Yuri Empire – 004

Yuri Empire

04 Changes in The Subordinate NPCs

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/4/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


After receiving explanations from Hera and Parfe, Yuri grasps the general situation. All of them have been living for years as the “Yuri Empire” guild which occupied an aerial castle (Atros) in the eastern islands of “Leangard” which is the setting of “Altros Online”, and then transferred into this different world.

The destination of the transfer was a large grassland area, so for the time being, they set up a simple tent carried by the maid unit “Nadeshiko” and stationed there. Right now they are trying to get as much information about their surroundings by spreading to all directions.  Fortunately, at the moment of the transfer, all the members of the “Yuri Empire” were in the aerial castle (Atros), so no one was missing and all of them came to another world.

Since all of the maid unit “Nadeshiko” have a large storage skill called “Warrior’s Bag”, Yuri does not use the “bank” facility where money and items can be deposited in the game. All of the property and items they had were distributed to all of the maids. Therefore, the fact that all Nadeshiko members moved to a different world without missing a single person is equivalent to bringing all the guild assets of the “Yuri Empire”.

In addition, all of the Nadeshiko members, the maid unit, are good at intelligence activities, and can move at high speed while disappearing and hiding. They also have a lot of detection and research skills, so their abilities will be very useful in the current situation as they have no idea what is in the surrounding area.

It’s also very grateful that no one is missing from the construction unit “Kikyo” or the production unit “Rindo”. Kikyo is a “builder (Gardore)” unit, all of whom are in the highest rank of architecture, and have the skill to build a small fort or barrier in just a few minutes. If Yuri asks, it will be easy to build a full-scale fort for everyone in the “Yuri Empire” to stay for a long time.

If the material items stored by Nadeshiko are used by the production team, Rindo, worn weapons and armor can be repaired, and consumable chemicals, spirits, and magic tools can be replenished. Even if they could not replenish material or use material from this world, it seems there won’t be any problem for a few years because “Nadeshiko” store everything in their “Warrior Bag”

The remaining nine units, excluding the three units of the maid unit “Nashiko”, the construction unit “Kikyou”, and the production unit “Rindo”, are all full combat units. Even an individual has the ability to win overwhelmingly if it is a monster of level 400, and if all of them are present, even a raid boss opponent of level 1200-1600 can be taken down. Yuri doesn’t know how strong the monsters in this world are. Unless it has a very crazy level of strength, they shouldn’t have to worry about their strength.

By the way, at this place where “Yuri Empire” is currently stationed with a tent, only weak monsters of level 20 to 30 have been confirmed so far. The opponent of this level can be hunted in an instant, so it will not be a burden on one hand. There are many types of monsters that resemble boar and cows, and when hunted, food items like meat can be obtained, so it seems that it is even more convenient for them to be stationed.

“Is it the monsters that live around here weren’t the monsters that live in ‘Leangard’ after all?”

“Yes. The boar-like monster was ‘Uriggo’ and the cow was ‘Axhorn’.”

“Neither is a name I’ve heard of.”

Yuri, who has been playing “Atros Online” for over 20 years, naturally knows all the information about the monsters that appear in the game. If Yuri doesn’t know the name, it’s a monster that didn’t exist in the game.

“By the way, how did you know the name of the monster?”

“Because the <Appraisal> skill can be applied to the monsters in this world.”

<Appraisal> is a general skill that can be used by any character of “Atros Online” from the beginning, and when used on a monster, it can detect all information such as name, level, status, and experience value obtained when defeated. If the skill could be used without any problem, it would be reasonable to know the name of the demon.

“I see… If there is an unknown monster, it is likely that this is really a different world.”

“Not only that, my sister. For the past few days, everyone from “Rindo” has been collecting around, but they never see the materials that can be collected in “Leangard” at all. It seems that there are only things that they have never encountered.”

“Oh, that’s interesting.”

If new ingredients are available, it may be possible to develop new production recipes. As a player, Yuri feels really interested. Thinking about creating new weapons, armors, spiritual medicine or anything else that she never had before.

“And — coming to ‘another world’ also has caused one serious problem.”

Hera who dropped her voice says seriously.

“… What happened?”

“Everyone can no longer use ‘Sacred Magic’ at all…. Apparently, the power of the God of ‘Leangard’ does not reach this different world.”

“That’s certainly a problem that can’t be ignored …”

Sacred magic is “magic that causes miracles with the help of God”, and there are many therapeutic magics that restore the vitality reduced by injury or remove abnormal conditions. The gods appearing in “Atros Online” were all involved in the creation of the world called “Leangard”. In other words, it must be an existence rooted in the “world” itself… If the place where we are now is really a “different world”, it may be natural that we cannot receive the support of God.

“The ones who can handle sacred magic are “Himeyuri (Patia)” and “Shirayuri (Estia)”, and—”

“The ‘Water Lily (Suiren)’ girls”

“Water lily” is a unit of <Saint (Adela)> girls, who is the highest rank of the priesthood, and is completely specialized in sacred magic. Because the healing magic expert unit could no longer use healing magic… Regarding water lilies, it would have almost completely lost their fighting ability.

Honestly, I have to say that this is a very painful situation.

Only the water lily children can handle the ultra-wide range treatment magic that restores all 360 guild members together. The support will not be available in the future.

“Are the children of ‘Kobai’ ok?”

“Ah, yes. It seems that you can use shamanism (巫術: fujutsu) without any problems.”

“Kobai” is a unit of the children of “Tamayorihime (神霊依姫)”, who is the highest rank of the shrine maiden, and is also a “Saintess” in terms of the occupation that also uses the power of God to cause “miracles”. However, “Tamayorihime” can “drop” the god’s spirit into their own body, and create a miracle with the help of that spirit. The god once dropped on the body will continue to dwell until it is released, so as long as they continue to possess the god of “Leangard”, they will be able to use shamanism without problems. Although it is not as good as water lilies, Koume is also good at healing magic, so at present it seems that there will be many opportunities to rely on them.

“That, my sister”

“Yeah? What’s wrong, Parfe?”

“If you don’t mind, could you please show everyone in the guild the appearance of your sister who was awakened safely? Everyone was really worried about my sister. So…”

“… Hmm, I see. Is everyone else near here?”

“Yes. There are tents for everyone around this tent.”


The inside of the tent was very quiet, but when she left the tent, the hustle and bustle of the surroundings suddenly began to be heard by Yuri. Apparently, the tent used by Yuri was devised to block the sound from the surroundings. Probably the <Tamayorihime> was put up a barrier [sound insulation barrier] because they have that skill. According to the story of the Parfe, all of the “Yuri Empire” should be stationed at this place, except for the “Nadeshiko” that are scouting. If nearly 300 people were gathered in one place, it would be natural to make noise.

“…! Yuri sister!”

One black-haired girl rushed to the tent as soon as Yuri left the tent. Calling Yuri “sister” is a characteristic of the children who belong to “Himeyuri (Patia)”. Of course, Yuri is also familiar with the child who called out to her.

“It looks like you’re worried, Opera”

“Oh… sister, sister…! I’m glad you are safe…!”

When Yuri gently stroked the black hair of the Opera, which was as dark as herself, the opera smiled happily with tears on the corners of her eyes.

“— Aruji-sama!”

“Yuri sister!”


While doing so, a large number of people gathered around the Yuri.Everyone saw the safe appearance of the Yuri and gave a very happy voice.

Really … I think I made everyone very worried.

When Parfe said “Everyone was really worried”, to tell the truth, Yuri had a feeling of suspicion about the word. Because they are all NPCs of “Atros Online”. NPCs shouldn’t worry about players. ――― Unless it is programmed that way in the game. Even so, all the girls who are rushing around Yuri are delighted with Yuri’s safety from the bottom of their hearts and have a smile of relief.

―――― Maybe they are no longer “NPCs”.

Yuri quietly thought about that, with a mixed feeling of a desire to be in the middle of them (I wish it really is).

Yuri Empire

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