Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 014

Hungry Saint

014 Large Scale Magical Power Measuring Instrument, Huge.

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Speaking of which, Nadia, the guild receptionist, closely observes Emilia’s appearance.

“From what I see, is Emilia an apprentice of the saint of the Tenka religion?”


“Your cane is for traveling, so when you go to the quest, please use the combat cane, ”Mace”.”


“It’s for self-defense when you encounter a monster. If you don’t have one, you can rent one for beginners at the guild. See, here.”


There are many canes that seem to be strong at the reception. It was spiky and cool. But it’s going to be hurt if hit by this…….

“Now I will start the magic measuring instrument.”

“Then, I’ll go too. I want to see it for maintenance as well.”

“Thank you, Abigail-sama! Emilia-sama, please wait here for a while.”


“Emilia. If you’re new to mace, why don’t you try shaking it a little?

“I understand!”

Choose a cool mace with lots of thorns and shake it a lot.

Hmm, I don’t know how to fight. For the time being, let’s remember when I was in charge of chopping wood for a winter at the monastery, and shake it with all my might! Shake as much as you can!

……Oh, this mace may be lighter than I expected! I ate a lot and slept a lot, so maybe I have a lot of energy!

“Hey, young lady. Why do you choose such a heavy mace … Wow ah!”


“What’s that wind pressure! How could you blow off my wig with a swing!”

“Oh, uh … I’m sorry?”

The brawny uncle was holding his hair carefully with both hands and backing up.

“Emilia, we’re ready. Come to the back room!”

“Oh, Abigail-san! Yes, I’m going now!”

Return the mace to its original place and run to Abigail. Behind the scenes, the adventurers around the reception were getting noisy.

Emilia made a very natural reflection, saying that she shouldn’t swing the mace too much indoors.

“How was it, Emilia. Mace would have been pretty heavy.”

“Well, it seemed to be alright!”

“I think we also should sell maces for small people like Emilia to weapon stores.”

“Oh! It would be nice to be cute!”

“Cute mace …?”

Abigail had a “?” In his head.
Guuuuu~ …….

“Wow! I’m sorry …”

“Are you hungry, Emilia!? In that case, say it properly. Good food is the basis of a good life!”

“It was okay until a while ago, but it’s strange …!”

“I’ve been lacking in nutrition and sleep for many years. It won’t get better soon. Let’s eat something at the bazaar on central road after measuring the magic.”


The bazaar is the street stall that she just visited. Many shops were lined up. She’s looking forward to it because Abigail knows a lot of delicious food!

“This is a large-scale magic measuring instrument made by Abigail!”

“Wow, oh, it’s big !!!”

The popular magic measuring instrument that the measurement limit was extremely high was simply extremely large. Most of the room is occupied by the crystal attached to the magic measuring instrument.

“A number of high-purity magic crystals are connected to form a pseudo “sacred mountain “.”

“Even so, it’s too big! Most of the rooms are crystal !?”

“Well, thanks to that, the measurement limit is almost infinite. Because the magical power of the high-ranking high elf and the magical power of the dragonman race, the descendant of the dragon god, can be measured with a margin.”

“It’s Abigail’s confident work!”

Wow, Emilia looks up at a huge crystal.

The neat figure of herself was reflected upside down.

Hungry Saint

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