Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 010

Hungry Saint

010 Amber peach spirit

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Emilia was involuntarily entranced by the peach pie that made her mouth happy. It was so delicious.


“Don’t be stiff, Emilia. It’s a good idea to refresh your mouth with astringent black tea.”

“This is, tea …? Wow, that’s true! It’s very refreshing!”

Peach pie, black tea, peach pie, black tea, peach pie. Completion of perpetual motion.

“Aaaa… I’m so happy …!”

A happy aura erupted from Emilia’s whole body. She was wondering what would happen when she was kicked out of the monastery, but both Abigail and the owner are very kind. She can rest assured for a while since Abigail will take care of her.

“By the way, I tried to make a magical power measuring tool with a higher upper limit during the three days when Emilia was sleeping.”

“Well, I’ll touch it! … Hyan!”

“…! wha! broken again …!?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

“Oh, it’s fine… It is my lack of technology. I mean, the needle’s swing speed is clearly faster than when I measured it last time… After all, the magical power is increasing huh…?”

Emilia enjoying  the tastes of the peach pie while Abigail mumbling with a difficult face on her side.

Ah, it’s delicious … I’m so happy to sleep a lot and eat a lot.

When she was tasting the last bite, there was a loud noise from the garden of “Flying Frog”. Don!, something like that. All of them wondering what was that sound?

“Maybe a customer?”

“Maybe, let me take a look.”

“Oh, I’ll go too!”

“No, you don’t have to do that, Saint-sama!”

“No, I’m not a saint…!”

Just an apprentice, an apprentice.

When they went out to the garden. There was a figure in front of the lush amber peach.


“…Is that you, Miko (神子) who has pure magical power?”

“She, She talks!”

Glittering silver hair stretched to the feet, with a gentle smile on her clean face. A slender man, no, woman rights? The whole body is shining faintly … She looks like not human.

“This is… a spirit!?”


Abigail who came out later shouted. Speaking of spirits, they are holy beings dwelling in old trees and springs.

“You’re right. I am the spirit that dwelled in this amber peach tree … I was invaded by evil spirits and withered — the girl, the pure Miko there revived me.”

“Eh, Eee…”

“Yes, Spirit-sama! This saint has revived the tree!”

“Is the man there the owner of this inn…? They used to protect this tree from generation to generation.”

“Yes! My grandfather told me so!”

“…Miko, what’s your name?”

“Well, uh… Emilia…”

“Emilia, thank you, Emilia… that pure magical power… that… person…”

“That person? That’s … oh, She’s gone!”

“… Probably, the psychic power was not restored enough to maintain the substance for a long time …”

Abigail’s commentary convinced that was the case. It’s amazing to directly see the spirits.

“Emilia, you’re really interesting! Please don’t be afraid to act with me until you’re full! Yeah, just leave it to me if you need a lot of food, clothing and shelter!”

“Yes! Thank you!”

After that, She took an open-air bath with Abigail. It was great to soak in warm water and look at the sky while drinking chilled amber peach juice. It seems that this kind of thing is called “naked relationship”.

Hungry Saint

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