Yuri Empire – 003

Yuri Empire

3. Yuri

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Translator: Lilia v3.0
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Yuri is a good morning person.

It wasn’t so when she was young. At a certain time… maybe since she was a high school student, when she woke up, her consciousness was clear and able to get clear thoughts. But right now, Yuri is confused by the sight she saw immediately after waking up, even though she had normal thinking ability.

(Where am I…?)

First, unlike the usual awakening, the surrounding scenery was different. It is a completely different building from the 1K room where Yuri usually lives alone. No … It looked more like a large tent room that was likely to be used for glamping (glamorous camping), rather than a building.

There is a thick pillar in the center of the room, and a conical beam is built around it like the skeleton of an umbrella. It seems that the ceiling and walls are covered with cloth or leather.

By the way, the house of that used nomadic people which she’s ever sawin a certain TV program had structure like this.

(If I remember correctly, there was a mobile tent item like this in the “Atros Online”…)

Certainly, it must have been an item used when logging out safely outdoors. However, Yuri used a character who specializes in “transfer” magic in the game, so when logging out of the game, she often flies to the base so she had almost no experience using it.

Looking around the room, she noticed that there was a full-length mirror facing the bed where she is now.


What was reflected on the mirror was not “Yuri (百合)” but “Yuri (ユリ)”. To say it more clearly. Instead of the figure of “Horaiji Yuri” living in Japan, there was the figure of the character “Yuri” operated by Yuri in the game of “Atros Online”. The appearance setting of “Yuri” imitated the appearance of Yuri to some extent. In the real world, “Yuri” is “alfor (almost forty)” woman, while “Yuri” is a character whose age is set to 18 years old. Yuri was confused by the fact that her youthful body was reflected in the mirror.

“What does it mean……?”

The situation could not be swallowed well. When Yuri tried to lean toward the side with the mirror, there was something like a soft but big obstacle in the bed where Yuri is now, and her movement is blocked. Wondering what it was, Yuri rolled up a blanket ―――


Yuri suddenly screamed when she noticed that a girl who wasn’t wearing a single thread was sleeping in the same bed. Moreover, there are two people. Apparently, Yuri was sleeping while being sandwiched between two naked girls.

(Oh, this is a dream …)

Yuri quietly thinks so in her heart while understanding the situation. Maybe it was a little too much to be alone. Apparently, she experienced this dream because she wanted to love cute girls too much.


The two girls who were sleeping in the same bed. Yuri realized that their appearance is familiar. A plump woman with flaxen hair and a flat, petite girl with light pink hair.

“— Hera and Parfe !?”

With surprise, the names of the two girls naturally spill out of Yuri’s mouth. In the first place — the two are the ones that Yuri can never mistake. Because. Because they are two of the many “wives” that Yuri love.



The two girls wake up slowly, probably because Yuri made a loud voice. The girls confirmed the appearance of Yuri and immediately showed expression as if the flowers were blooming.

“Princess! I’m relieved that you’re safe…!”

“Good morning, sister!”

“Wa, wawawa …!”

Yuri’s face turned bright red as she was hugged by two naked girls. She was hugged by two brides who were allowed to touch their hands and shoulders and kiss only once a day for more than 20 years. She was so happy to be able to touch all their bodies, and at the same time, she was quite embarrassed.

(No harassment warning is issued …)

In the game of “Atros Online”, even if the opponent is an NPC, you can only touch your hands and shoulders, and if you touch other parts, immediately the “Warning: Harassment” window appears in sight. Also there is a specification that either the player or NPC can take their underwear off, so it should be impossible to get naked.

Even so, the two wives in front of Yuri are definitely naked, and their breasts and crotch are all exposed. Moreover, even though she is hugged powerfully, there is no sign of “warning” being displayed.

In other words, at least this is not in the game.

(Then why are Hera and Parfe here …?)

Here shouldn’t be a game here. But there are certainly two wives in front of Yuri who should only be able to meet in the game. Why on earth? Yuri didn’t understand the reason.


 “… Eh, a different world?”

After getting up from the bed and moving to the table in the room,  Yuri involuntarily repeated the words she heard from Parfe’s mouth like a parrot.

“Yes. We’ve talked with each other several times. We can only think that we all moved to a world different from “Leangard”… that is, to a” different world “.”

Parfe, who wore clothes and became familiar with the game, answered Yuri’s question with a mysterious look. By the way, “Leangard” is the name of the world where the game “Atros Online” is set.

“Well, let me explain from what … Well, it was five days ago that we moved to this place that seems to be a “different world”.”

“Five days ago … Did I sleep all the time?”

“Yes, so we really worry about Princess.”

This time, on behalf of Parfe, Hera answered Yuri’s question.

―――― I clearly remembered what happened before she lost consciousness. Considering I was hit by a runaway car, it was strange to be alive in this way. Rather, if it happened just five days ago, it would be a miracle.

No. Maybe it’s different —

I have the appearance of “Yuri (ユリ)” instead of “Yuri (百合)”. Guessing from that. Maybe… the original me has died. I don’t know why, but I died as “Horaiji Yuri” who lived in Japan and then reincarnated as “Yuri” in the game. I felt thinking that way was also a good idea.

“Princess, please”

“… Oh. Thank you, Hera.”

Before she knew it, tea for 3 people was prepared on the table.

Apparently, Hera prepared it while she was indulging in a little thought. After saying thank you, Hera smiled happily.

The guild “Yuri Empire” has a total of 12 units.

Both Hera and Parfe are children of the captain’s rank, Hera is the captain of “Shirayuri (Estia)”, and Parfe is the captain of “Himeyuri (Patia)”.

 And, I—.


Human (Norns) / 18 years old, female / Propensity: Evil (-100%)
<Bond Chain Master (Eterlinker)> – Lv.200

Vitality: 102660/102660 (0 + 102660)
Magical power: 32514/32514 (24514 + 8000)

[Muscle strength] 0 (2840 + 117 / equipment correction-100%)
[Toughness] 0 (3160 + 150 / equipment correction-100%)
[Dexterity] 0 (3160 + 339 / equipment correction-100%)

[Wisdom] 4081 (3520 + 561)
[Charm] 20433 (5000 + 1811 / equipment correction + 200%)
[Protection] 15990 (4290 + 1040 / equipment correction + 200%)

When she consciously wanted to check her status. Immediately a window appeared in Yuri’s field of view. There is information about her — information about “Yuri” itself, which are very familiar in the game of “Atros Online”.

In other words, I am no longer “Horaiji Yuri”. I was reborn as “Yuri”, the guild master of “Yuri Empire”.

…Well, then that’s fine…

Although she had lost everything about herself up to now, it was surprisingly easy to give up.

After all, losing yourself — is a trivial matter compared to losing everyone in her favorite “Yuri Empire”. If I can continue to be with my beloved people. There was nothing wrong with accepting the fact that I was reborn as a “lily”.

“Hera, Parfe. Both close their eyes.”

“…! I understand, princess”

“Yes, my sister”

Yuri kisses the two lips with their eyelids closed in turn.

If the loved ones were by my side like this, then there was nothing else I wanted.

The experience of first time real kissing had a slightly mysterious taste unlike the game.

Yuri Empire

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