!


“… Emilia Mercurio! I’ll show you that the monastery is okay without that guy.”


Gan! With a flashy noise, Cocona kicked the prayer chair.

In fact, Cocona does not yet know that the work that the “apprentice saints” were imposing on Emilia was enormous, and actually accounted for more than half of the total work.

Hungry Saint

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