Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 016

Hungry Saint

016 Large-scale Magic Power Measurement, End. ~ It’s The [God Dragon Class] Magical Power~

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

“–The limit of the magic measuring instrument is exceeded. The limit of the magic power measuring device is exceeded.”


Abigail’s quivering voice echoed.

“–The limit of the magic measuring instrument has been exceeded. Check for possible errors.”

The inorganic voice repeats the message many times. The number on the scale is 9999. That is, the limit value. Furthermore, as the voice is continuing, the measurement limit is exceeded. In other words … Emilia’s magical power has maxed the needle of a magical power measuring instrument that can measure up to 9999.


Emilia looks at Abigail terrifyingly.

I broke a large-scale magic measuring instrument that was a tremendous masterpiece……. She’s absolutely very angry. She had been kind until now, what should I do?

However, Emilia’s worries were nothing.



“It’s amazing, Emilia!!”


Abigail took Emilia’s hand with her shining eyes. Grasp Emilia’s one hand with both hands and shake it.

“I don’t know the reason, but you’re a genius! A human with such a large amount of magical power, in the kingdom, no, continents… No, you can’t even find it if you search the entire world! Magical power reaction of over 9999. For example, you are comparable to the legendary holy dragon that protects the world tree, the [God Dragon]! ”


“Why did the monastery kick you out? If something like you acted as a ‘saint’, the fame of the Tenka religion would increase.”

Abigail who twists his neck.

Why was he kicked out… because she was oversleeping and was thought to be a lazy “slacker” who only eats …

“Muu … I just wanted to help people as a fine saint …”

“Emilia, don’t drop your shoulders!”


“Hey, Nadia. This is a registration fee. As you can see, it’s a ” talent “, so please arrange more and more quests.”

“Okay… she’s a really amazing person….”

“Ehehe… not so much …”

In this way, the magical power measurement value was “9999 or more”, which was an unclear result. However, I’m looking forward to spending time with Abigail in the future. Furthermore, quests… I can help people.

“Thank you from now on! Apprentice Saint Emilia Mercurio, I will definitely help those in need!”

“Yes, I’m  counting on you, Emilia-sama!”

What Nadia gave was a white horse badge for the newly registered “Beginner Adventurer”.

“I’m sorry… It’s a rule for everyone who registered for the first time to have this class.”

“No problem, I’ll do my best!”

Unprecedented. It’s the birth of a “beginner adventurer” with the magical power of [God Dragon class].

“Okay, let’s stop by the bazaar on the way home.”

“Yes, I’m hungry …”

The two left the Merrill City Adventurer’s Union guild and headed to the bazaar on the main street. Headed to the B-class gourmet hall of fame and street stalls.

Hungry Saint

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