Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 009

Hungry Saint

009 The First Sweets -simmering amber peach peach pie-

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Emilia woke up to lively singing birds outside.

Hmmm…. And Emilia stretched her body..

It’s been a while since she slept so much. In the monastery, she spent most of her sleeping time to busily do a lot of work, helping her troubled “apprentice saint” companion, and substituting Cocona to fulfill the production quota, who was busy managing the sisters.

Everyone probably lacked sleep, but Emilia was so sleepy that she couldn’t stand it anymore so in the meantime, she fell asleep while praying, fell asleep while eating, and fell asleep while talking to other sisters …

“Oh, did you wake up?”

“Abigail-san! Good morning”

“Hmm… you slept really well.”

“Yes, it’s been a while since I slept so much.”

“That’s right. Emilia, you’ve been sleeping for three days.”


Three days! I thought it was too much even for me.

“I have to check your breathing several times.”

“Thank you for your concern …!”

“No, I think you were very tired. Your skin is shiny now.”

“Really, really!”

“Ah. I hope you’ll take a bath later. This ‘Flying Frog’ also has an open-air bath (roten buro).”


Is that a spell?

“Ah, the big bathtub outside…”

“Bathtub ??”

Emilia wondered what that an unfamiliar word was.

“Seriously, Emilia …”

“Sorry, I’m sorry!”

“No need to apologize. I’ve come to understand how harsh your life was …”

When she got up from the bed and got dressed, a cute sound leaked from her stomach.


“Do you want breakfast?”


Abigail took her to the cafeteria. Then, a mysterious scent that was sweet, salty, and very delicious came out.

“Wow … it smells so good.”

“Hmm, this is a peach pie.”

“Peach pie …!”

“Oh, good morning. Saint! The peach pie has just been baked.”

The owner of “Flying Frog” smiled wide.

He seemed very energetic. The frog mark with feathers on the back, which is embroidered on the apron, is also dazzling.

“I’m not a saint! I’m still just an apprentice!”

“No, you revived my amber peach tree. It’s a fine saint!”

“I see, this mellow smell is an amber peach peach pie.”

“Oh, Abigail’s is right!”

“Peach pie… that’s sweets right? It’s my first time eating sweets…!”

“…somehow it’s very sad to hear that.”

“Haha, it’s an honor for our pie to be the first time sweets eaten by the saint!”

While she was waiting for the table, the owner brought a plate in both hands.

“It’s hot and fresh. It’s delicious even after it’s cooled, but it’s exceptional when it’s just baked!”

“Oh, this is pretty good”

“Wow … it’s amazing, it’s glittering …!”

The peach pie has been cut even and neat. The crust is baked in golden color and peach filling inside is mellow and overflowing, the amber peach fruit is rolling here and there. On the top of the pie is whipped cream, and the green color of mint leaves make the decoration more dazzling.

“Hmmmm …!”

“As usual, eating it so deliciously.”

“Haha that’s a good reaction, saint-sama!”

Delicious, very delicious!

When you take the pie a bite, the aroma of butter kneaded into the dough spreads throughout your mouth. The filling is full of peach flavor and is thick and hot. The peach fruit is stuffed around and has a crispy texture. When tasted with whipped cream, the sweet and sour peach flavor stands out.

Peach pie is delicious!


Hungry Saint

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