Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 015

Hungry Saint

015 Large-Scale Magic Power Measurement, Beginning.

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

A large-scale magic measuring instrument equipped with a huge crystal.
Emilia touched the crystal part.
Then, a voice echoed from the magic measuring instrument.

“–Start measuring magic power, please keep your hands on it.”

“Wow! It talked!”

“Yeah, it’s a magic tool I developed, ‘Sound Storage Magic Square’! You can play back the recorded sound repeatedly.”

“Eeehhh… it’s possible to do that!?”

“Oh, my specialty is the development of magic tools. If you use items, even those who have little magical talent can live conveniently!”


“Abigail is called the ‘universal witch’ in this city because she shares her abilities with people like us who don’t use magic… kyaaaa!? “

“Hmm, what’s wrong with Nadia … Wow ah !?”

“The, the scale!”

A large-scale magic measuring instrument with a large base and fine scales.
On top of that, there is a huge crystal.
Emilia is touching the crystal part–.

“–Warning, warning. Confirmed a large-scale magical reaction. Confirmed a large-scale magical reaction.”

“Well, it looks dangerous!”

“Impossible! This error message should never appear in normal use!”

“Is this broken !?”

“Impossible! I just did the maintenance myself! Far from working normally, the tuning should be perfect!”

“–Warning, warning. Magical power that greatly exceeds the normal magical power reaction has been detected. Please check the measured person. ”

“Wow, It’s saying something difficult!”

“Emilia, it’s okay, calm down. Ah, the scale of the magic measuring instrument is moving steadily! Is there such a movement !?”

“4999, 5999… this is bad, it won’t stop!”

“Oooooh, daaammmnnnn, this is the large scale magical power measuring instrument made by this Abigail, I had a lot of trouble collecting this amount of crystals you know!!??”

“Abigail-sama, please calm down!”

“Wow, oh, eeehhhh, help me.”

“Emilia! Don’t let go, the measurement limit is 9999, and you can still afford it!”

The crystal shines a dazzling light. By the way, the crystal did not shine when measured with a simple magic measuring instrument in a monastery or inn. Perhaps the meter had swung out soon after it glowed.

“Well, the crystal has begun to shine! The measurement results will be available soon!”

“The meter!? … Over 9000 !? And it’s still working !?”

“9500 … 9600 … 9700 … Hawahawa”

“What the hell … 9800 … 9900 …!”

“Wow Wow”

The meter stopped with a loud noise.

Hungry Saint

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